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November 17, 2011


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Next time try Walter Cronkite.


Is anyone else disturbed that only 69% of white Americans approve of Martin Luther King, Jr.?!

Miles Coleman

Try Drew Brees/Sean Payton/Les Miles the next time you poll Louisiana. They should be up there as well.



Disturbed? Yes. Surprised? No.

Obama 2012

It's surprising that Republicans like Jesus so much considering if you actually read what he preached he was a socialist hippie liberal.


No, but I am more disturbed about the numbers for George Washington! Only 64% among African Americans approve of the founder of our Country, and one of the greatest generals in our nations history, leading the men who fought for our freedom. Now that disturbes me!

David Reid

@madjoy people seem to forget this. But A LOT of folks were alive before 1968 and remember all those folk on the other side of the picket lines? So no not surprised King only polls at 69% among whites. I bet most of those apposed/negative are older whites who to paraphrase Trent Lott "if Strom had been elected we wouldn't have had all these problems, all these years".

John Brown

@pat, um, whose "freedom" was George Washington fighting for? Sure wasn't for blacks. George Washington was a slave owner who as president signed into law bills that allowed slave owners to recapture their slaves in all parts of the US. Granted, Washington eventually came to abhor slavery as an institution, but even at his death he owned over 300 slaves. Not really a big shock to me that blacks don't find Washington quite as admirable as do whites. Actually, I'm surprised that it's as high as 64%.

Dustin Ingalls

MLK does indeed only have a favorability rating in the 50s with the over-65 voters, if you look at the crosstabs.


I'd quite like to see polls attempting to find the least popular people. Try Hitler, Stalin, bin Laden, Satan, Judas, etc.


Also, I wonder if "your mother" would have polled even higher than "yourself", since the number of depressed people may be higher than those who dislike their mothers. It would also allow for a crude joke where you say "I have a favorable opinion of your mom too".


I think your a bunch of idiots. Typical media they don't have nothing to write about so they right about something stupid.

The Globalizer

Interestingly, I prefer Aaron Rodgers to both Lincoln and Jesus, and I'm not even a Packers fan.


Republicans are more favorable to an old, bearded white guy with magic powers that gives presents to "good" people.

I'm shocked. So shocked.

Isn't all that gift-giving against their libertarian principles? Shouldn't those kids have to earn their rewards, instead of creating a culture of entitlement every Dec 25th?


@David Reid - If you look into the actual data, the story is more nuanced than this. People who describe themselves as "very liberal" are more likely to have an unfavorable view of MLK than whites or the very conservative for that matter. Interesting interpretation bias in this article. Race is presented as the dominant factor for MLK having an unfavorable rating when it is clearly age is by far the biggest factor with many other factors being more important than race.

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