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September 29, 2011


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Please please please poll the anti-gay amendment in NC


A few questions on the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska would be nice. I would especially like to know if people believe Gov. Dave Heineman when he says the route is a "done deal" unless President Obama steps in (not true).



Currently, in Presidential elections, Nebraska's electoral votes are allocated to candidates based on who wins each Congressional district. Do you think Nebraska's electoral votes should be allocated on the basis of whomever wins the state's popular vote, as some have suggested, or do you think the current method should be kept?

North Carolina:

The following constitutional amendment for North Carolina will be on the ballot in the next primary election, scheduled for May, 2012.

(put exact text of same-sex marriage ban here -- I can't find it)

Will you vote for, against or not vote on this constitutional amendment?

West Virginia:

The law known as 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' has been repealed. Some of the Republican Presidential candidates for President favor its restoration. Would you be in favor of having the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy restored or should the repeal remain in effect?

Bazinga !

Keystone XL pipeline, Gay Marriage in NE.

Also: Who wins Nebraska's 3 congressional districts in the 2012 election ?

Ask Nebraska voters if they want the current system, winner-takes-all or abolish the electoral college alltogether (National Popular Vote).

Ask option 2 and 3 in NC and WV.

Ask voters in all 3 states if they favor the death penalty or life imprisonment with no chance of parole.


Question on voter id



"Do you believe that the United States should veto Palestine's application for membership in the United Nations?"

in-state tuition at state universities for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children several years ago


"How long have you lived in North Carolina?" [crosstabs]

Favorable/unfavorable of Queen Elizabeth II [just for fun]


"Which would you rather see in your area: more coal mining, more drilling for natural gas, both, or neither?"

"Which do you believe President Obama cares about more: creating jobs, or protecting the environment?"


"Do you think that your representatives in Washington represent your views, or not?"

"Do you consider yourself to be an evangelical Christian?"

jim neal

Tom- NC.

How about partisan (incl. Indy / Unaffiliated) approval ratings for non-incumbent versus incumbent in NC for (i) Guv (ii) Congress and (iii) Legislature? Interested if NC tracking national trends nationally?

Likewise partisan- "I do/do not plan to vote in May 2012 primary" (registered and non-registered)?


Ben Neal

I'd like a Health Care ? for Nebraska. See how much of an albatross it will be for Nelson. Also maybe a "Does Ben Nelson agree with Obama too much, too little, just right, etc"


How about Bob Kerrey's approval rating in Nebraska? Elaine Marshall-Richard Burr rematch in NC? Senate race in WV?


You should definitely break the results in Nebraska down by CD and see if Obama has a chance to take Nebraska's 2nd congressional district again.


Please poll gay marriage in Nebraska!


I would like to request that you again poll the gay marriage amendment in NC again - this time focusing on slightly different language than you used last time. Somehow I don't think that language accurately represents how people will perceive the amendment. Perhaps just an experiment to see how people react to different wording?

Would be interesting to see if Perry is still well ahead in WV primary?

Then in Nebraska, the usual presidential - and SENATE!! - questions but also please ask the gay marriage question as it would be very interesting to see what the sentiment on this is in a Central Plains state that is perceived to be very conservative.

Thanks for the opportunity to give input!


Poll Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerrey’s favorables. Poll all three congressmens’ favorables statewide. Also you can include as one of the subgroups for your crosstabs, numbers by congressional district in addition to what you already do.


For Nebraska: In case Nelson bails it's worth seeing how other prominent Nebraska Dems are viewed statewide. Testing the favorables of Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler and Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle would be good, also to see if they have any future statewide. Some other good things would be seeing how Nebraskans feel about keeping their electoral vote system, and the opinion of Nebraska's legislature (since it's so unique it would be fun seeing if it's more popular than other legislatures right now).

For West Virginia: Testing Hillary Clinton for President. Not because she'll run, but because she polled pretty well in states like West Virginia and it's worth seeing if she or another Dem would a similar profile could conceivably win or if West Virginia has completely turned on Dems at the national level. Another question would be whether West Virginians consider themselves Northerners or Southerners.


In all three, a factual-knowledge Q: "Does your state send more in taxes to Washington than it gets back, or vice-versa?"

