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November 25, 2011


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Phil Perspective

What are Corbett's approval ratings?


Why poll about Sandusky or Paterno or Penn State? Who paid for this poll? What were they trying to find out?

I just don't understand at this point in the unfolding of this story why this data would be important to anyone.

I think it only serves to taint the jury pool.


There appears to being an increasing number of people, lacking common sense and moral terpitude.

These supporters of Paterno, in this poll, are a perfect example.


There appears to being an increasing number of people, lacking common sense and moral turpitude.

These supporters of the Steelers, in this poll, are a perfect example.

(I kid, I kid! Aside from Rapistburger at QB, they're a pretty decent bunch, more or less)


These idiots voted for obama didn't they ?


It would be interesting to see a poll to find the LEAST popular person nationwide, kind of like your previous poll on the MOST popular person. Hitler, Stalin, bin Laden and the like would be good candidates, but I'd imagine it might cause a bit of "wtf" if people get asked their opinions on Hitler by a reputable pollster. :P

Charles Almon

How did Obama, your President 'til 2016, get into this discussion?
Maybe Palincula will see an op and rise from her crypt?
Or Trumpenstein.

Obama 2012

This bit is most disturbing: "Almost every group is supportive of Paterno's firing with the exception of voters identifying as 'very conservative,' who oppose his being removed by a 33/46 margin"

What does conservative even mean anymore? It just seems to mean "CRAZY" as far as I can tell. I mean how is it "conservative" to condone someone not doing anything about child molestation? ... these people are just nuts. I'm tired of pretending that "conservatives" are just people with different opinions. They really aren't. These people are absolutely crazy.


"These idiots voted for obama didn't they ?"

Paterno is rated the most highly, and his firing most opposed, by very conservative voters in this poll.

Mike Klinge

amidst the increasing number of people, lacking common sense and moral turpitude, there are still signs of hope.

realnrh, in this comment thread, is a perfect example.

Rex the Wonder God

Vietvet68 asks:

"These idiots voted for obama didn't they ?"

Now, if Vietvet68 is, was at some time, or was ever to have been, from Happy Valley & environs, he would have known just from his local knowledge, that the area is particularly known, famous or notorious depending one's point of view, for it's strong support for the Republican party in general & their nominated candidates, with little or no regard for considering the qualifications & records of nominated candidates OTHER than for that factor of Republican party identification.

Moreover, even without having lived in that area (I've only visited it.), with all the information available on the Internet about the area, and covering the breaking news in the Sandusky criminal case, it still seems like a strange question to ask. But on the other hand, perhaps Vietvet68 is not at all genuine in expressing curiosity as to the answer to his question, and instead wanted to post something bearing this counterintuitive implication, disguised (somewhat) within a question. The best source for why Vietvet68 posted this question, or 'question', assuming Vietvet68 is prepared to be honest with us in his self-reporting, is Vietvet68.

Please let us know your motivation in asking that question, Vietvet68.

Louis Jean Beauger

@Vietvet68: you must be the ULTIMATE idiot. Although "very conservatives" voters are the ONLY group who opposes Patterno's firing, yet you stated these idiots are also Obama voters?! Apparently thinking logically is not your forte.

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