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October 19, 2011


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Too much inconsistency in people's views. The fact that at least 15% of the Dems who want SB-5 rejected plan on voting for Cain against Obama tells you something very clear...the American public and especially those in Ohio have no clue as to what Cain stands for or dont care as far as policies and laws can be repealed....having your cake and eating it too! I personally think that referendums should be banned. If you make your bed you lie on it. If you vote for a guy like Kasich you live with the consequences until the next elections. If you vote for a guy like Cain you do the same. Referendums teaches the public complacency and irresponsibility...you are not held accountable for your actions because the public always knows it can repeal the consequences. Tough! If they vote for Cain, there are no federal referendums and some unsavory legislation (as far as the Dems are concerned) such as SB-5 can happen on a national scale and it cannot be repealed...of course it can be challenged through lawsuit but it will take ages to resolve!


They deserve to get the screwing they voted for in the first place. The 2010 elections were a disaster for the country all over with GOP clowns like Kasich, Scott, and Walker setting out to implement far Right ideology-driven plans to screw the lower and middle classes. Didn't know it was coming? Only if you didn't bother to think.

Had enough yet? Wait until you vote in Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. It's simple for simple folk too lazy to read it, but it will raise the taxes of over 80% of households according to one study including everyone making less than $100,000 while slicing the tax bill of the top 0.1% of income earners in half, and destroying Medicare and Social Security to boot. Its proponents claim it will generate a million jobs a month? Want to bet? That's would be the highest rate ever by far. Remember all the jobs Bush did not create despite his large tax cuts for the rich? Probably not.


I think it may be a mistake (esp. in Ohio?) to focus too much on "Independents", who are an amorphous and somewhat incoherent grab bag of very different sub-groups. They don't necessarily constitute a collective middle ground in terms of partisanship. Better to look at ideology.

And there the picture is stark and very revealing. Kasich and SB 5 have lost support in a huge way of both liberals and self-described moderates.

American Society Today

Here is a link to information about Ohio Issue 2/Senate Bill 5: http://americansocietytoday.blogspot.com/2011/04/facts-on-ohio-senate-bill-5.html

Todd Dugdale

From the release:
"PPP surveyed 581 Ohio voters from October 13th to 16th."

Can we assume that this sample is of "likely" voters? With the election only a month away, it would be reasonable to look at likely voters rather than registered voters.

Either way, the term "voters" is vague.


This demonstrates what is wrong with this country.

"Labor" in Ohio, part of the industrial mid-west, now means schools teachers and other government bureaucrats, not factory workers.

School teachers working in a coercive government monopoly that spends more per student that almost any other country in the world, yet produces lousy results.

School teachers -- the only profession with the concept of "tenure", where they can't get fired no matter how much they fail our children.

Yes, we DO need a revolution in the country -- a revolution of parents and taxpayers against the rotten, evil government bureaucrat unions who are destroying our future.


"And there the picture is stark and very revealing. Kasich and SB 5 have lost support in a huge way of both liberals and self-described moderates."

...and many of the so called self-described moderates who are against SB-5 are planning to vote for Cain...good show! No sympathies from me!

Dustin Ingalls

"Can we assume that this sample is of "likely" voters?"

No, registered. We would've said "likely" if it were an LV sample. It wouldn't make sense to do the entire poll with an LV sample for this fall's election just for the one question on SB5. Most of the rest of the poll is either about 2012 or sports.

George, I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers from.

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