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September 13, 2011


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This is a huge problem for Romney. The southerners (and in particular southern Republicans) like one of their own and Mitt Romney is anything but one of their own. Rick Perry could nail Romney through the South. He really could.


Romney's only hope is to make Perry unelectable, and do so without making his own role in the process too visible. Normally that would be a viable strategy. Not this year, though. The Republicans are a frothing mass of senseless anger (a party full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, as it were) and they don't care how idiotic a plan might sound (as witness their thirty years of support for 'we get more money by lowering revenues'), they don't care how barbaric their policies might be (as witness Republican crowds openly cheering on national TV for executions of innocent people and for poor people dying for lack of healthcare), and they don't care how visibly flawed their candidates might be (see: O'Donnell, Christine). They want someone who says the things they've conditioned themselves to hear, and they've got a zero-tolerance policy on anything else.

Romney has to hope Perry turns out to be nothing more than the latest in the Trump/Cain/Bachmann series of far-right challengers, but Perry is the first one to show up with a base of his own, a level of national recognition, and, crucially, no more better-known challenger waiting in the wings to take the throne.

Obama 2012

These numbers indicate that the Republicans are going to be stuck with this "Back to the Dark Ages" Texan Tea Partier as their nominee. It's nice watching their party self destruct. I just hope they don't take the rest of the country down with them.


Gee whillikers

Nobody except me and the poser in chief still believe in oweblamenomics?

I'm stunned, I yam.

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