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November 27, 2011


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In FL test Charlie Crist favorables gay marriage
In MT Gay marriage 2014 primary Baucus v. Schweitzer


In FL: Approval ratings for FSU coach Jimbo Fisher & UF coach Will Muschamp. Both are new, with this being Jimbo's second year as head coach, and the first for Muschamp.

Jon Smith

Early look at the Governors race in FL - any of Crist (D), Sink, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Robert Wexler versus Scott


I think it would be interesting to look at favorables/unfavorables of Occupy movement in both states. Frankly, would like to see that on any state poll you do.

Love the new site! I need to start paying closer attention to your polling again, Rasmussen's new fee service stinks, seems like you guys do a decent job.


Montana Governor candidates from what I could find

Dems: Attorney General Steve Bullock and St. Senator Larry Jent
Reps: State Sen. Jeff Essmann, retired CEO Bob Fanning, former Congressman Rick Hill, anti-terrorism consultant Neil Livingstone, ex-state Transportation director Jim Lynch, ex-State Sen. Ken Miller, County Commissioner Jim O'Hara, ex-State Sen. Corey Stapleton and real estate investor Drew Turiano

So not sure how narrow a field you can make it for H2H. Livingstone and O'Hara have spent some money, for example. The newest candidates as Essmann/Fanning/Lynch/Turiano.

Florida... maybe a question on if they think their presidential primary will be meaningful to picking the nominee (there's a shot it crowns/dooms Romney, but a shot that Romney wins so much pre-FL that FL is kinda irrelevant).


In Florida, look at Charlie Crist; not just his approvals, but views on what party he should join, a rematch with Rubio (both alone and with Meek in the equation). Also, look at Rubio and Scott approvals.

Spoa Steph

In Montana: US House Race (Primaries and General Match-ups)
In Florida: approval ratings for Governor Scott


Ask if they hate Obama


Would love to see same-sex marriage questions for both states and a generic congressional ballot for Florida. Thanks for taking suggestions!


Can you do a poll of Kansas soon with the whole Sam Brownback twitter issue that has been making waves. This could be your first opportunity to poll Kansas. You could also poll Emma Sullivan favorable/unfavorable since you poll a lot of other interesting stuff. You did poll balloon boy after all.


Legalizing Gambling has become a big issue lately in the State of FL with proposed legislation for that effect. See if voters approve of the idea.

Mark B.

In Florida, I hope you ask whether the voters there favor Amendment 5, the Republican court-packing plan, and/or Amendment 7, an attempt to repeal the ban on public monies for religious funding.

In Montana, there will be a referendum on a law which 'reformed' the voter-initiated medical marijuana law in the state; perhaps you could poll that.

Thanks for asking PPP!


As we are just about 2 weeks away from the 11th anniversary of Bush v. Gore:

- GW Bush v. Al Gore if vote were held today

- Favorable/unfavorable on SCOTUS decision to halt recount

- Favorable/unfavorable on current FL Supreme Court

Gay adoption is a hot issue in FL, as an intermediate appellate court struck down FL's ban and the AG and Governor opted not to appeal. So I'd poll on that. You have polled on gay marriage in FL previously, so there is no need to do it again. However, I don't think you have done gay marriage in MT, so that would be a good question for that state.

Finally, FL is the Medicaid and Medicare fraud capital of the nation. So it would be interesting to poll on:

- Support/opposition on Medicaid/Medicare cuts as part of deficit reduction

- Support/opposition to Ryan plan to convert Medicare to a block grant/voucher program

- Support/opposition to implementation by Medicare/Medicaid of anti-fraud measures used in the insurance industry

Joshua bradshaw

In Montana would be great to ask about the homeland security bill that reheberg sponsored has garnered a lot of attention see if it is hurting him. As far as gov goes short of major catastrophe bullock will be the dem nominee. Would be I interesting to test the referendu
On overriding the legislators basic repealing the medical marijuana law it will be on the ballot as I124. This would basically repeal the new law and return it to the original 2004 law passed by voters.


Seems like many people of all political persuasions, within and outside the early states, have been robocalled by Newt 2012. In Iowa, Selzer & Co have asked Republicans if they've been contacted by each of the campaigns. That would be an interesting question in Florida, where it is usually assumed that campaigning will occur on TV. Maybe limit to top three: Gingrich, Romney, Cain.

