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November 22, 2011


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Something that may have been unpopular about Russell Pearce is that he hangs out with (and endorses) neo-Nazis.


Thanks so much for testing the redistricting issues!


Obama hung out with terrorists, racists, and Communists and managed to be elected President.


It will probably take much more on Brewer's part to be recalled. I don't see Arizona supporting a democratic gov candidate at this point because the republicans in that state out weight the democrats. Maybe in a year or so or if she does some more power out reaches support for recall will grow.

Barbara Hanson

I live in an AZ county for which the IRC chairman has gerrymandered the map and has not followed the Constitution's rules for redistricting. We are a community of interest and should have been kept together as we have been for the last 100 years. The 2 Democrats and Mathis on the commission apparently worked to skew the mapping in favor of Democrats and used "competitiveness" to the exclusion of community. This was done behind closed doors--another illegality! They also chose Strategic Telemetry and their vote cards scoring the company were destroyed. However they all gave the mapping company a perfect score. Just a coincidence? i think not! It was a company costing the most and was used by obama's campaign. Their map is a travesty to our community of interest---It is a textbook case of gerrymandering and is illegal.That is why I support Governor Brewer in her removing the woman who swore she was an Independent, but who is really a left leaning Dem--- Mathis. It's not over yet!


This business of recalling Governors at the whim of the opposition must come to an end. Recalls should only be done if the candidate has committed malfeasance in office. You shouldn't be recalling officials because you don't like their views or legislation. It will lead to instability in our political process and we will never accomplish anything because the losing party will start working on recalls making governing impossible. Recalls should be reserved for the most egregiousness actions. Otherwise, we should be waiting until the next election to try again. It appears Democrats want recalls when their candidates lose. When the Republicans start losing they will do the same thing and our system of government will breakdown completely.


The low approvals for the Republican governor and two Republican senators elected statewide indicate that the GOP is wearing out its welcome in Arizona. The shift that took Colorado and Nevada from R to D a couple years ago is now underway in Arizona.

Gary Bullock

Gary Bullock ‎1. Firing Mathis in the First Place
2. Our educational system is in the dumps.
3. The all but total destruction of AHCCCS
4. Refusal to fire the Director of the ADOC Charles Ryan after the Kingman escape and about a billion other critical failures.
5. Appointing the Owner of Lobbyist Firm, Chuck Coughlin to be her Policy Adviser (Conflict of Interest)
6. Selling the state capitol and all of the states buildings (Like a tenant selling the house they rent)
7. Using her State Senate in session exemption as an out for drunk driving
8. Her uncanny ability to communicate.... :-)
9. Trying to privatize everything from prisons to the Grand Canyon
10. Her intense desire to fund and protect children who are listed as cases under CPS. (Sarcasm)

I wonder if everyone who took this survey was considering all of these issues. I bet if they were listed before them, they would likely have came in with MUCH LOWER NUMBERS.


What Republicans across the country have been doing any place where they have control is the most egregious misconduct since the Watergate era. Nakedly partisan power grabs (attempting to kill Democratic constituencies like labor unions), unconstitutional attacks on the rights to vote (via evidence-free demands for voter ID) and to privacy and personal freedoms (zygote personhood), and open attempts to rig the electoral process in their favor (attempts to bar college students from voting at their current, college address, as the Supreme Court has determined they may) absolutely merit recall efforts. These are all efforts Republicans have launched since the Fluke of 2010, and every time they've come before voters, they've been very soundly rejected.

cindy larson

She and Joe need to go See how Joe really lives on missing money AZ central will not allow comments against these people

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