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January 20, 2012


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Obama 2012

This is absolutely fantastic news (as an Obama supporter.) Gingrich is really going to win South Carolina, isn't he? And even with Santorum getting 16% ... wow. If Santorum drops out after this performance (as he should) ... how much of his support would go to Gingrich? ... maybe Newt can win Florida too.

Thor L.S. Armstrong

Anyone will beat Obama who has done nothing but waste taxpayer dollars while driving up unemployment. The Obamas need a good dose of unemployment.

Newt 2012

My boy Newt is going to leave Obummer crying after the first debate.


The fact that Romney is polling under 50% even in Florida is not a good sign for him. I think Santorum is pretty much dead in the water. For Obama to win even against Gingrich, the unemployment has to continue to fall over the next months and perhaps get to 7.8% by August.

Michael Sadowsky

I am shocked by the Newt surge over the last few days. I hadn't even paid any attention to the debate on Monday because I was sure the race was over. Now I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Newt will in fact garner a double digit victory on South Carolina, and if he does this, I think he will ride the wave to a win in Florida and take the whole nomination. This would of course be followed by his massacre in November. I would be ecstatic if this happened, especially if he takes the GOP congress down with him.

Roy Cinquegrani

Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012 Ron Paul 2012

If this posts....I will be wrong if th eblog is censored


I really hope to see a poll in FL soon to see if the Newtmentum has pushed him back into the lead there and how the early vote is going.

Johnny Ward

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(Mitt Romney did NOT approve of this message!)

Jadan Green

Agreed! Newt would be a easy win for Obama. Actually anybody but Ron Paul will guarantee us a win. George Bush took 8 years to ruin the country Obama needs 8 to fix it!

Charles Almon

In the end, this will mean as much, as Santorum's win in Iowa.


No mention of Chuck Norris's endorsement? Surely that is the reason for Gingrich's surge!

Maryland Seo

In agreement with Tim...Chuck Norris ended the primary yesterday.


PPP's latest polling of Texas has Obama beating Gingrich there 47-45. As an Obama supporter, I am LOVING the surge of Newt Gingrich to the top of the GOP. For those Republicans who fantasize about Newt beating Obama in debates, I can only say, "Bring it on." No, really, please keep telling yourself that. Yes - Newt will surely wipe the floor with Obama. He has so many great, well-articulated ideas. He's a fighting conservative! LOL...

Bazinga !


What were the exact results of yesterday night alone ?

40% Gingrich
26% Romney

? Paul
? Santorum
? Undecided

Todd Dugdale

Well, PPP can wrap it up, I guess. "George" says Obama is gonna lose.

Why bother with scientific polling and statistical analysis, when we can just consult the same wingnuts that told us Obama couldn't win in 2008?

And "Roy Cinquegrani" tells us (sixteen times) that Ron Paul will win the 2012 election. So I guess it's all settled. As everyone knows, if you predict something sixteen times, it's absolutely true.

Matthias Klein

Who is leading in the GOP primary?
Mr 1% Romney and Mr Big ideas Gingrich.

But where are the new big ideas? Lower taxes? Less government regulation? My 11 year old son can write an essay about that.

From the outside I must tell you. Truth and wisdom is a rare ingredient in the US primary election.

Watch: German preacher's thoughts on 2012

Jeremy Noble

A comment by GMason1776, under Chuck's endorsement of Newt at WND:

Here's how the 3 hour Lincoln-Douglas style debate will go down between Obama and Gingrich:

Gingrich: Individual mandates equal socialism.
Obama: You supported individual mandates.

Gingrich: Bailouts equal socialism.
Obama: You supported bailouts.

Gingrich: Global warming is a hoax and carbon taxes equal socialism.
Obama: You supported carbon taxes as a way to offset man made global warming.

Gingrich: The Democrats are weak on national security.
Obama: Bin-Laden was killed during my administration. Also check Gaddafi and numerous other Al-Qaeda leaders off the list thanks to me.

