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October 25, 2011


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Maybe you could test voter opinions or knowledge of Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. Analysis by the Tax Policy Center shows that it increases federal taxes of everyone making under roughly $200,000/year and that it increase taxes on those with incomes between $20,000 and $100,000 by about $4000. This would seem to be a fatal vulnerability for Herman Cain. Is the fact that he's doing so well due to ignorance or apathy about the tax plan?

Obama 2012

I was getting excited about the possibility of Herman Cain actually winning the nomination and the huge landslide victory for President Obama that would inevitably lead to... but then I looked at the numbers for this time of year in 2007 and I saw that John McCain was 5th... it's still way too early to be getting my hopes up. Cain is just too ridiculous of a candidate to last. ... as much as I want to believe that Obama is lucky enough to face off again Herman "I Dont Have Facts To Back This Up" Cain ... I just know it won't happen. Cain's numbers are eventually going to go the way of Perry & Bachmann's and in the end it's going to be Romney.

Jason Stoutamire

If, at the end of the year, Gingrich drops out and endorses Cain, in my opinion the nomination is Cain's for the taking. The only voters left for Romney are Huntsman's. Cain can still get Paul and Bachman supporters as well. Romney vs. Obama will guarantee the status quo for four more years. Anybody really think Romney will repudiate his own blueprint and repeal Obamacare?

I could get excited about a Cain/Gingrich ticket. Cain is a natural leader and motivator (and neither a politician nor a lawyer - he's a turnaround Picasso) and Gingrich is as intelligent and politically savvy as they come - it would be a very complimentary pair, although I've heard that they cannot be on the same ticket because they are from the same state? At the very least they have ideas far different from the ones who got us into this mess and that are, inexplicably, still being pursued by both parties. The tax code IS the anchor dragging our economy down. Bottom line, Cain is the only electable reform candidate currently available.


The big question for some, besides revising the tax code, is which candidate will flip-flop on issues once in office. Romney has a track record, Cain does not - but probably is less likely to change his position once in office, since he seems to operate from some basic principles and is pretty focused. Voters may want, above all, a candidate who is least likely to change his mind on key promises and will follow through on his principles. My guess is that Cain and Gingrich would both do that, but Gingrich would be better as a Cabinet member, not a candidate.

David Lloyd-Jones

Jason Stoutamire,

You must remember that the Constitution does not apply to Republicans in Federal elections. Both Bush and Cheney were from Texas, modulo the fact that the Supreme Court was then as now a very partisan Republican club.

Neither Barry Goldwater nor John McCain was born in the United States.

It's not just that the Arizona Territory was not a State: it was arguably part of Mexico, rather than of the US. There is no sense in which it was greatly, let alone fully, under US governance at the time of Senator Goldwater's birth. The Panama Canal Zone has never, ever, ever been part of the US.

FWIW, I was born on the USAAF base at Bangor ycy Coyd, North Wales, a piece of territory far more under US government control than either Goldwater's or McCain's birthplaces. The same can be said for the Yokohama Veteran's Hospital, birthplace of my eldest (and US citizen) daughter, a piece of territory fully under the command, control and governance of the US Navy. (The Big E, the aircraft carrier Enterprise, was homebased at Yokosuka at the time, and kindly lent us their chief surgeon, the magnificent Dr. Johnson, as ob-gyn for the occasion.)

Now then, about Harold Stassen's birth certificate...


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