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October 05, 2011


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Jeff Patch

I would suggest that you do a subset poll in Senate District 18, to gauge the horserace in that special election (which could determine control of the state Senate).

William Townsend

Primary News Network source


I'd love to see a statewide Steve King approval number, and a birther update. With the makeup of the Iowa GOP I'd also be interested in seeing what kind of Tea Party support is still out there and how it ties into evangelicalism.


Poll that State Senate 18th special election for this November, whoever wins decides control of the state senate.


1. Does Mitt Romney's Mormon faith make you more or less likely to vote for him, or does it make no difference? -- Especially curious about Iowa voters here.

2. 2-Man Race scenarios:

- Romney/Cain
- Romney/Perry
- Cain/Perry


Polling Iowa's five Congressmen would be great. A few have statewide ambitions, and all look like they may have competitive races, so it would be good to see how they are perceived. Another Iowa question is how important is it that Iowa remain first in the nation with its caucus.

For both Iowa and nationally a question on how the Occupy Wall Street movement is perceived would be great.



1) Do you support the Occupy Wall Street movement?

2) Should President Obama's jobs bill be passed by Congress?


1) Would you vote for or against an Iowa Constitutional Amendment that says the following:

"Marriage between one man and one woman shall be the only legal union valid or recognized in this state."

(text from here: http://coolice.legis.state.ia.us/Cool-ICE/default.asp?Category=BillInfo&Service=Billbook&menu=false&ga=84&hbill=HJR6)

2) Is your opinion of Mike Gronstal favorable or unfavorable?


Favorability of Occupy Wall Street protests? That protest's been going on for a while and it'd be interesting to see what americans nationwide feel about it.


I would love to see some numbers on Steve King vs. Christie Vilsack.

Morgan Whitacre

I totally agree with the Senate District 18 Race. Reports have indicated that Mathis, the democratic nominee and former local news anchor is more well-known and likeable. Will she be able to deliver this seat and maintain the majority of the state senate?

Also, ask regardin gay marriage. If Mathis loses this race, the marriage amendment could pass. Do the voters support the ban?


Obviously, gay marriage. A few questions; in addition to the additional support/oppose, ask if people will vote for a candidate based on their same-sex marriage stance (should make interesting crosstabs), ask if people will support a constitutional amendment prohibiting it (on both state and federal levels), ask about DOMA.


Do you approve of the current caucus system? Would you participate in a caucus held in December? How about early January?

Are you satisfied with the GOP candidates? Who is your second choice for president? Does Michele Bachmann's win at Ames have any effect on your vote? Does Rick Perry's snubbing of Ames have any effect on your vote?


1. Senate District 18

2. I second Townsend's comment about polling Primary News Source.

Why: Its useful to determine how people are plugged into what is going on in the primaries and how particular voters will be impacted by certain events going forward

3. I also second RR's comment about asking who their 2nd favorite choice is given Iowa's caucus system.

Why: I think every year there is always a surprise from 2nd choice voters and no polling outfit ever asks that question. Its useful to find out who can be that surprise candidate.

4. A question gauging how committed they are to their picked candidate

Sam Dodsworth

I really love the suggestion of favorability of the Occupy Wall Street protests. I think I generic legislative ballot on the national poll would also be great.

As for Iowa, an update on same-sex marriage numbers would be interesting, especially considering the special election in the state senate that could shift the balance of power and allow a vote on the issue in a few years.

The Interesting Times

Iowa again? *Sigh*...

For your national poll, I hope you test Ron Paul and Russ Feingold as independent candidates for President. I have a theory that their early support for the Occupy Wall Street protests may be an attempt to build a new base for an independent run.

Nick Anastasio

Here is a new question that should be asked, especially in states that have either passed or are considering Voter ID laws:

Do you have a valid [name of state here] driver's license?

The Interesting Times

Another informative question for your national poll would be to find out how many people who identify with the Occupy Wall Street protesters are 9/11 truthers.

Maybe balance it with another Tea Party birtherism question for comparison.

The Interesting Times

I second the question on the caucus system. Specifically, I'd like to see if Republicans in your national poll prefer primaries or caucuses.

Mark Rosenthal

Do you consider Occupy Wallstreet a populist protest movement or a communist plot to destroy America?

(I did not word that question as well as I would like to, but considering the bitter, vitriolic chatter all over the net about Occupy Wallstreet), perhaps it is not a bad idea.

And of those who think it is, ask them if they are also Tea Partiers.


Absolutely poll favorability of Wall Street protests (both nationally and in Iowa).


See whether Republican efforts to cover their anti-voter initiatives in the cloak of 'vote fraud' has caught on outside their base. "Do you believe that voter ID laws prevent legal American citizens from voting? Do you believe that voter ID laws prevent people from voting fraudulently? How many cases of vote fraud do you think have been uncovered nationwide in the last ten years, 0-10, 11-100, 101-1000, or more?"



1- If Rick Perry dropped out, what would the race look like?

2- Support/Oppose Palestine statehood bid

3- Who do you trust most on job creation a). Republicans in congress b). Democrats in congress or c). President Obama

4- Do you think the eventual GOP Presidential nominee should select one of the other candidates for President as a running mate or someone else?

5- Support/Oppose creation of Department of Peace

6- Support/Oppose gay marriage

7- Favorable/Unfavorable opinion of Naoto Kan

8- Support/Oppose Currency manipulation bill

9- Support/Oppose Free Trade

10- Do you support the Reid Plan to throw out the current payment plan for President Obama's Job bill and replace it with a plan including a 5% surtax on millionaires?

11- Support/Oppose President Obama's American Jobs Act

Pat H

Maybe poll a potential Tom Latham vs. Tom Harkin 2014 match-up.


--Christie Vilsack vs. Steve King congressional race
--Leonard Boswell vs. Tom Latham congressional race
--Redo the 2010 Chet Culver vs. Terry Branstad gubernatorial election
--Hypothetical Terry Branstad vs. Bruce Braley 2014 gubernatorial election
--Tom Harkin approval rating
--Terry Branstad approval rating
--Run Tom Harkin and/or Bruce Braley against Steve King, Tom Latham, and Terry Branstad in potential 2014 Senate Election Match-ups

Reldo Tyler

Which of the following best describes your
opinion on gay marriage: gay couples should
be allowed to legally marry, or gay couples
should be allowed to form civil unions but not
legally marry, or there should be no legal
recognition of a gay couple's relationship?

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