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November 29, 2011


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Obama 2012

The Obama campaign has to be excited about the prospect of getting to face Newt in 2012 ... I know I am.

These numbers make it look like a real possibility.


It might be more accurate to say "the more voters dislike him". As you say, his approval rating has been pretty flat. It's his disapproval that's going up.

Nearly every other candidate's disapproval numbers have also been going up, however. Some have approval numbers that rose as well. I think the real story with Romney is not that his disapproval is rising, which would be expected, but that he's not adding any more supporters.


I loathe Willard Romney, because he is insanely PHONY. Thurston Howell III tears down a 12 Million dollar home to build a larger, gosh McMansion for Lovie(Gilligan's Island)and then pretends to be a common man. Yeah, he really is one of the peeps...knows what it's like to live on umemployment funds, food stamps, and the likes?? He is the most annoying, two-faced, forked tongued, liar to run, IMHO. Just despicable.

Michael Franczak

The first of the Ohio numbers are off. It (52/36) does not equate to +27.

Tom Jensen

Thanks, inverted a couple digits, corrected now.


I've always been an Obama supporter and I thought that Mitt's problem was that he was too liberal for the Republican Party and I kind of felt sorry for him. However, after the story in the Boston Globe that he deleted all the e-mails from his tenure and that first ad buy where he blatantly lied and wasn't even ashamed about it, in addition to his Bain ties--which I'm learning more about every day--and Bain was basically a hostile takeover company, I have concluded he will lose if he is the nominee. In addition, in that Fox News interview he just came off as condescending and overly irritable. It's Fox and you are Republican, if you can't handle that type of interview, how will you handle Ahmadinejad, etc. He just comes off as a Richie-Rich guy with a profound sense of entitlement.


don't want obama at all. never did. i am a person whom listens carefully to each runner and more and more i find romney phony. obama cannot be trusted in any way. after all is said and done no doubt newt has it all the way to the white house. this man is so smart. just take time and listen to him. he is great and authenic. as far as his excess baggage goes, come on...look at the folks in the white house with the same problem. newt, newt and newt 2012

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