Gingrich: The Democrats don't embrace family values.
Obama: I've been married to my first wife for 20 years and have two beautiful children. You've cheated on and left two wives, one while she was very ill.

Even without a teleprompter, it won't be too difficult for Obama to expose Newt as a lying, flip-flopping, crook.

The GOP needs to look elsewhere for a nominee.


Internal polling by the 1% likely suggests that Mittens would actually win against Obama and would then spend four years fighting a Democratic Senate and possibly a Democratic House for the exact same right wing policies that Obama is getting through like a breeze (macho austerity means kiss what you earned goodbye). So Newt to the rescue. While Newt is talking about putting 8 year old(s) to work -- his chances of winning in the general are slightly higher than 0% -- Obama's Obamatrons will fall for his vacuous speeches while the independents will remain fairly happy with his right wing 1% oriented policy. He TALKS keeping the internet free, at the same time his puppet Justice Department shuts down Megaupload on mere suspicion with absolutely no judicial review even when SOPA and PIPA have been booed off the table.

As Stalin used to say, it's not who gets the votes but who counts them that counts and a slight variation on that theme is who picks the fall guy to run against the chosen one who's bringing 100% to the 1% already.

Obama 2012

It's hilarious to me the way that Newt fan-boys think that Gingrich could beat Obama in the general election. Most Americans are not crazy right wing nuts. Sorry.

Michael B

Newt will bend Obama over in any debate...

...and I just LOVE the over confidence by his supporters. It's astonishing to think that they really believe he's a slam dunk to beat ANYONE who comes out of the GOP nomination process with unemployment and the economy in this kind of shape.


""George" says Obama is gonna lose."

Dont misquote me. I said if the unemployment rate drops below 8% Obama will win. You want to know who will win. Just follow PPP over the next ten months or so. Congratulations to PPP for a job well done in SC!


To Bazinga:

The final night alone had these results:
Gingrich 40%
Romney 26%
Santorum 16%
Paul 13%

Scroll down here, and then click on "Show All Polls" to see the numbers.



Considering the polling broken down by the electoral college, Obama supporters have quite a lot of cause to feel confident. Take just the states that were won by all three of Gore, Kerry, and Obama; none of those is likely to flip for any candidate whose professed public opinion is that George W. Bush was INSUFFICIENTLY far-right. Then you look at huge leads in Colorado (which has decidedly swung) and Iowa and New Mexico (which were Indiana2008-style flukes in 2004), and you're already almost to 270. Obama has a major lead in Ohio, leads in Virginia, and North Carolina, and has led in some permutation at least one poll in the last two months in Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, Missouri, and of all places, Texas. For Republicans to win, they have to hold their base (can't afford to have any Indiana2008 surprises) *plus* win every single swing state, and then just barely, barely squeak past the 270 mark.

A wave election like 2010 could have changed the map, but in a base-on-base election (as presidential years tend to be, with high turnout) Republicans are on the verge of being nonviable for the White House for the next generation. Republicans shot their wad in 2010, and the incredibly unpopular politicians (Walker, Kasich, Scott, O'Brien, etc) they have as a result have ensured that independents and Democrats know exactly what Republicans want to do if they get the chance. And then on top of that, you have a recent poll (not PPP) that came out showing that the American people recognize just what Republicans are doing - more or less all non-Republicans recognize that Obama has tried to work with Republicans to get *anything* done, and blame them for the country's political paralysis.

It's not over, but Obama supporters have a great deal of cause to be confident, particularly when considering the Electoral College.

Obama 2012

Turns out that your 40% to 26% for Friday was almost dead on... 40.4 to 27.8 ... sweet.

I'm thrilled by the Newt resurgence. The Republican implosion is a joy to watch.


Amazing. Just amazing. Your final night of polling missed the final tally by just two points. Kudos to the most accurate pollster EVER!


PPP is on a roll. This was a highly fluid environment and a real challenge for pollsters. But you nailed it, just as you nailed the difficult-to-poll special election for an open state senate seat in Iowa and the special election in NY-9. Great work PPP!

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