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September 20, 2011


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Wow! A Republican nominee needs to win Texas by 15% or so to have a reasonable chance to win nationwide, and both Perry and Romney fall short of that by about half.

Obama 2012

It is a little bit disappointing to see Perry doing better than last time around but still a 7 point lead in his home (very very red) state is not a strong performance for Perry. Obviously if Perry only wins Texas by 7 points he will lose nationally by a wide margin (at least 10 points, I think.)

I also think that Obama's new proposals (The Buffett Rule in particular) will be very popular with voters and should excite many of us who supported the President so strongly in 2008. Right now the lines are being drawn clearly and it's obvious that the President is on the side of average Americans while the Republicans are on the side of the very same millionaires & billionaires that have driven this country into the ground.


That looks about right, really. Given the demographic changes in Texas (with a strongly anti-Republican Hispanic bloc gaining increasing electoral clout), it would not be too surprising to see Texas move several points to the left. Particularly when you consider that in 2008, there was a high degree of offended Texan pride driving Republicans to vote, since running against Texan-adoptee Bush was a thriving campaign theme. With a shift of a few points to the left among the voting population and a shift of a few points of partisan intensity, Texas can easily go from a R+12 to R+6. Give it another eight years or so and Texas will be firmly on the table - and if that happens, Republicans will be in a nightmare scenario with the Electoral College for a generation or more.

Nobama 2012

And when President Obama raises taxed on the people who are creating jobs, and unemployment sky-rockets, then Perry's 7 point edge in Texas jumps to 15+. Good, glad to see Republicans winning Texas. Glad to see the people of Texas have sense!!


Obama 2012,

So, you are saying that, suddenly people will be impressed by buffet rule and start having positive opinion of Obama? In the meanwhile "Solyndra Scandal" is in front page, "Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President" is being talked by main stream media, house prices are falling, Unemployment is increasing in all the states(16% among blacks), more and more talk about primary challenge for obama and everything is fine in your book? Please keep believing it ! If things don't change, Obama will loose to either Romney or Perry in a landslide !


The people who are creating jobs are the middle-class entrepreneurs starting their own companies, not the rich twits sitting on their cash. Companies don't hire people because they get tax breaks; they hire people because their existing workforce can't meet their need for labor. The right-wing morons calling the Paris Hilton class 'job creators' are out of touch with the American economy.


That's because we in Texas know Rick Perry to be the crook he is.


The polling company used here is a Democrat polling service.

The owner is a Mr. Dean Debman.

Dean Debnam is a Democratic pollster and regular campaign donor. The chief executive officer of Workplace Options, he started Public Policy Polling, a Raleigh-based political research firm, in 2002 as a side business. The company uses automated dialers for polling, message testing for candidates and advocacy, such as a recent effort urging higher impact fees in Raleigh. Clients have included Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker, City Councilman Thomas Crowder and the Conservation Council of North Carolina. Respondents are found using voter rolls which are weighted to represent typical turnout. His wife, Stephanie Fanjul, ran for mayor in 1999.

Read more: http://projects.newsobserver.com/under_the_dome/profiles/dean_debnam#ixzz1Yal5Goje


Jennifer - Or, alternatively, you could develop a long enough attention span to read the poll and see the disclaimer and explanatory note: "PPP is a Democratic polling company, but polling expert Nate Silver of the New York Times found that its surveys in 2010 actually exhibited a slight bias toward Republican candidates." See, Democrats want actual data that reflects reality; it's Republican pollsters like Rasmussen whose goal is creating narratives to back ideological causes.


People who just believe this garbage without even learning how liberal polling agencies like PPP skew polls, our entire nation would be better off. PPP also said that what's his name would beat Perry in the last election.... what's his name was SPANKED!!! Bad!! So go ahead and believe it, you'll just be wrong right along with them, and Perry will continue to be Texas Governor until HE is ready to leave not when fake polls "say" he's not popular. People who believe these make me LOL!

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