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March 22, 2012


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How on EARTH is Robot Romney getting 15% of the Democratic vote??????....That sample size must have included large # of hardcore Hillary Clinton suppporters who are still mad she didn't win nomination in 2008 and/or too many Reagan Democrats....


So, let's get this right: the President's vote is lowest against Ron Paul. So Paul weakens Obama's base the most...


Sounds like a crock.

Obama 2012

That Obama 48% Santorum 45% thing freaks me out. WTF America? WTF?! How in the hell can an obvious lunatic like Santorum be doing that good? ... Creepy.


Since most Republicans will vote the R ticket regardless of who the nominee is, most Ron Paul folks will vote for only Paul, and Independents and disaffected Dems will vote almost exclusively Paul.....Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who can beat Obama in November.

Beat The Media

So this looks like Ron Paul is the best chance at beating Obama. Humm and the MSM has nothing to say about this anywhere?

Jeff Pierson

Title should be "Ron Paul is the most electable Republican against Obama".


With even some states such as Virginia showing Obama leading by a larger margin (even Rasmussen has Obama ahead by high single digits in VA), I believe Romney and Santorum are racking up big numbers in the 65-70% range in some states to remain close in the national polls, and I believe it is happening in states such as Nebraska and Kansas and even in Missouri. Your Nebraska poll this weekend should shed more light into this.


A question I have that surprised me somewhat is that the GOP candidates break into double-digit support amongst African-Americans. Does this mean there is erosion in Obama's black support, PPP?


Ron Paul 2012!!

President Ron Paul will be a better president than Reagan.

President Ron Paul will cut spending, balance the budget in 3 years, bring the troops home and stop imperialistic nation-building. Ron Paul is the most honest and smartest candidate ever.

Ron Paul 2012!


When the real debates begin, there is no doubt Dr. Ron Paul will be the clear winner. Michelle planting her GMO seeds on the toxic White house lawn will be replaced by really delicious and nutritious homemade cookies inside the kitchen by Mrs. Paul. (I bet she will even tidy up afterwards herself!)


"I doubt Johnson will really get anywhere close to 7% in the general"

I like how you say your polling has no correlation to reality.


Ron Paul 2012, Knowbody else can make as much change as Ron Paul

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