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March 29, 2012


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Wisconsin: Much of the mental and monetary focus here seems to be on the recalls, not the primary. It might be interesting to ask a question about where people's focus lies, and if they think the recall of a Republican governor harms or helps the GOP presidential race there.


Can you do crosstabs by congressional district since there are only four of them in Nevada?


Nevada: Same sex marriage. Last polling was six months ago.


"If the health care law is declared unconstitutional, do you think you will be better off for it, worse off for it, or it won't matter to you in the next five years."


Will the Supreme Court Decision on the Health Care Reform case affect your vote in November?


Info on Wisconsin pls...

Tammy Baldwin seems to be trailing Tommy Thompson, how badly is she getting hammered outside Madison/Appleton areas?


Maryland Same-Sex Marriage

In fact, do SSM for all 3 states. But especially Maryland as they will likely vote on it this year after the legislature passed it.


Maryland: same sex marriage, maybe something on the proposed gas tax


Gay Marriage Referendum in Maryland would be great!

Dan T

I would love to see some questions in Nevada regarding eliminating/expanding legal brothels. Or maybe something about the state's near lack of open container laws?


Maryland question for Redskins fans:

Would you spend 36 months in jail if doing so would force Dan Snyder to sell the Redskins?


Question for Wisconsin GOP: Several of Scott Walker's former staff members and associates from Milwaukee County are under indictment as a result of the John Doe investigation into illegal campaign activities under his tenure. Will that affect your decision to support him in the upcoming recall election?


Also, Im assuming your only polling the primary for Wisconsin so can you add on to the poll the primary for the senate race with Thompson, Neumann, and Fitzgerald


WI and MA, ask your usual 2008 McCain/Obama question, then after you ask about Obama vs Romney/Santorum, have a question about a brokered convention that leads to the question: who would you vote for if candidates in 2012 were Obama and John McCain. You can then gauge any changes from 2008, and also gauge Romney/Santorum's performance versus McCain's.

General Goose

SSM polling in all three states would be awesome. Maryland because of referendum, Nevada because that strikes me as a state that would be moving more and more pro-SSM (AZ, NM and CO have all either been split or supportive on the issue; as has NV in recent polling), Wisconsin because why not?

Barry from PA

Please do polling on same sex marriage in all three states. I'm particularly interested in Nevada's opinion on the issue. The last poll showed Nevada had a plurality support for same sex marriage and i'm curious to see if support has rose even higher. Thanks!


Please poll the Maryland and Wisconsin GOP Senate Primaries. Maryland is same day. Wisconsin is later.

Wisconsin: Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann, Jeff Fitzgerald
Maryland: Daniel Bongino, Joseph Alexander, Robert Broadus, Rick Hoover, John Kimble, Corrogan Vaughn, Richard Douglas, William Capps


Would love to see updated same-sex marriage numbers in Nevada. Also, it might be interesting (since you're polling the whole state, not just Republicans) to see numbers on whether voters support or oppose legal brothels/prostitution, as well as statewide favorability numbers of places like Las Vegas and Reno just for fun.

Thanks for taking suggestions!!


A few questions ideas for Nevada:
Should Clark County/Las Vegas legalize prostitution?
Favorables for some possible future Gov/Sen candidates: Dems AG Catherine Cortez Masto, SoS Ross Miller, Treasurer Kate Marshall, and former Rep. Dina Titus, as well as for GOP Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and Reps. Joe Heck and Mark Amodei
Favorables for casino magnates like Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, etc.
Maybe some favorables for former Govs. Jim Gibbons and Kenny Guinn, former Sen. John Ensign, and of course Sharron Angle


In MD: Can you ask if people are Redskins or Ravens fans?


Congressional District crosstabs for the GOP races in WI and MD. A must.

Wisconsin approval rating of Paul Ryan, and within his congressional district.

Presidential matchups in Nevada (ticket with Rubio, Jindal, and Ryan. Should be interesting to see who fares best.


Ask about gay marriage in all three states.


Please ask head-to-heads on the recall race in WI? Set Walker against: Tom Barrett, Kathleen Falk, Doug LaFollette, and Kathleen Vinehout.

Also, maybe a poll in the state senate recall races here? PPP did it last summer, so it might be neat to see Wanggaard vs. Lehman, Moulton vs. Dexter, Fitzgerald vs. Compas, and Petrowski vs. Seidel?

USA 2012

If You Can Ask the Questions As Follows:
What Gaffe was worse and will have a impact in u vote ?
Omaba: Feasibility to Russia
Romney: Etch A Sketch
Santorum: Obama Better Then Romney

Question: Who Do You Want to drop out of race ?

Jon Frost

Maryland: Question on Gay marriage on the ballot come fall.
Maryland: Question on 6th Congressional District Race for both parties
Maryland: Support O'Mally in a potential 2012 election bid

Jon Frost

Maryland: Do you approve of the performance of the owners of the O's and the Nationals respectively?

Tom Johnson

I would like to know specifically how firm Obama's support is in the Latino community in all these states, particularly in Nevada. Are minds made up or is their "wiggle room"?


You should ask about whether Nevadans would rather have a football or a baseball team. Also, same-sex marriage.


I think you should poll Nevada and Maryland's Senate Races as well as the Wisconsin Governor Races. I think you should also poll Nevada for presidential preference since it has not been done in a while!!!


Most of the comments here don't seem to understand that the Wisconsin and Maryland polls are Republican primary polls only. But as far as that goes, definitely poll the GOP senate primary as well. In Wisconsin, add the new senate candidate Eric Hovde to the mix - it seems like a serious candidacy with some advertising being done. You could also ask if Wisconsin republicans plan to cast a protest vote in the democratic recall primary.


About MD: specifically ask about same sex marriage, since it will probably go to ballot this November.

You could also ask about O'Malley's popularity. He seems to be prepping for a run at a national office of some sort after his second term ends in 2014.

One last MD question: ask about how popular an idea it would be for Peter Angelos to sell the Orioles to another local buyer. He will never sell, but the Sun has started to suggest how nice it would be if he did.

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