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November 30, 2011


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In Iowa, track support for gay marriage, as well as a generic House ballot.


I think it'd be a good idea to start asking campaign theme questions (i.e. change v. experience in 2008)

You could ask what primary voters see as a more important trait: private sector experience, ability to beat obama in debates, government experience, etc...


From a native Iowan:

Who did they support in 2008?
How strongly does their church/religious organization influence their choice?


Definitely marijuana in Colorado. Also renegotiating the Colorado River Compact. Whether Coloradans identify as Westerners, Southwesterners, or Midwesterners could be interesting.

The Interesting Times

Ask if they expect Gingrich to implode the way Cain, Perry, Bachmann, and Trump did.

Maybe also ask if they think Huckabee is planning a 2016 run (and therefore hoping for Obama's reelection in 2012).

Michael Sadowsky

For Iowa, I'd be curious to see who the respondents voted for in the 2008 GOP primary, or if they didn't vote in the primary. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Romney is bleeding a lot of his 2008 support, but picking up the plurality of McCain voters.


What does the head to head look like in CD CO 6 - andrew romanoff vs Joe Miklosi. Also Who does better vs Mike Coffman

Alex Cobell

In Colorado:

-Definitely gay marriage/civil unions
- Joe Miklosi v. Andrew Romanoff in CD6 and who would do better against Mike Coffman
- Personhood amendment
- Medical/recreational marijuana
- Support of tax increases/repeal of TABOR


IA - Mormon religion favorables. Catholicism favorables. Favorables of the Northeast and the State of Pennsylvania in particular. Redistricting process favorables.

CO - Tebow favorables, obviously. Redistricting process favorables. State of California favorables. Norton vs. Udall, 2014. Buck vs. Udall, 2014. Tebow vs. Hickenlooper, 2014.

NC - Do you think it's more important for the Democratic National Convention to use local businesses or organized labor? Will North Carolina hosting the DNC affect your vote positively, negatively, not at all. Dole-Hagan rematch. Hagan-Ellmers, 2014.


You can ask whatever you want in Colorado, but I can only implore you to adjust your voter screen. As somebody who is actively involved in Colorado politics, I actually want you guys to get it right because I want to be able to look at your poll and take it seriously. But when registered Republicans have a 5-point advantage in Colorado and you set your voter screen at D+8, nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to take that seriously.

Interestingly, you have support for Prop. 103 at 45% in your last Colorado poll. Your voter screen was D+8. The result? Only 37% support--exactly 8 points lower than where you pegged it.


Been a lot of reaction to Gingrich's stance on immigration after the last debate in conservative circles. I think it would be interesting to find out what voters think of that. Not sure what the best way to look at it is? Touchy topic with a lot of loaded words. Maybe read part of what he said at the last debate then gauge reaction?


In Colorado, definitely poll legalizing pot and support for same-sex marriage, as usual. It would be nice to see statewide favorables for each member of Congress. A poll of Udall vs. Coffman in the 2014 Senate election, similar to what you did in WV would be nice as well. Another interesting idea would be to ask if they are a native of Colorado and to use that as a crosstab. Also, measure support or opposition for TABOR. And just for sampling purposes, who they voted for in the 2010 Senate election.


Questions both on how voters would respond to an initiative taxing, regulating, and legalizing marijuana as well as a question on whether they approve of medical marijuana in Colorado would be quite informative. Colorado is very likely to have a legalization ballot measure next November and it would be interesting to see how medical marijuana is holding it up since Colorado has become a model for many states looking at medical marijuana.

Dustin Ingalls

Guys, we're not going to do a congressional district, let alone a primary within it.

Chris: We don't weight for party, and it's gotten us very accurate results so far, and most people take us very seriously for it.

Mark B.

I agree that cannabis legalization should be polled in Colorado. As for the Iowa Republicans, perhaps you could ask about whether they see Newt as merely another flavor of the month, or whether they see a two-man race developing.


Perhaps best to poll a scenario in which Cain drops out.

Recent stories have said he's considering it.


Do a track on gay marriage in Iowa every week


Favorables on

(1) Buffett-style surtax
(2) OWS
(3) the ACA
(4) payroll tax cut extension

Ron Phillips

"To reduce the deficit, what ratio of spending cuts to increased revenues would you like to see?
All cuts, no revenue"

Andy Yates

I like Rob's idea of polling Iowa with and without Cain

In NC, definitely poll the marriage amendment and I think a generic state legislative ballot might be a good question there as well.

