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January 24, 2012


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Where is the GOP primary info?


Who are the five Senators higher than Klobuchar?


It looks as if Michele Bachmann will be the most prominent Republican to lose a House seat as the result of th 2012 election.


Please advise what it means that the people of her state don't want Bachmann to run again for the House. You did the same thing with Eric Cantor in Virginia. If you are going to state those irrelevant numbers, how about polling their individual congressional districts which would more accurately reflect their respective standings in their own districts. By failing to poll in their own congressional districts, you leave the reader to conclude that they are unpopular there as well.

Alan Snipes

I agree with Jay. The only relevant polling about Bachmann would be to poll her district. Obviously, she has won three elections in that district so she obviously she has support there. Let me emphasize that I disagree with her on everything and I would not want her representing me.

Todd Dugdale

It's not "irrelevant". It may be irrelevant to retaining her House seat, but it's not irrelevant to gauging her support in the State. It's not as if the majority of Minnesotans are content with Bachmann representing the 6th CD; they don't want her in *any office at all*. That's relevant in assessing her level and quality of support in MN.

PPP doesn't poll CDs, as Dustin as said here before.

Aside from that, Bachmann has always hinted at having broad state-wide support, and legions of Tea Party faithful eager to spring into action on her behalf. This poll shows that these narratives are hyperbole, and there is value in that.

In fact, the June poll showed that a plurality of MN Republicans want her to run for the Senate, so assessing her statewide support is relevant and a welcome follow-up.

Dustin Ingalls

"Who are the five Senators higher than Klobuchar?"


Dustin Ingalls

Jay: The Bachmann numbers are irrelevant when it comes to predicting her chances of re-election, but they still are what they are: a look at how she's viewed statewide. She's never been popular statewide, and that's even more the case now that she's run for president.


If the highest-profile Republican members of the House are deeply unpopular in moderate D (MN) or moderate R (VA) states, then such suggests how unpopular the Republican party -- at least the Republican delegation to the US House -- is in those states.

Power within Congress and national prominence are usually highly desirable for winning re-election -- but not when one abuses power or takes a large number of unpopular positions.

The general Congressional ballot would be more appropriate for seeing how delegations would go in 2012. So far I see general ballots (not all of them by PPP) showing that current GOP-majority delegations in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and even the even split in Colorado would be in peril.


I'm in Minneota and Klobuchar is insanely popular here. She's pretty much unbeatable, I think.

And Franken has shown himself to be surprisingly popular--especially given what a polarizing figure he once was. The GOP here acted like he would be a total joke if elected, but he's pretty much kept his head down and done his job, which people here like. Part of the reason why Bachmann and Pawlenty are so unpopular here is because they (especially Bachman) seem more interested in getting on news shows than doing their jobs.

That said, Bachman's district is hardcore Republican. So if she were to rerun for congress she would most likely win.

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