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November 03, 2011


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Vote For Obama

I don't get this. Why don't people see Snowe for the problem that she is? She is voting with the Republicans in obstructing the President's very popular job proposals. Snowe is a part of the problem that is the Republican Party.

The Pain in Maine

That's actually stunning considering she's almost lock-step with the unpopular Republican leadership. She has her own pluses obviously, but that polling number is out of this world.


This is depressing. How can a senator as conservative as Snowe be MORE popular with democrats than with the republicans she consistently votes (and filibusters) with?

People just don't think anymore.


I miss J Baldacci or E Cuttler in this poll but still is better than the previous polls.

She is moving to the right and has less risk of be teabagged, but she has now higher risk to a strong challenge by the left.

This is the succession of polls: E Warren (D) vs S Brown (R)

- 17% (March Western N E College)
- 15% (June PPP)
- 9% (Aug Wbur Mass Inc)
+ 2% (Sept PPP)
- 3% (Sept U Mass Lowell)
- 5% (Sept Western NE College)

Yes, we can to have a democrat from Maine!


Snowe, along with a few other Republicans was one of the few Senators that was willing to vote for the Healthcare Bill provided there was a trigger to a public option. So what did Obama do, he rejected that approach and ended up not only with no trigger but no public option at all. After that, Reid wouldn't even talk to her or Collins of Maine. There are lots of ways to look at this but I wouldn't blame Snowe for not trying to be cooperative which is why she is so popular in Maine. We would be in much better shape if we had many more Senators like Olympia Snowe in Congress.


@Dean, Maybe I can explain how Snowe can be popular with Dems. A lot of Dems are moderates in a more conservative state like Maine. A centrist like Snowe will work toward good compromises when possible, but won't go to either extreme. She will probably vote fiscally conservative but not socially reactionary like blocking the end of DADT. In that way, she is more reliably moderate than your garden variety Dem.--ModeratePoli (my login isn't working right)


A lot of misinformation from the media and the fact that they aren't reporting that she has been voting lock step with her party as of late.


Vote for Obama - Are you for real! The presidents "very popular" job proposals? You are just as out of touch as the President himself!


Mostly, a lot of people aren't paying a lot of attention to politics right now (strange as that may seem to us political junkie types). People who aren't paying attention to the votes Snowe is casting are mostly just assuming she's still sometimes bucking her party when they go too far right for her. If she gets a strong challenger for once, they'll start informing people much more aggressively about how she's been voting. Until then, she gets to coast along on her once-relevant reputation.

Obama 2012

Edward - Yes. Obama's very popular job proposals. Have you seen the polling? Most of the proposals that are in Obama's American Jobs Act are overwhelmingly popular (some of them even have majority support among *republican voters*) It's obvious that the Republicans are voting them down unanimously in an effort to sabotage the economy to hurt Obama's reelection efforts - unfortunately for them - people are starting to wake up to that fact.

And who in their right mind would vote for a party that would purposefully sabotage our economy for their own political benefit?

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