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January 18, 2012


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As for Minnesota, I would like to see what people in Minnesota think about Tubby Smith as the Gophers basketball coach.


The Minnesota GOP caucus is open to anyone registered to vote and new voters can register to vote at the caucus.

Doug Tuttle

in the republican primary, poll both stephen clbert and herman cain. if there's a way to poll cain as colbert, please do it.


The Anti-Marriage Amendment.


In MN, hope you'll be asking on the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment.


Do Minnesotans know what SOPA and PIPA are?


The constitutional amendment against marriage equality. Using the exact wording, as you have done in the past.

Also, as an amusing twist: "Should Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, be recalled?"


If they previously supported Michele Bachmann, who are they supporting now?


- Dayton's, Kolbuchar's & Franken's approval

- opinions about the turmoil in neighboring Wisconsin...

- Keystone pipeline

- Tea Party approval

- OWS approval

Mark Rosenthal

Since MN has the longest consecutive Democratic Prez voting record after DC at the current time (9 cycles straight since 1976), I think it would be cool were you to slip in a question somehow to test to see how much the average Minnesotan knows about this. Most people do not know that MN has a better and more reliable DEM voting record at the presidential level than even MA. Whaddya think?

Andy Birkey

I think another round of polling on the marriage amendment would be interesting. There haven't been any public ones done in quite a while and it would be interesting to see what, if any, effect the scandal involving Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch has had on public opinion.

Chris Bumcrot

I suggest the following question for both Florida and Minnesota:

"Do you think that most Food Stamps recipients in the U.S. are members of ethnic minorities or do you think that most of the recipients are non-Hispanic Whites?"

The hypothesis being tested would be that many Republican voters falsely believe most recipients are black or Hispanic. If confirmed, this could help to contextualize reactions to some of the Republican candidates' anti-Food Stamps messaging.


For Minnesota's 2014 Senate race, perhaps throw in the Independence Party (generic or run Tom Horner, whichever).

Also ask about which party Minnesota would rather have control the state legislature.


Other MN Senate candidates: Anthony Hernandez, Joe Arwood. Also, opinions on the 2012 marriage amendment, support for new Vikings stadium, approvals of GOP legislature and Gov. Dayton.


Ask whether Michele Bachmann should run for another term in the House or retire.

In Florida, test a GOP primary between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.


Gay marriage amendment in MN

Ben Dally

MN questions: Marriage amendment, Voter ID, Vikings stadium, Joe Arwood v. Klobuchar, Franken approval, Minnesota legislature approval


Support or oppose SOPA.

Joe Sudbay

Ask about same-sex marriage. Minnesota is holding a November 2012 referendum on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. The question is: Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?


Can you try polling Erik Paulsen's favorability and pair him against Franken in a hypothetical 2014 Senate race?


Don't forget the anti-gay marriage amendment in MN!

Aaron Klemz

MN Senate Candidates: declared - Dan (nobody really calls him Doc. He lost his case to use that label when he ran for SoS in 2010) Severson, Joe Arwood, Anthony Hernandez Undeclared but likely - Pete Hegseth.

Please ask a marriage amendment question generically "Do you plan to vote yes or no on the constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman?", and then a follow on question "Has the resignation of Sen. Amy Koch as majority leader because of an affair with a staff member changed your opinion?"

Mary Rager

My friends in Florida want a clear understanding on the candidates' positions on Israel.

Peter Biegler

Why does the REAL reason we are in trouble with the real estate market never come up?The three credit companies that are terrible..No policing of them..I cant be the ONLY one that has bad credit because of medical billing not being paid by my insurance company..What these people cant submit my bill more than once when the insurance does not pay?It just gets put on my credit?Then I find out when I need to refinance and my score is so low that I get high interest loan and cant afford my mortgage?thIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM!!NO WAY HAS this once ever been discussed or debated..WHY??


I'm sure everyone else will say this about Minnesota, but hopefully I'm the first:
Please poll the anti-gay marriage amendment! Thanks!

