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January 13, 2012


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Why do you do all Romney vs. (other GOP candidate) head to head matchups except Romney vs. Huntsman?


You guys need to provide info on those who get their news exclusively through the boob tube and those who get their news through multiple sources.


I assume you will be giving us a match-up between Obama and Romney in SC. It would be interesting to see if Romney beats Obama by more than McCain did in 2008 or if it's roughly the same. I assume there is no chance Obama could carry SC. If he did, he would be winning the other 49 states as well.

Todd Dugdale

41% of self-identified Tea Party members do not have a gender? 112% of evangelicals do, though. That seems weird. Am I reading that correctly?

It would be interesting to see how many of those 18-29 year-old primary voters are Republicans. I kind of doubt that Paul will see that much support from young voters in closed primaries.

An immense amount of data to go through. You did a very thorough job. Thanks.

Again, really nice to see the "evangelical" category.

Ron Paul Wins

"Paul is also running near even with voters under 45, getting 25% to Romney's 27% with Gingrich at 20% and Santorum at 13%. He does quite poorly with voters over 45, getting just 10%, but if he's able to draw out a younger electorate than the state typically sees his momentum may continue."

Ron Paul is winning by a landslide among young voters in the Republican primary race, but not doing as well among those 65 and older, who make up a large percentage of the people who actually show up at the polls. In this video Woods calls on those young voters to speak directly to their grandparents about Ron Paul:

Enter Operation Grandma

Obama 2012

I think Gingrich is going to win South Carolina. People are finally focusing on Romney's record. He's the one Republican (other than Huntsman who is a non-factor) who hasn't really been focused on in a negative way yet.


Ron Paul is gaining as more people hear first hand what his message ACTUALLY is.


I see the Paulbots have retreated; I miss the hyperbolic statements about the savior of the republic beating the polling by 30 points.


You dumb people in Sc need to vote for Ron Paul he is the only canadiate that is a true american our state sucks because of Nikki Haley. Ron paul will let us keep or guns and will let us be americans. Wake up and vote for ron paul

The Interesting Times

If Romney wins South Carolina, he'll have accomplished something unprecedented in Republican Party history: winning all three of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The race will be effectively over. Romney might even go on to accomplish another first--winning all 50 states' caucuses and primaries.

Paul is receiving a lot of hype right now, mainly due to the perception that he's going to stay in the race until the end, picking up percentages and thus delegates to the same degree as he's done so far. But, as the crosstabs reveal, Paul gets most of his support from non-Republicans. These people will not be able to win him any votes or delegates in the closed primary states. From then on his campaign will be what it was in 2008--an exercise in futility. He is likely to have considerably less influence at this year's convention than many of the pundits are predicting right now.

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