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March 21, 2012


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Romney is truly a weak frontrunner to still be tied at this stage in the campaign - and Gallup confirms your figures. Will you be doing Louisiana figures before Saturday? I understand if you don't obviously, but it would still be cool.

Oh and I don't mean to be boring about it but we had the North Carolina monthly poll go by and I can't seem to find anything about the marriage amendment. Any news on that?


Obama 2012

It's remarkable how bad a candidate Mitt "Etch A Sketch" Romney really is... that he's only barely ahead of Santorum at this point is amazing.

Romney will have to hope his "reset button" works because otherwise he's going to have too much crazy stuck to him to compete this fall.

Rhonda Sue

Sarah Palin? LOL. No thanks.

Patrick Duffey

Mitt is finding out the hard way, for the second time, that some things just can't be bought...

Like....you can’t purchase a reputation you don’t have on conservatism, abortion, gun control, and mandates.

Or...13,000 negative ads (in FL alone) against your opponents record, that were not true, and deeply offensive to those who lived and participated in the Contract with America.

Mitt may win the nomination but to this Reagan Republican he is damaged goods and unreliable.

I would choose Governor Sarah Palin is an instant over him.

Morgan Michaels

"Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race. Her net favorability is +48… That compares favorably to… +19 for Romney…"

But…but… "Sarah Palin isn't a serious human being" & "She won't be even the third or fourth person you think of for the Republican nomination" …Mitt Romney's surrogates assured us of this back in 2008 *during* the presidential campaign.

This must just be a scheme by those 'Pro-Palin' progressives at PPP to undermine the 'true conservative' in this race… Mitt "Etch-a-Sketch" Romney!



Rhonda Sue:

Don't you mean "Tanks but no tanks"?

You betcha.

Dan Skinner

heheheheh... sarah palin...for anything... watch Game Change.. heheheheh sarah palin.... heheheheheh...

Obama 2012

I think the fact that there are still people who would support Sarah Palin for President shows how perilous democracy really is. This is a woman who clearly shouldn't ever be in the White House as anything other than a guest ... I mean, this is just ridiculously obvious. She doesn't know anything about anything and she's not particularly bright. Yet there are still people who think she should be President. It's just... scary.


Patrick Duffey is a Romney operative or an Obama operative.
Otherwise,to say someone who is a principled and incorruptable politician who talks about love and forgiveness is "not a worthy human being" needs to take a real hard look at themselves. Sorry, Patrick, but your nasty comments are not very human worthy. But Sarah and I both still orgive you, for you know not what you speak.


If Sarah Palin would step in and do us the honor of leading America. You would see a Patriotic Wave across America like none other in your lifetime. "Sarah is Not For Sale" she loves God and Country,America needs you Sarah. We The People need you.

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