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January 19, 2012


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Eric G

The Democrats have an even smaller chance of winning the Senate seat here, right?

Obama 2012

These numbers are very good news for Obama --- if he can be competitive in Texas it's hard to imagine him losing the White House.

It also shows the way forward Texas should be getting more and more blue as the years go by... by 2016 Texas could be a real opportunity for the Democrats ... (and just maybe in 2012 if things fall Obama's way..)


I'd also say I don't see why a Paul 3rd party run is that unlikely --- he's retiring form the House anyway and I don't think he cares at all about the establishment Republican Party so he wouldn't care about ruining their chance at the White House. If he continues to do as well as he has so far in the primaries then I think it's very possible that Paul could run as a 3rd party candidate.


To look at it another way, the range of poll results in Texas now is D+1 to R+7 - in a state that went R+11 in a Democratic wave year in 2008. That's a best-case scenario for Republicans of their electoral keystone having swung away from them by 4 points, over a third of their edge, in just over three years. Assuming that the rate of shift stays the same, that would mean by 2016 even under 'best case' projections for Republicans the state would be a competitive R+3 - and be blue-leaning by the midterms of 2018. Having an outgoing adopted-son President as a resident might have helped drive up Republican turnout in 2008 (i.e. that 11-point margin was artificially high already), but even in Texas Bush wasn't popular, and that just potentially changes the rate of shift, not the fact of it.

The Hispanic vote goes to Obama by about a 2-1 margin and the black vote goes to Obama by about 7-1, and those are the growing demographic groups in Texas - which is also reflected in that Obama wins all the head-to-head matchups among the 45-and-under set. State legislative control and Congressional representation might stay Republican-leaning for quite some time, due to gerrymandering, but statewide races are going to be very competitive very soon.


The Texans need to get the rail out, heat up the tar and start plucking the chickens.


How can 42%bof Texans approve of perry? Have the education standards fallen that far?


If you are from Texas, you should not approve of Perry. He has singlehandedly made you guys look like a laughing stock. I openly wonder if Texas is not one of the dumbest states in the Union if you guys picked that idiot as your governor.


We need to amend the Texas constitution so we can recall people like Rick Perry. He has done a lot of damage to the state and its people by his failed ego trip to become something that he was never qualified to be.

David Riker

Texas: it is up to you now to rid the world of this despicable and dirty little man at the ballot box. Send him back to the shi*thole he crawled out of in Jerkwater, Texas.

Frank Dunn

As a Texan, I heartily shared the news with other Texans on Thursday that our long nightmare was over.

The state was R+11 in 2010!

Some recent polled showed that 40 something percent of Reppublicans though Perry has damaging the state's reputation. Combined with that R+11, that something like 60+% of Texans feel Perry's actions are dragging now the state

Charles M. Smith

There is a very good reason for Ron Paul not to run a third party campaign. His son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, has presidential aspirations as a Republican. A third party run by his dad would effectively kill those.


Non-Texans need to know that Perry has been elected by a majority of the troglodytes who voted Republican because of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That is the only reason. The rest of us who have opposed him have moved into the 21st Century and hope soon that mortality trends will erode the numbers of the troglodytes in this state.


I hate to say it, but how could any one state have so many flawed politicians - Bush, Perry, etc. I would think the residents, even of Republican party, would be so ashamed to have these men in leadership positions.

Need name

Didn't burn down last summer?


My faith is somewhat restored. it was scary to think that a person of this caliber was elected. it did effect Texas and make them look like dumb and dumber (Texas and Florida).
Please Texas, start choosing your politicians on the real world not mythology and some big ole" goshes folks person.

V. Stuart

I know that there are a lot of vocal Republicans in Texas, but Democrats have worked hard to get out the vote. I was
completely amazed that Mr. White lost against Perry. The thing that you have to remember about Texas is about the voting systems we have in place. Hart InterCivic was the corporation until recently when they were bought out. They
received the contract after hosting a 1,ooo.oo plate dinner
for republicans. Republicans don't worry about losing in Texas - even a former republican county chair said to a democrat seeking election that the fix was in and she didn't have a chance in hell! We need the Feds to monitor our elections to ensure fair elections.

John Wilton

The establishment will not allow Rand Paul to win the Republican nomination in 2016. They'll put in Jeb Bush or someone else.

If Ron Paul misses out on Republican nomination he should go third party and select Kucinich, or Ralph Nader as his running mate, and ally himself with other third parties like Green Party and Libertarian. He would win.


The rest of the country discovered what many here in Texas have known for a long time. Rick Perry is woefully ill equipped to be governor of Texas much less the president of the United States. Perry is empty, strutting, bible thumping, machismo. George W. Bush, minus the intellect.

Jeronimo Dan

Now wait a minute, on judgment of our Governor Perry. We down here in Texas have known for year's that he's dumber than an anvil, but he's our anvil and this was kept a state secret, until he slipped out of the state in the dark of night! No one had ever taken the boy to the side and told him, he just cuts a good figure for a Governor, but when it comes to smarts, he' just shy of a sandwich for a picnic.

Anyway he's good for coyote control and leasing high dollar mansions on the taxpayer's dime.


Our Gov. Brewer of AZ , makes Perry look like a genius


As a liberal Democarat recently elected to the Texas House said quite a few years ago, "There are some really dim bulbs in the Texas legislature. But, hey, this is a representative form of government!"

Peter Close

I have Governor Perry penciled in as the next major league baseball commissioner. Call me lefty liberal wacky, but I think it's a perfect fit.


I suspect the actual figure is lower than 42%. This awful run for president has really hurt Perry's image, especially the 'oops' moment.


If Texas went blue, it would likely be a 1964-style blowout, correct?

Just being competitive in Texas would be devastating for the GOP. It would force their campaign to spend time and money in a state which is VERY expensive to run a campaign (38 electoral votes) and that is a LOT of resources that cannot be spent in key states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, etc., while giving Obama a free ride in those states.


Rick Perry, The Republican Goof of Texas !


Governor Perry and Mr "250 Gas Man" Gingrich will be a good combo..... For the Nuts R'Us Party.

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