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January 10, 2012


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If I recall correctly, he didn't want a line on the ballot, but rather wanted the primary to officially be called the "Colbert SuperPAC SSH! South Carolina Republican Primary" (or something like that). He can't actually run for office while serving as a board member of his two PACs.

Dennis Easley


Charles Baran

I wonder what the Texas poll results look like!

Servant of God

I would like to ask a couple of questions to the evangelical voting block in South Carolina.
(1) How is it different to be on the side of protecting the life of the unborn and at the same time be on the side of a candidate that is willing to kill innocent children anywhere in the world under the pretense of promoting freedom?
(2) What affect do you think it would have on your opinion of another nation that placed troops all over the world under the pretense of protecting their countries interests abroad?
(3) Would it be OK for the Chinese to place troops in strategic places around the world to protect their ability to get coal to generate the electricity for their countries needs?
(4) How would you feel if those troops were stationed on the West Coast or East Coast of the United States?
(5) Do you think that you would eventually get to the point where you resented their relentless posturing to persuade Americans not to rebel against their authority?
(6) Is it possible that you have been misled by the interpretation of current events by the media to advance an agenda that you haven't even thought of?
(7) What were the opinions of those that seek the oval office of the financial condidtion of the markets prior to the collapse?
(8) Do you care enough about the future generations of your family to look into these answers to make sure that they will have the best chance to realize the American Dream?
One of the candidates has been misrepresented so much by the pundits of the modern media that you may think that the ideas that they propose are misguided or plain crazy. Just exactly how much like you are these pundits? Do you make hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars a year? I know I don't and I don't hold anything against them for what they have but I have to wonder just exactly why they would work so hard to persuade me that the one candidate that has talked the truth about all the legislation that has been voted into law that made the financial collapse of the markets possible. I become suspect anytime someone attempts to prevent me from doing the critical thinking that is required for me to make decisions on my own. It used to be that journalists brought you the facts that they had been able to come up with by research. Presented you with the facts and allowed you to come to natural conclusions on your own. Those days are obviously lost unless we all take the time to remember that deception is nothing new. I was taught from an early age that you will know them by their deeds. I consider myself to be a christian and when I'm tasked with making hard decisions I ask myself "What would Jesus do?" Jesus did not go around and make laws of men. He preached of the laws of God the almighty. He even instructed us that one of the most important of the laws of god was to love one another. Jesus did not talk of war but of peace. So here is your time to search your soul for the correct intrepretation of current events. Do you trust those that would lie to you for their own gain or those that would be humble enough to serve you and your needs? I am a Ron Paul supporter. I hope that you will take the time to get a good understanding of Ron Paul and his message. Some say his message is complicated but I have watched him intensely since I was discharged from the Army in 1978. I have read his books and he is wise like Solomon. Freedom and Liberty are the gifts that I think God gave our great nation and for to long we have drifted or became complacent concerning this gift. I include myself as one of those guilty of this. I know that God will not ask me to carry the burden of anothers decision and that inspite of whether or not I agree with that persons decision he wants me to love that person. Judgement will be his alone and I don't consider myself to be knowlegable of his plans for myself or anyone else. Sometimes people must sin because it is part of gods plan. I may not agree with abortion but I would hate to get in the way of gods plan if that plan included another person having an abortion to learn the lesson he wanted them to learn. It is my belief that only gods judgement matters and even god allowed free will. Who am I to question his judgement to allow us all to have the free will to believe or not to believe. Maybe we could all learn something from that insight!

Todd Dugdale

It's nice to see "evangelical" in the cross-tabs. Hopefully it will continue to be included.


Poor Huntsman, time to wrap it up buddy.


I just moved to SC from MD - as a democrat I can still vote in the republican primary - this should be fun! I so wish Stephen Colbert was on the ballot!


didnt he sighn over his super pac to jon stewart?


Fascinating results. I just wish this poll had happened sooner. He's considering "running" mostly because of this poll. With a bit more time, he could have gotten on the ballot, which would mean better results that he could use to rub in the other candidates' faces, as well as continue to mock the corrupt election system. But still, his campaign is going to be hilarious!


@Bullcityfats - I'm coming in a little late on this conversation, but if you didn't see the Report last, Stephen legally transferred the super-pac over to Jon Daily.
He may not make the ballot, but there's always the write-in vote.
Seriously, though, between the super-pacs and Citizen's united, we are in a world of hurt.


I've always lived in SC and am non-partisan. I can't vote for Ron Paul because we can't trust our state, which still vows to only provide a "minimally adequate" education to poor children in the state constitution. (Actually, our state government does a host of other things with which I disagree, but by keeping the citizens uneducated our leaders can keep them voting Republican.) I plan to vote in the GOP primary and write in Stephen Colbert. Sure, it will be a wasted vote, but I'll be protesting the circus.


if corporations are people then are people corporations? if so people will have all the legal rights or corporations so in such a case I guess we need to study up on corporate law.


edit: that is the legal rights Of corporations not " ....or corporations ..."

Mark Allen

I don't think they are allowing write-in votes for the primary. Too bad, because I would be a Colbert voter. And yes, it's to make a point about SuperPacs, Citizens United and idiocy like that.


Unfortunately, there are no write-ins allowed in the primary. I don't see how he can run but he can still campaign. (As long as he doesn't coordinate with the Definitely Not Supporting Stephen Colbert Super PAC.)

Matt Stumpf

Holy Cow! He transferred the Super Pac to John Daly? Hookers and Booze for everybody! That's like Louisiana Politics. Actually that may have been even more fun than John Stewart!


A vote for Herman Cain is a vote for Stephen Colbert.

Matt M

The Supreme Court of America has ruled that a Corporation is a person - any psychologist would tell you that person is a sociopath!!! They operate purely for their own benefit, they are unable to relate to normal emotional response, they feel no sympathy or empathy, they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to enhance their own position. If they are people, they should be locked up where they can't damage the rest of us.

Fred McNeil

As the saying goes, "I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one".


Jon Huntsman's Illuminati Ways!

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