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November 15, 2011


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How about looking at Giffords in Senate and Gubernatorial races


For Arizona:
SB1070 - In retrospect, good idea or not?
Gabby Giffords - Should she run for re-election or step down?
Approval ratings for famous Arizonans, such as Sandra Day O'Connor, Frank Kush and Lute Olson.

Richard Santos

For Arizona, I think it'd be interesting to add a crosstab that breaks results down by the respondent's position on the immigration bill.

Mark Rosenthal

I would poll about Gabby Giffords - with word or conjecture that she may in the future seek the Senate.


For Pennsylvania poll favorables for Harris Wofford, John Heinz, and Dick Thornburgh.

For Arizona ask questions about Jan Brewer impeaching the redistricting panel.


Do you oppose or support the proposal to allocate electoral votes based on congressional districts won? (for PA)


maybe do a question on Joe Paterno's popularity and whether or not people in PA think he should have been fired


Please conduct a PA Sen GOP primary poll which includes other names such as Laureen Cummings and Marc Scaringi that you did not list above. I'm not sure that such a primary poll has yet been conducted. It may even be worth doing a version with and without Pat Meehan, who is supposedly being courted to make the run.
In PA, I am also interested in approval ratings for Ed Rendell, Joe Sestak, Michael Nutter, Rick Santorum, and Patrick Murphy. Murphy is running for Attorney General in PA next year.


Also, natural gas is a booming industry in PA, which sits on the Marcellus Shale. You might want to do a question on how people view the practice of fracking.


Oh yeah, and of course it would be interesting to do approval ratings for Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and the others involved in PSU's scandal, including perhaps an approval rating for Penn State University as a whole.


In Pennsylvania, ask voters what they think of GOP PA Senate attempts to end PA's current electoral college "winner take all" presidential election voting process, minimizing Pennsylvania's importance in Presidential elections


I'd be interested in seeing Jan Brewer's approval rating, as well as how she'd do against Terry Goddard now. I want to see if the latest IRC controversy, as well as the continuing SB 1070 fiasco, is really rubbing off on her.

Kurt Rex Cooper

The redistricting process, removal of Russell Pearce, gov Brewer's approval, Ethnic Studies at TUSD all would be good subjects.


Arizona is in the midst of a huge redistricting hullabaloo. It'd be interesting to see if Arizonans know about, and care about redistricting, or if it's all inside baseball.

Alan Snipes

Good. Arizona is a state that Obama can pick up in 2012. Given that he will probably lose Indiana, NC, or VA, this would be a great pick up for him.


In Arizona, how would a three way race pan out between Jeff Flake, Richard Carmona (and/or Bivens), and Russell Pearce running as a third party candidate?

Chuck In Seattle

AZ: Do they still favor the Independant Redistricting Commission? Or something like that.

Julian Stolz

For PA Senate Rs the ballot is:

Sam Rohrer
Laureen Cummings
Marc Scaringi
Tom Smith
Steve Welch
John Vernon
Tim Burns

All are announced candidates.


In Pennsylvania, where as someone above mentioned the Marcellus Shale is resulting in a natural gas boom, please poll whether voters support or oppose at tax on natural gas drilling. It's been a hot issue in the state, with Republicans led by Gov. Corbett opposing a tax that all other gas-producing states levy on companies who drill there. I'd love to see level of public support for a straight-up tax on drilling (legislators have sort of compromised on a tiny drilling "impact fee" but it isn't very substantial).

In both Arizona and PA, I'd love to see numbers for and against same-sex marriage as well as a question that includes civil unions. I don't think I've ever seen numbers from Arizona on that issue and I think an update from PA would be nice.

In Arizona, I second the suggestion of asking about Senate Bill 1070. I'd love to see the approve/disapprove numbers on that one now that the dust has settled a bit. Maybe you could also ask whether it has had a positive or negative effect on the state of Arizona, too.

Thanks so much for taking suggestions!

Annie from Pennsylvania

Poll Gabby Giffords in the Senate race.. As well as The Redistricting in Arizona.. Why not ask a Re-match Sestak vs Toomey .


I'd be interested in seeing where Arizona stands on same-sex marriage and civil unions. Although the state has a conservative reputation, in 2008 it passed its constitutional ban on gay marriage by a smaller margin than many states (56%) even though the state also voted decisively for McCain, the pro-gay side had very little money (unlike California), and the ban only targeted marriage, not civil unions or domestic partnerships. Furthermore, the state actually rejected a more extreme constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partner benefits in 2006. This is in sharp contrast to more moderate states like Michigan, Ohio, and Florida, which all overwhelmingly approved similarly broad anti-gay amendments when they had the chance. This makes me curious if Arizona perhaps has a libertarian streak on certain issues like gay rights.

Patrick Stuart

As a Pennsylvanian (and a life-long State College resident to boot), I will tell you right now that a) slightly more than half of PA residents will support Paterno's firing and b) none of htose no-name candidates will be within 8 points of Casey, and probably not within 10. The only candidates who might stand a chance are Tom Ridge and that short term governor right before Rendell (watshisname). I would like to see that polled.

I would LOVE to see some polling for shale drilling that posited the question in more than one way. Pennsylvanians will not support drilling as a stand alone question but if you pit it against other energy forms or offer to lower taxes with hard numbers with its revenue (e.g., "if it means lowering taxes by $1200 per resident per year"), support will skyrocket. But I'd like to see the support in actual polling numbers. :)


See what Pennsylvanians think of Arlen Spectre now that he's been out of office for some time.


