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November 07, 2011


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Don't just test Feinstein against Republicans. Remember there is a Top Two primary system, meaning her opponent could just as easily be a Democrat, either to her left or right. I would like to see how she polls against other top tier Democrats in order to determine where she is more vulnerable. How would she fare against Brad Sherman, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, etc.?

Matt D

Test to see whether a referendum on the commission's map would pass. We can determine whether the GOP's efforts would be at all worth it.
Test Prop 8 "rematch" and see how attitudes have shifted.
Test whether a proposition to repeal the 2/3 rule for tax increases would have any support.
Test the favorability of various statewide figures, like Brown, Newsom, Harris, etc.
In the event that Feinstein retires, you can test some other Democrats. Test people like Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, or Debra Bowen for Senate.


For California, Devin Nunes is making some noise about running so he's worth a look. Steve Poizner and Steve Cooley, the only Republicans to do well statewide in recent years who's names aren't Arnold Schwarzenegger, are also worth checking out.

Also, with the GOP trying to put the new State Senate lines on the ballot, asking voters if they'd vote to keep them or not is very worthwhile. An oddball question is whether Californians would support Northern and Southern California being split into two separate states: there's quite a lot of rivalry between the two so it would be fun to see how deep it goes.


I must say that of all the things of interest to poll in California (and they are legion) possibly the LEAST interesting question is who might challenge Feinstein. You might as well just ask the question against a generic Republican.


Was the poll rigged? I checked like half an hour ago and Arizona was up by like 30 votes, there's nothing interesting to poll in California, Arizona is fascinating, I suspect someone gamed your poll.


Ask about the approval and disapproval of Same Sex Marriage.

Ask about who Democrats and Independents would like to see run if Feinstein retired, i.e. Kamala Harris, Debra Bowen, Jackie Speier, Linda Sanchez, Dave Jones, Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, etc.

Ask about Jerry Brown's, Dianne Feinstein's, and Barbara Boxer's approval rating.

Ask about the approval and disapproval of Prop. 13.

Ask Democrats and Independents who they would like to see be the Democratic nominee in 2016, i.e. Russ Feingold, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O'Malley, Hillary Clinton, Brian Schweitzer, etc. Lets face it, no Republican is going to carry California anytime soon, its not that I'm trying to be partisan.

Test Feinstein against Carly Fiorina, Steve Poizner, Darrell Issa, Devin Nunes, Chuck DeVore, Orly Taitz, James Rogan, and Tom Campbell.

Jon Smith

Maybe some testing on whether people support overturning the commission's state senate lines? Also an early look at the 2014 race, whether people want Brown to seek another term, who they would support in his stead.

Annie from Pennsylvania

Can't stop saying it. Poll Queen Elizabeth II favorability!!


It would be interesting to see you test Christopher Cox (former Representative and head of the SEC) against Sen. Feinstein.

Phil Durnst

I guess if you're gonna poll California even though they cheated. You should do Orly Taitz vs Dianne Feinstein. Wow I thought you guys cracked down on the cheaters.

Mark Rosenthal

OH, please, pretty please, poll Orly Taitz against Feinstein.

Sean Hendricks

I don't think I'm gonna vote in anymore polls because the cheaters get polled and the honest voters don't. Might as well poll Moldova with all this ballot stuffing.


When you do approval numbers, it would be interesting to get them on Kamala Harris. She is a rising star for the Democrats, and it would be interesting how she is perceived across the state.

Jason Paul

I don't think any of the people can come close to beating 89/4. George Washington has a chance. The rest forget it.

Mark B.

The CA GOP looks to have quite enough signatures to refer the nonpartisan redistricting panel's state Senate map to the ballot. I am really curious whether people in CA would veto or uphold it; that is why I voted for California. I hope you'll poll this question.


California issues:
Marijuana legalization ballot initiative
Marriage equality ballot initiative

#OccupyWallStreet / #OccupyOakland favorability

"Was the use of force by the Oakland Police Department justified against Scott Olsen?"


Here's a good question for Californians, especially Democratic voters:
Would you support a second term for Gov. Jerry Brown?
Who would you rather see as the Democratic nominee for Governor of California in 2014: Jerry Brown or Gavin Newsom?

Sandra Kemp

Ask if Californians if they want Dianne Feinstein to retire. Test Dianne Feinstein vs Orly Taitz, Benjamin Gifford, Devin Nunes, Carly Fiorina, Tom Campbell and Mary Bono Mack.


Poll Neil Patrick Harris, both his favorability and as a democratic candidate for president against obama in a primary and the republican candidates. If we have a gay president within 30-50 years, I'd say there's a 50% chance it's NPH, i'd just like to see what people think about it.


Test Congressman David Drier and Congresswoman Mary Bono Mac against Feinstein

The Interesting Times

For your favorability polling, ask respondents if they view *themselves* favorably or unfavorably!


