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January 28, 2012


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Lynn Otting

Independents will not vote for someone who made millions at the expense of bankrupting and closing small town manufacturing companies. It may not be an issue to Republicans in Florida, but electability should be the number one issue. These polls can not possibly reflect the views of Americans who are frustrated with not having a job and the ones who are angry with having no extra money if they do. Romney is exactly who O'bama wants to run against. He is the perfect candidate for his tax the elite one percent campaign. Hispanics will vote for President O'bama because he will be able to expose the Romney who will say and do anything for a vote even if he doesn't really believe in it. Perhaps the RNC should worry about losing some of those dedicated bible belt southern states that will go blue in November. As sad or mean as it may seem, half of the evangelical conservatives will not vote or vote for O'bama, the lesser of the two evils.

Silvia Marquis

Dear Sir You are NOT helping yourself when you stand with a scumbag like Mitt Romney who enriches himself at the expense and suffering of others.

Mitt Romney could have logically been on Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential (VP) Short list in 2008 presidential run if Mitt Romney did not flip-flop from the views he held in MA.Mitt Romney is a chameleon and lacks a moral compass. Anything goes to make a dollar is NOT Capitalism. Under your strict definition drug dealers are Capitalists like Mitt Romney.The drug dealer or corporate raider are both wrong. Newt Gingrich has a right and obligation to attack these forms of Capitalism. The business venture was three separate parameters is it moral, ethical, or legal. The drug dealer is immoral and illegal. Mitt Romney is immoral and unethical. Mitt Romney is not and NEVER was in business to create jobs Mitt Romney will never be president........................ Many on the CHRISTIAN right have become Pro-life Democrats because of anything goes and band wagoner Republicans, Sir. PS Mitt Romney will NOT pick Portman for VP............... remember Mitt Romney is a consummate liar.


Bazinga !


I have a question: When will you start screening for "likely voters" instead of "registered voters" in your general election polls ?



I have no idea who you people are, but Florida is not releasing early voting figures.

If they have, and I am forwarding your article to the authorities, then Florida's votes will not be counted on a National basis.

You have no influence over Floridians. We are not stupid and putting out false information is only a bad reflection on you.

Richard Rainey

It is not surprising, or not expected. I know Rick Santorum, is a sinner, like me, that values a "Right relationship with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." The fact that He is under adverse circumstances, because of the illness of His precious daughter Bella. I am a conservative Christian, who knows integrity, when I see it. The media has done it's best to keep a good man down. I think that the Media has over looked one thing. God is God and we (I) are not. It is time to stand as good Christians to see the problems, reflect the solution, and in our limited ability, bring Glory to God. There are no limitations to what God can do. That is why my hope is in Christ, and my choice is Rick.

Serge Riddell

What's the margin of error for this poll?

Dustin Ingalls

Bazinga: In August or early September.

Tess: If you read the full results, you'll see we asked people if they'd already voted or not.

Serge: Read the full results.

Dyann Jaxon

A true swing state, Florida, with its 29 delegates to the Electoral College, is considered essential to win the general election. Barack Obama won the state in 2008.

The very beginning of the 2012 primary calendar is also supposed to be reserved for Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Florida's decision to get in on the early primary action follows a similar move in 2008, and a similar punishment by the RNC. This RNC Swing State has jeopardized the Republican Primary by "punishing" it's own party, AGAIN! IF Obahammed doesn't win this state because of it, we MUST credit G-d with that win.

Florida is expected to lose half its 99 delegates as a result of its decision to hold the Republican presidential primary on Jan. 31.

Under RNC rules, Florida was not supposed to hold what's known as a "winner-take-all" primary before April. That's a primary in which all the state's delegates are awarded to the winner, as opposed to one in which the delegates are awarded proportionally.

I find all these "RULES" deeply disturbing, highly suspect, DISINGENUOUS, and a reflection of the Organized Criminal actions that CONGRESS delights in tweeking the Constitutio with. This is why we are ALL trying to get ALL LIFEtime Politicians OUT of our Government!

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