Given that marijuana legalization has achieved 50% nationally in Gallup's poll and Arizona approved medical marijuana in 2010, it would be interesting to see where they stand on legalization as a state.


+1 for an approval rating of Arlen Specter. I'd also be interested in seeing Specter vs Toomey rematch numbers and, why not, Specter vs Corbett gubernatorial numbers.


Generic legislative ballot for both.
For Pennsylvania, favorite sports team: Steelers, Eagles, Phillies, Pirates, 76ers, etc.
For Arizona, Obama/McCain rematch. Support for the Papers Please Act. Support for increased scrutiny on gun dealers near the Mexican border.


Well, aside from presidential stuff, I would definitely have to suggest questions regarding immigration and same-sex marriage and PA electoral college allocation. That's my bit!

Reldo Tyler

Would the state of Pennsylvania vote for or against a same sex marriage amendment. I think this is a fair question considering the state has been trying for the last 6 years to pass one. Also, does Arizona support same sex marriage or civil Unions considering they voted down an amendment in 2006, but would the state of Arizona voted again 2008. Would that pass today? Also what do they think Pennsylvanians think of Rick Santorum?


Aww, you're doing Arizona. Thanks.

PA: fracking in the Marcellus (it would be nice to break this down by region and isolate at least the Philly metro from the parts of the state where there actually is drilling), favorables for Chris Christie, something public sector union related

AZ: immigration, favorables for Susana Martinez and Marco Rubio, something Social Security/Medicare related

I trust you to poll OWS related topics in both states as well- maybe something like "do you think that police have been too harsh on the protestors, or not?" or "do you believe that the First Amendment gives groups the fundamental right to occupy public spaces for weeks at a time, or not?"

Bazinga !

A new Georgia poll is also overdue.


Arizona: Should Attorney General Eric Holder resign as a result of 'Fast and Furious'?


When are you going to poll Indiana and North Dakota ?

No presidential poll in Indiana and North Dakota for 3 years now.


+1 for a Specter question.

Also, next week you should do a Washington Poll. Want to see if SUSA and the others are right about Inslee/McKenna.

Also in PA ask who was more deserving of being fired: Joe Paterno or Jim Tressel. Then do the same question in Ohio to see if the numbers are reversed.


I also say poll fracking in PA. It's a huge issue.


For AZ: I want to second everybody regarding the IARC saga; how about polling this in terms of 'should Mathis have been impeached' and 'should she be reinstated,' and a question over whether Brewer should be impeached herself.

For PA: Please poll on the electoral vote by CD issue.

Patrick Stuart

By the way, you've asked about sports allegiances in Pennsylvania before, so if you ask again, it would be neat if you could break it down by area code or county or region (precisely defined, so we know which part of the state) or something.


Whatever you do at the Presidential level in PA, I would ask that the breakdown by region keep Philadelphia separate from the rest of SE PA. It would give us a first look how Obama is doing in the suburbs. If you combine the suburbs and Philadelphia together as a region, we lose the ability to see what the suburbs are thinking which will be very important in the race come November.


PA-AG: It would be nice to see a baseline poll with Patrick Murphy against John Rafferty (and maybe Risa Ferman as well).


As happy as I am about these two underpolled states getting the attention they need, why is it that you haven't polled Georgia or Montana? Your last poll showed Georgia being very competitive on the Presidential level and with its changing demographics, it could very well be one of the battleground states of 2012. Montana could also be a battleground state, Obama lost it by three percentage points in 2008. Any chance you might consider polling them? I don't think either one has been polled by any firm since last Spring.


Indiana and North Dakota can't be polled. I forgot why exactly, I think it has to do with automated polling.


I think you have to ask a question about taxing gas from marcellus shale. Ask about Governor Corbett on Marcellus Shale.

Ask a question about school vouchers as that is before the legislature.

If you have to ask a sports questions ask which college football team they follow Penn State, Pitt, Temple, West Virginia, Rutgers, Lehigh, Lafeyette or Bucknell.



- Electoral vote by CD proposal

- Mike Fitzpatrick v. Patrick Murphy rematch

- Health care reform (PA was the first state to make health care a major national issue way back in a special election in 1991 that saw the election of Sen. Harris Wofford)

- Gay rights - Although you can ask the usual question about marriage and civil unions, I think that you should also poll on the more basic issue of legal protection from discrimination in employment, housing, and/or public accommodations. PA stands alone as an Northeastern state with no protections for gays whatsoever.


- Border fence, support or oppose

- Prosecution of US citizens who build or maintain water stations near the border

- Which GOP Presidential candidate is most similar to Barry Goldwater?

- Gay marriage/civil unions - AZ is unusual in that it is the only state that has defeated an anti-gay marriage amendment. In 2006, AZ defeated a broad amendment that banned both marriage and civil unions by 52-48. In 2008, an amendment that banned only same sex marriage passed. However, it passed with only 56% of the vote, rather low for a solidly red state. Given this unusual history, AZ warrants polling on both marriage and civil unions in PPP's standard 2-option and 3-option formats.

Also, please erect a firewall so that we don't have be subjected to hordes of unwashed Drudge Report readers coming here posting 356 comments.

Mark B.

Please poll the redistricting drama!

Morgan Whitacre

Same-sex marriage in both states!


A very interesting developing race in PA2012 is for Attorney General. Both primary fields should be polled, but the Dem side looks to be particularly competitive.



In PA, support/opposition poll question regarding Liquor Store Privatization.


I think asking too many questions might make the poll less accurate.

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