Matt D

Ask about support for a nonpartisan redistricting commission in Florida. I know they have those amendments, but I want to see if voters want to take it one step further.


In MT you just need to ask the following:

Bullock (D) vs. Hill (R)
Bullock (D) vs. Essmann (R)
Bullock (D) vs. Miller (R)

It would also be interesting to see a Democratic Attorney General primary question of:

Bucy (D) vs. Laslovich (D)

Bazinga !

Ask Democratic voters in both states if they favor or oppose switching Biden in favor of Hillary.

I'd like to see if there's a difference between the two states.

Maybe you could also test how Obama/Biden does against Romney or Gingrich and how Obama/Hillary does against the two.

I suppose Obama/Hillary would do considerably better in Florida, but worse in Montana.


I want to know what Floridians think about conservation, and which way supporters and non-supporters tend to vote!


Ask each state if they've heard about, and whether they support/oppose, Occupy Wall Street movement and Tea Party movement

Ben Neal

I'd be interested in a straight-up Nelson vs. Crist matchup to A. test how strong Nelson is B. how willing people really are in voting for Charlie again.

I echo the Baucus v. Schweitzer primary suggestions.


Please do a Georgia poll soon or at least have it as an option to vote for in which states to poll!

I want to see if Floridians would still vote for Alex Sink over Rick Scott in a re-do election.

Chuck In Seattle

I'll focus on Montana, on some of the "other" topics you like to poll. I agree with the political and marriage equality questions.

OK, I know you occasionally like more "silly" questions. So for Montana, perhaps something like if the western mountainous half of the state and the prairie eastern half of the state should split.

It may be a bit late, but I wonder if there's something about the oil spill and Schweitzer's handling of it. Alternatively, something just about energy policy, climate change, etc. Maybe gun and hunting related. Mostly because I think Montana is one of the most "environmental" of the red states.

Then, there's also the topic of physician-assisted suicide, since Montana is only 1 of 3 states where it's legal, but unlike the other states, it came from the Courts, and not voter initiative.

I think who Montanans follow in sports would be great. I assume it's a lot of Denver teams, but maybe it's Seattle or Minnesota.

Finally, there's generic holiday themed questions about Black Friday shopping, live trees, cut your own, artificial, etc.

There you go! Good luck.


In the Montana Gov's race:

Republican Primary -
Hill vs. Essmann
Hill vs. Miller

General -
Bullock vs. Republican
Bullock vs. Hill
Bullock vs. Essmann
Bullock vs. Miller

MM makes a good point about the Dem AG primary, a Bucy vs. Laslovich question would be interesting.


Florida questions:

- Florida public universities - Funded too little/too much/just right
- Test Rick Scott vs. Jeb Bush in hypothetical primary
- Rick Scott's drug testing welfare receipients plan - agree/disagree
- Expansion of gambling (perennial issue)
- Redistricting question - do you trust Legislature to follow new "Fair Districts" rules?
- Everglades restoration - Very important/important/not important


Ask if Montanans would support Schweitzer in 2016 for President


Sorry I'm a little late in making my request but obviously all the usual presidential and Senate stuff for FL and MT. Here are some additional suggestions:

FL: gay marriage tracking; ask if they support or oppose gay adoption which is topical there; awarding electoral votes according to congressional district; physician-assisted suicide; congressional generic; McCain-Obama rematch (was a 3-point race in 2008)

MT: gay marriage; open House seat and gubernatorial race; McCain-Obama rematch (was a 2 point race in 2008)

As always, a sincere thank you to PPP for the opportunity to weigh in.


I am much more interested in the demographics of the Florida vote for President in the general election (ie: Latinos, Jews,Blacks etc) because Florida is one of the few states that closely mirror the nation. These figures could give us some clue as to where these groups stand in other states as well. Also, there are enough of a percentage in these groups to do a real poll in contrast to a state like Montana.


In Florida test whether Floridians would support Jeb Bush entering the race for President and if people would prefer Marco Rubio to run as Vice President.


In Montana, I agree on seeing polling for the Gubernatorial race with these match ups:

Bullock (D) vs. Hill (R)
Bullock (D) vs. Essmann (R)
Bullock (D) vs. Miller (R)

Also for Montana Attorney General a primary match up between Laslovich (D) and Bucy (D) and Laslovich vs. Republican would be intereseting to see

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