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April 19, 2012


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For NC, can you ask Dems how many saw any of the Dem gubernatorial debates, and if that factored into their decision on who to support? Maybe a question for the NC Dems about which candidate they think is most electable in the Fall? Not sure how you would ask this, but maybe a question to gauge how many people have seen/know about the Etheridge video from 2010?


In TX, please poll Senate primaries on both sides.

Democratic primary for US Senate should be interesting as there is a big fight between establishment (Sadler) and grassroots (Hubbard). Be sure to also include Allen and Yarbrough.

I know this sounds crazy but you might want to poll US Prez Dem primary too. OK and LA had minor people reach 15%. Could that happen in TX too?

Also, General election should be Dewhurst/Leppert/Cruz/James vs. Sadler/Hubbard

Lastly, I'd love to see a question on whether people think Perry should run for Gov in 2014 or not and then a second one on should he run for Prez in 2016 or not.


In the TX senate race Fmr. St. Rep. Paul Sadler is our candidate, please test him instead of random wishful thinking candidates.



Martinez as VP.
Great opportunity for immigration attitudes.
Fav/unfav of mexico.
Ron paul and gary johnson should def be polled, and as third party bids.


Texas: Governor rematch between Rick Perry and Bill White.
Also, did you not poll the NC governor's race the last time around or did I just miss that?


Can you poll on the generic ballot for the state legislature in both New Mexico and Texas? Thank you.

Tom Johnson

People definitely want to see what impact Susana Martinez would have if she were Mitt Romney's VP choice.

J K Lamper

For Texas, please ask approval or disapproval of the budget cut to women's health services, and approval or disapproval of Perry.


Suggestions for all 3 states:

- their view on whether the healthcare bill should be struck down by SCOTUS
- whether they think Obama or Romney would be better for the economy
- congressional generic ballot (would be interesting in a heavily GOP state like Texas, moderately GOP state like NC and Dem state like NM)

Additionally, here are some suggestions for New Mexico:

- About a year ago or so, New Mexico repealed capital punishment - do they support this or oppose this measure which was very controversial at the time?
- Also the state legislature rejected domestic partnerships a year or 2 ago - how do they feel about domestic partnerships now?

Thanks for the chance to weigh in!


Ask about gay marriage in Texas and New Mexico.


I'd like to see how New Mexico voters view Bill Richardson. He left office under the cloud of an investigation that was ultimately retracted. When he left, his approval ratings were pretty low. Have they recovered?

And I'd like to see how Hispanic voters would react to Marco Rubio as the VP nominee. I feel that Hispanics won't vote for Romney just because of a Cuban running mate, but hard data would be great.

Barry from PA

Polling on gay marriage in New Mexico

Michael Straw

I would suggest doing a NM 1 house poll on the current contenders, also a quick GOP primary poll wouldn't be bad, to just solidify the likely winner again. Finally I would ask questions of approval/disapproval ratings for both governor's Perry and Martinez.

Michael Straw

For North Carolina I would hold Gubernatorial questions and of course Presidential ones as well, maybe a House 11 district poll?

Kyle Haugh

With Robert Caro’s new book coming out in 10 days, LBJ approval numbers would be awesome. I would also love to see some approval ratings on Sam Rayburn and Sam Houston.

Mark B.

Looks like the folks at Daily Kos Elections finally freeped New Mexico to victory in a poll. As long as you're there, PPP's accurate analysis of the Senate race, Martinez as VP, and the Johnson Libertarian bid would be great.

In Texas, a GOP primary poll would be worth a go, I think. It's the last best hope of Newt and Paul, isn't it??

As always, thanks for asking!

A Facebook User

How about approval of Voter ID laws?


For the National poll an excellent idea may be to add Gary Johnson into the poll!! See how much the President and Romney are effected!


Poll the US House District Nick Lampson is running in and the one Pete Gallego is running in.


Regarding New Mexico... Gary Johnson is a former two-term Governor of that State. He is running for President of the United States as a candidate of the Libertarian Party.

Subsequently, I wish you would ask what his current popularity level is there, what his job approval rating as Governor is, and especially, if people are going to vote for him for President.


Regarding Texas... I wish you would include Gary Johnson in your questions about U.S. Presidential candidates.

Dustin Blackburn

Well I am in NC, and just voted today here in Winston-Salem. I can proudly say that I voted AGAINST Amendment One, and there were several younger voters in the office as well with 'VOTE NO" shirts on. I also will say that I voted for Walter Dalton for the Dem Gov. candidate. I really hope that NC bucks discrimination.

Pat H.

In Texas, I'm curious to see how voters view Greg Abbott. Just this week, it was reported he is exploring running for Governor should Perry step down, and with him taking such a visable role in the Health Care lawsuit, it would be interesting where he stands. He has been Attorney General since 2003, so he has been around for a while.

Pat H.

Also, I don't know if you are doing primaries now that things are calming down on that front, but if you are in Texas, a Perry-Abbott 2014 potential head to head would be interesting. Did Perry suffer any damage?


In Texas senate, ask who people will vote for in a Dewhurst/Cruz runoff.

Jason Rosenbaum

2nd Michael Straw's suggestion -- NM-1 house race. Primaries, too!

Penny Dever-Reynolds

in NM, gay marriage, voter ID laws, and Rocky Anderson ... are they aware of him, and would they vote for his Justice Party? thanks.


In all three states, survey the GOP presidential race. To see if Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul are picking up Santorum supporters.

Mad Professah

In Texas AND New Mexico

1) Ask about SB 1070-strict immigration laws and the DREAM act

2) yes/no on marriage equality Plus the tripartite option question marriage / civil union / no recognition

3) health care reform

Jason E

Public Policy Polling should look at the three constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot to reform New Mexico's Public Regulation Commission (PRC). Currently, New Mexico's PRC is the most powerful state regulatory agency in the nation, while also having the fewest requirements for its commissioners.

The first constitutional amendment would authorize the legislature to set qualifications for PRC commissioners. The second would transfer the PRC's authority over licensing and reporting of corporations to the Secretary of State's office. The third amendment would transfer the PRC's authority over insurance regulation to an independent Superintendent of Insurance appointed by a legislatively-established committee.


I'd love to see same-sex marriage numbers in Texas and New Mexico!!


H Pacheco

Can you ask opinion on Texas tax cut to Apple building Perry was pulling for ???


Governor Martinez ran on issues including cuts to public sector spending and transparency in NM Gov. Interested in polling questions on how Martinez has scored on these fronts and what impacts people are feeling in public services.


I personally enjoyed the Senator vs Senator poll question from a few weeks ago (i.e., which would win head-to-head). I'd love to see more of those. Keep up the great work!

Penny Dever-Reynolds

Definitely poll on the PRC issues!


I would also like to know what New Mexicans think about the PRC amendments as well as how Martinez scores on the environment (impacts on public services, too).

Trent Hill

Gary Johnson is undoubtedly the most interesting part of the NM poll. So, his favorability rating, a general election poll there which includes him as the third choice, and a poll about him seeking a US Senate seat would all be fun to see.

In Texas--GOP primary numbers and maybe a gay marriage poll?

Curt Boyd

Include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in polling for New Mexico and Texas.


Approval/disapproval --

the state delegations to the House of Representatives

general ballot, US House

approval/disapproval: YOUR Congressional representative

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