Can you ask a question about Southern California and Central California forming their own state? Their was some talk of their being new state being created?

The Interesting Times

Other odd ones for your favorability polling:

Pope John Paul II
The human race
Planet Earth / Nature
The Internet
White people, Black people, Hispanic people, etc. (This one probably wouldn't produce much in the way of accurate data, but it would be interesting to see how many people openly admit to being racist.)


How about the titanic Sherman/Berman primary battle in LA?


gay marriage!


I'm really looking forward to the next round of state favorability numbers, it's such a cool idea!!

For the national poll, it might be interesting to see Joe Biden approval numbers, just because I've never really seen that and it would be interesting to know if voters like or approve of him, especially since he could be a presidential contender in 2016.

For California, favorability or approval ratings of people like Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris would be nice, although there's no indication that Feinstein is retiring. For Feinstein opponents, Darrell Issa would be the only one I can think of at this point. Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party favorability would be cool too.

With the Prop 8 trial still slowly moving forward, it would be very nice to see updated same-sex marriage approval numbers, since it's been about 9 months since we've seen numbers there, and a lot has happened regarding the issue in that time.

Thanks as always for taking suggestions!

Harold L.

North California and South California split.



The biggest issue facing the state is pension reform and public employee pay. I'd poll on some or all of these specific proposed reforms, which have all been bandied about by state and local policymakers in CA and elsewhere:

- Eliminating collective bargaining

- Eliminating collective bargaining, but allowing it for public safety employees

- Amending the state constitution to allow the state and cities to reduce benefits and pensions of current employees when economically necessary

- Raising minimum retirement age to 65

- Eliminating pension spiking

- Eliminating automatic early retirement for public safety employees and moving senior PSEs to less physically demanding jobs

- Investigating and prosecuting fraudulent disability pension claims

- Forfeiture of pensions for public employees who commit criminal acts during the period of their employment

- Requiring public employees to pay a substantial portion of their health insurance premiums

Also in CA:

- Support for AZ-type legislation allowing state and local law enforcement to investigate immigration status of persons arrested on nonimmigration charges

- Support for border fence

- Support for reduction in legal immigration

- Has the drug-related violence in Mexico impacted support/opposition for immigration

- Trust in state government

- Support for So. Cal secession from the rest of the state

- Prop 8 repeal - I'd phrase it so that you capture the fact that it would be a repeal of the existing law and that it would mean legalizing gay marriage. The last poll on this was released earlier this year by a gay rights group that did not want to proceed with a repeal effort and I suspect that the poll was thus slanted to show weak support for repeal. Incidentally, I would not bother polling on civil unions, as CA already has them and no one is proposing that they be eliminated.

Feinstein matchup - Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner, Carly Fiorina, Michael Reagan. I'd also throw in Peter Schiff. Yes, I know that he just ran in CT, but his hedge fund is focused on the Pacific rim and he very likely has a lot of ties with CA. He is passionate and unpredictable and it is not inconceivable that he could change his residence and run.


Ask about single payer health care. The legislature has passed a single payer bill twice before only to see it vetoed by the Governator. Now that we have a Democrat in office, it becoming law is more likely. This is definitely the state to poll for advocates of real universal health care.


As always, first of all, thanks for taking suggestions. As I usually ask, I think same-sex marriage is particularly topical in California and would be interesting there on the legal/illegal question as well as a Prop 8 repeal possibility.
Secondly, how about a question regarding the death penalty which is currently bottled up thanks to the courts there but which seems to be pretty popular in the Golden State otherwise.
Finally, California is now so big and has become hard to govern. What about polling Californians to see what they would think of splitting the state into 2 or 3 portions to make politics more local?
Also, what about polling to see what Californians would think of awarding electoral votes by congressional district?

Anyway, thanks again for the opportunity to offer some input!


Nunes and Michael Reagan are both out against Feinstein. I guess Campbell, Devore, Maldonado, and Dreier could be candidates. Schwarzenegger, Pete Wilson, David Harmer, Steve Poizner, and Steve Cooley are a few others, none likely to run.

Thanks for polling.


I'd suggest testing Tom Campbell, Ahhnuld, Meg Whitman, and/or perhaps Abel Maldonado against DiFi. I know the likes of Orly Taitz can't get anywhere near her, so it will be interesting to see if even the not so crazy GOPers can get within 10% of her. Also try testing rising Dems like Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, and Debra Bowen against the GOP candidates. All are rumored to have higher statewide ambition, so that can provide some insight as to whether DiFi is still the most popular Democrat in California.

Tom W

How about a redo on the prop 8 question.

Jon Ponder

Test interest in the state for a ballot initiative that would deny personhood rights for corporations in California.

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