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November 08, 2011


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Obama 2012

Very interesting.

I think this shows how cultish the Republican party is getting. They just dismiss what the media is saying about Cain as "liberal bias" or whatever... it's like they're really living in alternate reality from the rest of us. If this means that they pick Herman Cain to be their cult leader they are in for a terrible time November 2012.

I also found Cain's relatively bad performance in Mississippi interesting... there are a lot of very racist Republican voters there. I wonder if Obama could actually win that state with Cain as the GOP nominee (because so many racist Republicans just wouldn't bother voting/vote 3rd party if the choice were two black men.)

Todd Dugdale

You're talking about Republican primary voters, of course. This won't hurt him with those people, per se. But it will make him a punchline, a target of tabloids, and hurt him with female voters outside the base.

Cain's biggest advantage was that he was "likeable" and could appeal to low-info voters outside of the base. Unfortunately, those low-info voters read tabloids and watch comedians. Lifetime will probably make a special: "The Bialek Story: You Want A job, Right?".

He has as much chance now of winning over swing voters as Bachmann -- which is none.

Let's get real. Cain could gun down three elderly women on camera, and if he denied it, the Republican base would believe it was all a hoax.


Feel the Newtmentum! Cain will start to drop from this point on and Newt has got himself in just the right spot. Perry's negatives are so high, he'll have to spend all his money just trying to overcome those. And with the higher poll numbers, Gingrich will be able to raise the $ he needs. I'll bet those people who abandoned him to jump to Perry are now starting to feel very stupid. I still think Romney will get the nomination, but the Newt surge really makes me smile and I would love to see him as president.

Chris Conlee

Call it cultish if you want, but I assume you know that Bialek knows Obama's David Axelrod, right? Or that she's been accused of sexually harassing MEN? I'd say until the media wants to report the full story, the republican base's distrust if fully justified.

http://tinyurl.com/bqsjjh8 (Axelrod link)

http://tinyurl.com/ct6vu6e (harassment link)

Cain / Gingrich 2012

A Conservative Teacher

I've got an in-depth analysis of all the candidates performance in this recent debate posted over at my website- check out my post:

As you can see on that post, I talk quite a bit about Cain and his chances.

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