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March 14, 2012


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The Illinois legislature is going to take up a marriage equaility bill either this year or next year, so it would be great to see IL support for same sex marriage. Not much polling has been done in IL on this subject.


Are you doing some variation of "understands problems of people like me" or "more likely to support policies that help the middle class" for Brown and Warren?

I'd also like to see some sort of breakdown of Brown's support among democrats and democrats who are strongly committed to voting for Obama. Some measurement of the number of split ticket voters there are for president/senate in MA.


What about a hypothetical question, even though it is very unlikely.

What If Romney left the GOP since the party is not rallying around him. How would a 3 party race turn out. Obama vs santorum vs independent Romney? I ask this because if I was Mitt Romney, I would be fed up with the party's lack of backing him as the only viable candidate and could win an election.


I'd like to know how much Brown's position on the Blunt amendment/Warren's ads against it are influencing people's preferences in the Massachusetts race.

I'd also like to see what the perception of the "People's Pledge" agreement is in Massachusetts, with the rejection of third party ads by Brown and Warren.


For Illinois, Obama's favorability would be interesting. It's worth seeing if Obama's home state Republicans feel any differently about him than the rest of the party. Also, favorability for the city of Chicago: with the GOP always attacking the city, what do Illinois Republicans think of the place?

For Massachusetts, polling a description of the Blunt amendment and whether Scott Brown's cosponsership of it makes voters more likely to support him would be worth seeing.

Nationally, something that hasn't been done as far as I know is polling recent losing presidential nomineees. After your recent poll with all the presidents, it'd be fun to see what voters think of some of the people they've beaten in recent cycles.

Nathaniel Repay

- Something about the recent gay marriage advances in Illinois?
- The primary battle between Congressman Manzullo and Adam Kinzinger?
- Whether or not Pat Quinn will break the trend of Illinois Governors heading to jail?
- Cubs vs. Sox?
- Popularity of the new Cubs management team?


Is an Illinoisian I am curious about a few things: how do GOPers in Chicago view Rahm? His record so far has been mixed (for example: fighting the teacher unions but not so good with speed cameras).

I'm also curious as to the support for switching Illinois to a caucus instead of a primary.

Finally, given the recall going on in Wisconsin and IL's fiscal mess, what support is there for a recall of Quinn?

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to the Illinois results!


Again, in Massachusetts, it would be interesting to compare John Kerry and Scott Brown. Also, since support for same-sex marriage was so high the last time the Bay State was polled, it would be interesting to see it has changed at all.
Also I think it would be very cool to ask Red Sox fans if they think there was any substance to the supposed "Curse of the Bambino".


Can you poll Brad Schneider vs Ilya Sheyman in the 10th district? Huge primary fight.

Jeff Winchell

Since as usual, it only took 1 day to put his foot in his mouth after winning a contest, I'd like to see what the effect of this is in Illinois, which has a fairly large 1st or 2nd generation immigrant population. (Santorum told Puerto Rico that said making English as an official language is a legal requirement for them to be admitted as a state).

So, the question is: Should English be the one and only official language?
Or alternatively, would you support 2 or 3 official languages of Illinois?

In Miami's Dade county Spanish and English are the official language. One could argue that in Chicago's Cook County it would be Polish and English. Downstate on the farms it might be Spanish and English.


If you're going to do a national primary poll, would you be able to split it into one subsample of people living in states that have already had their primaries, and people living in states that have yet to vote?


I'm also from Illinois and am interested in seeing how downstate Illinoisans would feel about breaking away from Chicago and forming their own state. See how much support the St. Louis Cardinals have in Illinois, especially south of I-80. Check on the death penalty and the new gun taxes being proposed in the Legislature. Finally, check and see favorability of wind energy and nuclear power.

Todd P

In a measure of the chosen religion of candidates (R) or the wrongly-alleged religion of the President, ask something like:

'Does a candidate's religion impact how you vote? Are you more or less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who is Mormon? Catholic?

Mark B.

IN MA, there will be assisted suicide and medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot. It would be interesting to poll those.


Breakdown of tea party and occupy percentages, approval in mass.

Nationally, a hypothetical primary between obama and president clinton.

IL primary, is reagan about right on the issues, too liberal, conservative.

Peter Peirce

(I'm not certain if this will be included in the national poll or not, please excuse my ignorance)

Please poll Gary Johnson running as a Libertarian candidate running against Romney/Obama and Santorum/Obama. I would love to see how a third party prospect is looking at this point in the game!


Don Manzullo vs Adam Kinzinger!

Most recent poll found a 42-42 tie.


You should ask about gay marriage in both states.


MA: Do you consider Romney a turncoat for running against his record as Mass. governor?

IL: Cubs, White Sox or Cardinals?