It may also be worth just asking if they want the DLF or the Republicans to be in charge of the House/Senate in St. Paul. All of the seats are up for re-election this year.


Now I'm thinking about what would be fun questions to ask:
* Do you believe in Global Warming? (It's another "warm" and snow-free winter there. Tonight's the first night it's supposed to go below 0. Latest ever!)
* It's always fun to ask Minnesotans about Brett Favre.
* There's a big debate about building a new Vikings stadium, and if it should be in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the 'burbs. Or not at all.
* It may be a bit late: but who's to blame for the government shut down a few months ago?

Crosstabs: would you ever ask religion/denomination? Catholic, Lutheran, other Christian, Jewish, none, other, etc. The Catholic bishops are pushing HARD against gay marriage. It would be worth seeing if Catholics are listening to them.

(And remember "DFL" not "Democrat")

From a former Minnesotan


Really looking forward to seeing all of the Minnesota numbers. One thing that would be interesting to ask would be whether voters support or oppose same-sex marriage, and/or whether or not they would vote for a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage. It will be on the ballot in November so it would be great to see some updated numbers on where Minnesota stands on the issue.

Also, just out of curiosity when are the next wave of state favorability numbers coming out? I'm excited to see the results.

THanks as always for taking suggestions!


Can you please add Joe Arwood and Anthony Hernandez to your MN Senate survey question? http://www.joearwoodforussenate.com/

Thank you!


Minnesota - Please poll on gay marriage using PPP's traditional wording and a second question asking whether the respondent would vote in favor or against the following amendment to the state constitution:

"Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?"


Another hot topic is the endless (until they get one) call for a new Vikings stadium. You guys polled this before, and the same kind of questions still apply (public funding? what if it's paid for with expanded gambling?): http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_MN_1209.pdf


Finally, I'd like to see a public opinion poll on whether or not Minnesotans support a $1.25 billion expansion of the Light-Rail Transit (LRT) system with a new line from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie in the southwest metro area.

Here's a recent reference to the cost and some early funding proposals for the project: http://www.minnpost.com/cityscape/2012/01/16/34352/gov_dayton_includes_lrt_on_his_bonding_wish_list

Thanks again for allowing us to help guide your polling questions to the issues that matter to us at a local level!!


I'd like to see the following questions asked:

1) Now that the war in Iraq is officially over, do you believe it was worth fighting?


2) Do you believe the US should intervene militarily to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon?

Mark B.

In Minnesota, I would really like to see a generic state legislative ballot. With DFL Gov. Dayton in office, winning back the state legislature in 2012 would I understand give the DFL its first united government in decades.

If possible, I would like to see also a poll on the same-sex marriage ban on the MN ballot.

Thanks for listening!


Please ask Ron Paul supporters if they would vote GOP in the event he doesn't get the Nom!

Every supporter I know is ready to leave the party if Romney or Gingrich is the candidate, and without that 16-20% can republicans beat Obama?


You don't even need to be registered to vote to vote in the MN GOP precinct caucus. It's just a preference poll, similar to Iowa.


I want to see a rematch between Franken and Coleman and see how that would go.

Vikram Srinivasan

You should also include polling for Norm Coleman in a potential rematch with Al Franken. Could you also include Mark Kennedy in a potential match up with Al Franken and in his home district as a potential primary challenge to Michelle Bachmann?



In Florida, I would like to know how much Obama has lost with Jewish voters due to his poor handling of issues involving Israel. Since he got close to 80% in 2008, I would suspect he has lost at least 10% and maybe more. As for South Carolina, you may want to hold off your poll results until there is some indication of a change in voters perception of Gingrich when his ex-wife gives her interview Thursday evening on ABC's nightline. At least some of the polling should be done after the interview to see if it will have any effect.

Jesse Ross

For Minnesota, I'd like to see the following polled:

- Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require that voters present a current and accurate driver's license, state ID or voter ID card in order to cast a ballot?
- If the election were held today, for which party would you vote for state representative and state senator?
- Who is more to blame for the state shutdown? Mark Dayton and the DFL, the Republican legislature, or both equally.