Thanks for the frequent and high quality polls.

Will Townsend

Iowa poll positive intensity for each candidate
NC marriage amendment
Colorado District 6 race


Suggestions for Iowa:

- see how many Iowans oppose same-sex marriage and how many support a constitutional amendment
- see the state legislative generic ballot as the state senate is only narrowly controlled by the Dems
- rematch of McCain vs Obama in Iowa
- support for death penalty in Iowa (considering that it's one of the minority of states where it's not allowed) - would be interested to see if they would like it there
- economy improving or getting worse?

Suggestions for Colorado:

- Same-sex marriage legal/illegal tracking
- Marijuan legalization?
- Seeing it's a battleground state, should award its electoral votes by congressional district in pres. elections?
- congressional and legislative generic
- economy improving or getting worse?

Thanks for letting us give input! Must say I was sorry to see that Georgia didn't make it (don't worry I didn't cheat in my voting) but I hope they'll make it next time!

Nick Anastasio

Given the number of states that have passed voter ID laws, and the complaints from Democrats that these laws are intended to suppress the Democratic vote, ask all voters in all states whether they have a valid driver's license. This would provide the first snapshot of the impact of these laws.

Ben Neal

Love to see Ethanol subsidies polled in Iowa. Maybe also ask about favorables for various prominent GOPers (Huck, McCain, Rudy, etc.), be interesting to know if an endorsement from any of them would help, etc. Also: a would you be satisfied with Mitt/Newt as your nominee. Love to see what % of Republicans find Mitt palatable.

Carlos from  York, Pennsylvania

Hey you should look support FOR Children of illegal immigrants , if they support a path to citizenship for them. Legislation like the DREAM ACT.

It's something new to poll overall.

Robert H.

How about doing a ND-Sen poll? Lots of chatter out of DC lately about the importance/ closeness of the race (if its Heitkamp v. Berg). And we're one of the few states you have yet to poll. What better time than now? There's a competitive primary on the Republican side to replace Berg in the House (with four or five relatively high profile candidates), and Pam Gulleson (w00t!) running for Team Blue.

Possible questions:
The UND logo kerfuffle
The prolonged/ high profile (locally, anyway) Crystal Sugar lockout
Favorability of fracking (we have the lowest unemployment in the nation, thanks mostly to the oil boom)


I'd love to see a question that asks people if their preferred candidate does not win the nomination, how likely are they to not vote for the actual nominee.

David Nir

PPP can't poll North Dakota for the same reason they can't poll Indiana: Robopolls are illegal in both states.

To Andrew above, re Gingrich's stance on immigration: For Daily Kos's weekly poll with PPP, we're going to be asking this question:

"Do you think people who have immigrated to the United States illegally but have lived here 25 years, have paid taxes, and have obeyed the law should be deported or not? If you think they should be deported, press 1. If you think they should not, press 2. If you’re not sure, press 3."

That phrasing is pretty much taken directly from Gingrich (he had an additional line in there about attending church). I'll be very curious to see what self-identified Republicans say about this one. Anyhow, look for the results on Tuesday!

Dustin Ingalls

Robert, we would've long ago polled ND, but we can't legally. Lobby your legislature to change the law regarding automated calling, and then we can.


I would love to see the Tim Teabow favorables in Colorado.

How Gregward

In all 3, general election horse race for:

Obama v Romney v Bloomberg
Obama v Gingrich v Bloomberg
Obama v Romney v Paul

Todd Patton

For NC
Should Bev Perdue run for relection, or step aside for another Democrat?

In case Bev Perdue was to step aside:
Roy Cooper vs McCrory
Lt Gov Dalton McCrory
Wayne Goodwin vs McCrory

For everywhere:
Should the Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire 12/31/12?

Aaron Strauss

In Iowa, ask Republicans whether they think Mitt or Newt is more likely to beat Obama. Could also ask as two separate questions (would Mitt win general, would Newt).

Gabriel Johnson

Poll the approval of "capitalism".

In light of: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/republicans-being-taught-talk-occupy-wall-street-133707949.html

Joe M

This might need a little consideration to make it work right, but I think an awesome question for Iowa voters would be to ask them how many different candidates they have preferred so far, then crosstab that with their current candidate preference. Then you just calculate the average number of candidates the voters for each person have preferred.

That would give us an idea of which candidates are currently receiving support from flakier/flightier voters, and which candidates tend to have a more stable group of supporters.


Ask about favorables for Donald Trump, given that he's going to be moderating a debate that some candidates might skip.

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