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December 07, 2011


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This is the first Colorado poll with a relatively accurate voter screen. The last two were D+8, which was about 13 points higher than the active voter registration totals current in Colorado right now. If you factor in non-active voters, it's much closer to 33/33/33, which is at least near this poll's numbers. In other words, I suspect that this is fairly accurate, even if slightly tilted to the Democrats.

Obama 2012


Go Newt!

I think Gingrich's (terrible) numbers vs. Obama are still inflated because of average folks who aren't paying attention to politics. When non-Tea Party types (ie 75%+ of America) starts to pay attention to Newt Gingrich they will not like what they see.

If Newt is the nominee and the economy continues the slow recovery (without another slip) it's hard to see Obama not winning by at least 10%.


A couple of observations:

- a 50%-45% disapproval is bad but not enormous - it's not quite a 'Gray Davis' rating in Colorado.

- a 50%-42% lead must win state for a sitting president at this stage of the campaign is not necessarily wonderful

My point is that the whole school of thought that Newt Gingrich is unelectable doesn't really jive with me. Obviously, he'd like to be doing better in the general election match-ups but I just don't see the unelectability factor. He's still primary campaigning and he has some pretty strong debating and other campaigning skills.


I wanted to make a footnote to my last post. Current registration in Colorado looks like this:

Total registered:

Democrats: 31.8%
Republicans: 32.4%
Unaffiliated: 34.8%

As I mentioned, however, the GOP has about a five point active registration advantage, whatever that's worth.


What is wrong with Colorado? Why are there even this many conservatives for Obama? You all need to wake up. You're about to loose your country to Socialists. Didn't you listen to his speech the other day? He is against Capitalism. Look up on the internet the word socialism. Find out for yourself why it doesn't great jobs and suppresses the private sector (only place jobs are created) job creation. Bush was a progressive but Obama is a Marxist. Wake up. Don't look to the MSM for your info. You're being lied to.
signed a journalist


Civil War II here we come!

Bill Mitchell

Wait, help me get this straight. Colorado has more Republicans than Democrats. Obama has largely lost Independent support. Newt is far ahead amongst Republicans, yet he trails Obama badly overall?

Does anyone else see the math problem here?

No one considers PPP to be a serious polling firm. They have long been established as a "propaganda pollster" for the left. By that I mean that they poll to get a result which meets with the left's propaganda.

sunny black

Wouldn't it be a better idea to just present your skewed and inaccurate results, rather than adding your own leftist editorial to it? Not very credible.


Actually not a bad showing for Newt considering 60 percent probably know nothing about what he is running for. Bottom line is the guy they know still can only muster %50. Sounds like a death blow to Obama.


These polls mean nothing until there's an actual nominee. When there is, and they start running against Obama, beleive me, their poll numbers in Colorodo will take off like a rocket, especially with Obama's approval numbers running around 42%.

fredCPA in DC

um, except for the fact newt hasnt campaigned there at all yet. other than THAT, and obama's record, yeah this poll is real significant. nice try guys. but even tho your administration isnt transparanet in the least, YOU all are. too funny tho. keep these coming. laugh riot!! peace out.


Who cares if CO goes for Barry. Barry is toast and I'm getting out of CO as soon as I can. My once wonderful state has been totally Kalifornicated. It disgusts me what's happened here.


LOL at all the Republican Tea Baggers freaking out. Newt is sitting at a 32-55 unfavorable rating. But no please nominate him cause after all he is the best representation of the modern Republican Party

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