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January 21, 2012


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Florida by region feel it is one of the most important demographics

Brian Ball

Do you believe that Mormonism is a cult?


Make sure when polling you ask if the person has already voted by mail or early voting. Mail voting is a big deal here and something like 100k ballots have already been returned. If Romney is up big with those who have already voted (which I suspect), it could make a difference in the end.


Ask GOP primary voters which candidate they believe is most electable


Rubio favorables among hispanics.

Also, ask whether the GOP voters want Rubio as VP.

Mary Ellen Sikes

Religious belief (not necessarily affiliation). We follow the voting habits of secular/nontheistic Americans. Thanks!

Mark B.

I've heard that about a third of the Presidential primary's expected turnout has come in already, via early voting. Please ask if respondents have already voted, and for whom.

Also, perhaps you could ask respondents which candidate should they think drop out, if any, and report those results according to what each candidate's supporters say.

Thanks for asking!


A GE matchup between Obama and the various candidates would also be interesting to see.

Would Rubio on the ticket make FL voters more or less likely to vote for the GOP ticket?

Thomas Nicholas

I believe that asking how significant endorsements are in deciding who to vote for. Also, as a follow-up question, asking if an endorsement from Governor Scott, Senator Rubio, Governor Bush, or Governor Crist would matter at all.

Ipp Freely

Ask what their opinion is toward a War with Iran.


If Ron Paul is not the republican nominee, will Paul supporters vote Republican, Obama or sit out?

Stephen paoli

ask Ron Paul supporters if they would vote for anyone else! ...we WONT!


"Do you believe that the Disney Corporation treats its employees FAIRLY or POORLY?"

"Republicans are currently in control of state government. Do you believe that Republicans will administer the election fairly, or will they try to alter the results?"

"Which of these has had more ACTUAL cases in the last ten years, people voting illegally or legal voters being prevented from voting?" [Bet dollars to doughnuts Republicans will believe that it's the former...]

"Did you grow up in Florida or move here?" [This would be interesting to get as a cross-tab with age brackets and then cross that with the various candidate preferences]

"What is your ZIP code at your Florida residence?" [Open-ended; not to try to get results at the ZIP code level, but you could aggregate those into some regions at least; I think Gingrich and Santorum will do better in the northern part of the state, the area that's more culturally Confederate.]

Sports team (and a permutation - "Is there ANY professional sports team in Florida you would miss if they moved out of the state?" - to see what percent don't care at all), gay marriage, glad the North won the Civil War, generic legislative control preference. Support for lifting Cuba sanctions (immediately/when Castro dies/only after Communist government falls). Support for the 'wet foot/dry foot' policy. "Are illegal drugs a problem in your area?" "Would you like to repeal/keep/expand Obamacare?"

Phew! There's a lot of interesting questions out there...


Ask who they think will win Florida

Bazinga !

Slightly off-topic:

Since you had the best poll out for SC, what were your final numbers for Friday night alone?

40% Gingrich
26% Romney
? Santorum
? Paul
? Undecided


Tom Jensen

Santorum 16, Paul 13


I think it would be informative to learn about how effective the vaunted Romney organization has been in FL. Supposedly, over the past weeks it has been laying the groundwork for a Romney victory with TV ads and a campaign targeting absentee voters.

Can you have people use their touchtone phones to indicate the number of Romney ads that they have seen in the past week? I would ask of those who have seen any Romney ads whether the ads made them much more likely, somewhat more likely, or not at all more likely to vote for Romney.

Obama 2012

I second the "Is Mormonism a cult?" question and the Obama vs Gingrich or Romney general election question.

The Interesting Times

Ask how "likeable" they find each of the candidates.

Jack Becker

Ask voters if they believe in the principles clearly stated in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that speak to a very limited role for the federal government. In case there was any misunderstanding about this, the Founders added the10th Amendment just to make sure their intentions about the supremacy of State Rights was crystal clear!


First, questions to see how all of the remaining candidates would fare against Romney.

1. Who would you vote for in a two-person race between Gingrich and Romney?
2. Who would you vote for in a two-person race between Santorum and Romney?
3. Who would you vote for in a two-person race between Paul and Romney?

Second, I would like a few questions that have been ignored by pollsters. For example,

1. Do you support free trade agreements like NAFTA?
2. Do you support campaign finance reform?
3. Do you support "right-to-work" legislation?

Mark Williams

How do Latino voters feel about Romney and/ or Gingrich?


Would you approve if X candidate" wanted to marry your daughter (or sister, or whatever, I'm not the one getting paid to word these things).

And of course, early voting (and maybe a "if you could, would you change that vote?")

il duce

Ask the question fron the cnn exit poll which hints at mormonism , while not exactly drawing it out.

Religious Beliefs of Candidates Matter...
Other/No Answer
Great Deal
Not Much
Not At All

glen shareck

question; which candidate are you more comfortable with in a world conflict?


redu bush vs gore

glen shareck

question; of all the candidates, which one do you feel already has a plan in place to name a vice presidential nominee?


Q. Do you support lifting the trade embargo on Cuba?


Is it hypocritical to impeach a sitting President for an extra-marital affair while cheating on your wife?

Flyonthewallin Fla

1. Have they already voted in FLa?
If so, who did they vote for?
Did they vote by absentee or early voting?

2. Do endorsements make a difference in your preference?

3. What % of accuracy do they assign to PAC ads and what % of accuracy to they assign to candidate ads?

4. Where do they get most of their candidate information? Debates, Pac ads, Candidate ads, newspapers, cable tv, radio, listening to friends, personal research?

jason gascoigne - ZuMN 22

Id like to see a question about why the media doesn't think Ron Paul would be a great president. Or about the Jewish/Israeli warmongers in DC, or what makes Ron Paul so dangerous, or fringe, or about how important honesty is, or if the CIA is a bad thing. Or if government is to big, it has about 20,000,000 employee about 20% of Americans 18-65. I want new questions not the same old irrelevant garbage about gays abortion or faith. I want to hear about the parasites on wall street, the FEDERAL RESERVE ESPECIALLY, the MORALITY OF AGRESSIVE "PREMPTIVE" WAR. When should the troops come home, does occupying and bombing other countries create enemies or make us safe, and if so is it worth killing millions of innocent people. How does the federal reserve actually work, who owns it, how much money does 1 man really need? Should there be a limit like 1 billion? Are you free? Do you feel free? Would you rather give up freedom topossibly gain safety or would you rather be free and take more responsibility and instead of preventing crime by taking away freedom just punish those who hurt others instead and stay out of peoples lives. Should drugs be legal, decriminalized? How can we fight corruption.

My friend if there is one thing ive learning d its follow the money and you will find the corruption or hidden agenda. Hurry before freedom is lost forever.


Is a wealthy candidate (once elected) more or less likely to enrich himself at the expense of the American taxpayer?


If you already voted, do you wish you could change your vote now? From whom? To whom? and Why?

Bill Wilson

For those saying they support Santorum, ask if he was not in the primary, who would the support?

Bill Wilson

Ask those with a preference who their second choice is?

Venu Katta

Do you think the NASA Space Shuttle program should or should not have been discontinued?

Be interesting to see how "anti-science" the GOP really is, as the Democratic attack line goes.

Michael Carmichael

Which candidate best articulates your views?

Which candidate is truly conservative?


Tim Tebow in the Republican Primary


Who won the debate.

Matt McA

Can you ask for voter's first and second choice?

Flyonthewallin Fla

Do you agree with OBAMA that putting our military satellites in orbit will be fine using Russia or China or other countries since NASA has been defunded?

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