And it might be a bit early, but a question asking about the favorability of Dayton's bonding bill recommendation for this session would be great.

Todd Dugdale

SSM amendment with evangelical identification. Since the evangelicals have taken over the MN GOP, it's highly worthwhile to see how appealing their agenda is to the general electorate.

Also generic state legislature, as you did this summer.

Voter enthusiasm would be a big plus, since Republicans are hoping that the SSM issue will boost turnout on the Right.

Thanks for the free polling!


There are no people worth polling Klobuchar against, not even Severson.

And how about SOPA/PIPA? Klobuchar was personally called out by Bieber.

Marriage Amendment is a given.


Could you ask about the MN Legislature's approval too?

Also, could you ask anything related to voter enthusiasm?

Thanks all!


anti gay marriage (discrimination) and Cravaack in the 7th district. Thanks for finally doing MInnesota!!!

Matt Breuer

Would LOVE to see numbers of the crazy Democratic primary in Minnesota's 8th - it features a number of candidates who would probably be in the Sheyman/Griego tier of national grassroots support if it weren't for the fact that they were all fighting each other. A poll of that race could really break it open for some outside groups to start piling cash together for the winner.

Bryn Tanner

Marriage Amendment

Legislature approval/generic ballot

SOPA/PIPA support/oppose

Avi Viswanathan

For Minnesota - what about asking about Chip Cravaack and 8th District matchups? Not sure how easy it is to do, but data on the 8th would be awesome.


Would be great to see the state of the horse race between Bill Nelson and Connie Mack.

Joseph Galal

You should test Rick Scott numbers vs. Pam Iorio & Alex Sink for Florida.


For the Vikings stadium poll preferred location. Arden Hills, Metrodome site, or Linden Avenue site.


Justin R

Vikings Poll:

Do you support a public subsidy for a new Vikings Stadium?

What is your location preference for a new Vikings Stadium?
a) Arden Hills Old Ammunition Plant Site
b) Metrodome Site
c) Basilica of Saint Mary's / Linden Ave Site
d) Farmer's Market Site

Eric Nelson

For the Vikings stadium, there are two main questions.

1) Should the state subsidize a large portion of the stadium cost?

2) If a stadium were to be built, do you favor it being built in Minneapolis, in Arden Hills, or some other location?

And I want to echo the people asking for a generic ballot question for the state legislature.


If you are polling about the new Vikins stadium, the current question is which of three locations to build it: Linden Avenue, Arden Hills, or at the current site of the Metrodome.


RE: Vikings Stadium Question from Twitter: A question to do with how much the public/state should finance the stadium would be interesting. Even a simple yes/no question (i.e., Do you support public money for a new Vikings stadium?) could yield an informative result.


Which potential site for the new Vikings stadium they prefer and if the are concerned about the linden ave site impacting local businesses and the Basilica of St. Mary

Ed Kohler

For a Vikings stadium poll:

What percentage of a new Vikings stadium cost should be paid by the public:

What percentage should be paid by the business?

What percentage should be paid for by fans who attend games, including seasoning ticket holders?


Well, I have to say that for Minnesota, please ask the gay marriage amendment and obviously the presidential numbers. Does Minnesota do a presidential caucus or primary? It would be great to see those numbers.

Finally, in Florida, as you did last time, weighing the candidates' experience on each issue seems good.

Many thanks for the chance to give input!


Just a quick addition to some other comments here. A congressional and legislative generic would be very informative. And maybe some state level responses to the Newt Gingrich revelations from his ex-wife?


Which of the site options for a Vikings stadium should be built (metrodome, arden hills, basilica, linden ave, shakopee, none of the above)?


Favorability ratings for Mpls mayor RT Rybak and Keith Ellison.


Generic ballot, US Congress. The Minnesota delegation is now even.

Jeff Hagen

Ask "Do you support public financing, be it tax revenues, bonding authority, or other resources to finance a sports facility to be used by a private professional sport team?"

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