James C.

Who would Gingrich voters vote for if he dropped out? (Does it still go almost entirely to Santorum?)

James C.

With an executive quitting and accusing the company of swindling its clients, what's the favorability rating of Goldman Sachs? Or Wall Street?

James C.

Name recognition, favorable/unfavorable on Joseph Kony.

James C.

Should unlimited donations to candidate-supporting Super PACs be legal?

James C.

With so many claims and counter-claims on privacy, patents and more, what's the favorable/unfavorable on Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook?


MA: I'd like to see a question as to whether voters are aware of the unprecedented deal b/t Warren and Brown to try to limit Super PAC spending and a question as to whether this is an issue of concern.

IL: To be fair, and to avoid any allegation that PPP harbors regional prejudice, you should ask IL Republicans the same questions about Obama's religion and birth place that you asked of Republicans in MS and AL.

Cory Faust

Here in Maryland we rarely see polls done due to the partisan dominance in the state. However, it would be great to see PPP poll Maryland before the Republican primary on April 3rd to get a feel for things.


Would you support the government taking over the oil and gas industry if it meant a return to $2.00 a gallon gas?

Bazinga !

I know you won't do it, but would it TECHNICALLY be possible for PPP to poll Puerto Rico ?

Would be really interesting to know this.



In Massachusetts I am curious as to who supports Brown and why (demographics, party affiliation, etc.) For Warren, I'd like to know what she needs to do to win Brown people over. Is it that people don't know her background, or that being a "Harvard Professor" is a problem?

Southwest Cook

Definitely poll support for Chicago (or Cook County) becoming its own state. It would be nice to see a regional breakdown of those numbers. Also, please poll support for concealed carry legislation - a hot issue this past year. Finally, House Speaker Michael Madigan approval/disappoval numbers.


Please poll Illinois. I would be interested in levels of Tea Party support and to what extent the birth control debate has affected the voting patterns of female voters. Thanks.


In Illinois you need to ask the Cubs, Sox or Cardinals question (provides good geographic answer if they will be lying to you about location) and you want to ask them questions on Obama's demographics such as religion and birth place. i look forward to seeing your results on Illinois, always a fascinating state to do a poll in because you get good swings in demographics and a good look at what Americans are thinking of because of the swings in population

Yellow Dog Democrat


- Under what conditions should Mark Kirk step down?

- Definitely a rear-view mirror look at civil unions law and forward look at gay marriage.

- Contraception.

Linda Illinois

In Illinois, I would like to know the polling on Timothy Johnson. His district changed and he may have difficulty retaining his seat.


Would you support a state law in which county sheriffs could at their discretion issue conceal/carry permits?

Was IlL10 Now IL-9

Please poll Congressional districts in Illinois -- both GOP and Dem contests!!!

IL-10 has big Dem race between 4 candidates:
- Vivek Bavda
- Brad Schneider
- Ilya Sheyman
- John Tree

IL-8 has hot Dem race between 2 future stars:
- Tammy Duckworth
- Raja Krishnamoorthi

IL-16 has mud-slinging GOP race between freshman Tea Party incumbent and establishment conservative long-time incumbent:
- Adam Kinzinger
- Don Manzullo

...And there are more, more, more Congressional races in Illinois in both parties. Nobody's polling these races!!

ryan james

If Newt dropped out & announced a Santorum/Newt ticket, who would u vote for? Romney or Santorum?


Testing geographic reaction to proposed IL budget cuts (facility closures, etc) would-be great especially if the IL GOP poll includes questions on cutting government or balancing budgets.

Joe S

For Illinois: Are more likely, less likely or not influenced to vote for a Republican candidate if that candidate has received campaign funds from a union organized political action committee?


Would love to see same-sex marriage numbers for Illinois if possible, thanks!!

Dennis Rendleman

Should Appellate and Supreme court judges continue to be elected or should state adopt a merit selection system where the governor nominates and the senate confirms?

Downstate Commissioner

Illinois-Should abortion be banned completely like so many of the republican candidates are advocating?

Would also like to see Wordslinger's question on concealed carry on a poll.


I would like to know the percentage of Illinois Republicans who think Obama is a Muslim/not a Christian and what percentage of Illinois Republicans do not think he was born in the U.S.

Seems only fair after you polled that in the Deep South to see how that compares to the people who saw him elected first.


I'd like to see more frequent updates of the President approval by state. Some of those are extremely old.


Probably too late not this month's national. But in your third party polling, would you include Obama-Paul-Johnson? Maybe in place of Santorum. The Paul supporters are the most likely to vote third party. It would be interesting to find out how much of Gary's polling numbers is Paul supporters.

Also, would a cross-tab be possible showing '08 voting against possible third party voters?

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