Nebraska: "Nebraska is the Cornhusker state. Have you personally ever husked corn?" "Nebraska currently gives its presidential electoral votes by Congressional district. Do you approve of this system, or would you rather have a statewide winner-take-all system?"

West Virginia: "Do you consider your spouse mostly your spouse, mostly your sibling, or both evenly?" (Kidding, kidding, I know someone from WV and can't pass up the jokes...)

Sam Dodsworth

For West Virginia and North Carolina, I'd love to a generic state legislative ballot. Besides that, it could be really interesting to ask "Do you support or oppose President Barack Obama's American Jobs Act?" and/or "Do you support or oppose President Barack Obama's deficit reduction plan, which includes $1.5 trillion in spending cuts and $1.5 trillion in tax increases and closed loopholes?" It could be insightful to gauge support and opposition for the two plans, as well as to see how many people know what the plans are about.

For Nebraska, it would be great to see the same-sex marriage questions! I'm not sure I've ever seen statewide polling on the issue in NE, so it would be very interesting to see the numbers. Besides that, Senate numbers would be great, especially regarding Ben Nelson. Approval/disapproval of the Tea Party would also be interesting in this conservative state.

Thanks for taking suggestions!! I'm especially excited to see Nebraska numbers for the first time in a long while!


* Attorney General Jon Bruning
* State Senator Deb Fischer
* State Treasurer Don Stenberg
* State Auditor Mike Foley (Expressed interest, but hasn't said anything else. Would like to see if he would be strong)

* All of these vs Senator Ben Nelson

West Virginia:
* Maloney vs. Tomblin governor match
* Senate race? (Capito, McKinley, and Raese vs. Manchin)
* Therotical Tomblin vs. Capito 2012 Governor race match-up, should Tomblin win. He would be up for a full term in 2012, and curious to see if Capito is stronger against Tomblin than Manchin.

North Carolina:
* McCrory vs. Perdue (I read somewhere it appears her Irene bounce is over, and her approval is back to 37%)

Thanks guys!


You should Poll Queen Elizabeth for Fun!! that sounds great like the above comment!!!. Poll Nebraska's 2nd District.


Also, apropos of nothing, did you spot the legal decision today that might open up Indiana for you, and could extend to other states?



You know someone in West Virginia who's committing incest?

As a side note, I don't really get why rural conservatives are stereotyped as committing incest, I mean sure the bible says. but when have conservatives ever cared what the bible said before?

Maybe that would make a good question, support for repealing laws against incest. I'm sure you'd find 10-20% support in some northern states and much less in the south. I'd sure like to see those numbers anyways.

re: Question Suggestions

Please poll Democrats on their preferred 2016 Presidential nominee. Include: Elizabeth Warren, Kristen Gillibrand, Sherrod Brown, Sheldon Whitehouse, Other, Undecided (other commenters please offer more suggestions)

Obviously you might want to do a similar poll of the Republican 2016 Presidential field but I admit I'm not sure who to ask about, anyone else have suggestions?

Please test support for President Obama's American Jobs Act as well.

Also I think you should ask whether people believe Free Trade has a mostly positive or mostly negative effect on the economy.

Ask whether people have heard of Occupy Wall Street and if so if their opinion of it is positive or negative.

Test favorable/unfavorable of the Green, Libertarian and Constitution parties. Might be interesting to see what people's opinions of these minor parties are.

Thank you for listening.


Test Deb Fischer, Jon Bruner and Don Stenberg in the NE Senate primary and against Nelson. Also test McRory vs. Perdue and Perdue favorability. Would also be intersting to see how many people agree with Perdue's belief that congressional elections be suspended.


In WV see how Capito does in a 2014 race against Rockefeller.

Heath Harrison

For W.Va, I'd ask if the public supports or opposes the process of mountaintop removal coal mining. This year, we didn't have a single Democrat or Republican candidate who opposed the process, despite past polling showing the public overwhelmingly opposed to it.

Given big coal's money role in campaigns, it's a question well worth asking.

Heath Harrison

Also, a Gaston Caperton vs. Shelley Moore Capito match-up for 2014 senate, if the speculation about a Rockefeller retirement turns out to be true.


Here's the exact wording of the North Carolina ballot question.

"Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State."


"[ ] FOR [ ] AGAINST
Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State."

This is the question that will appear on the North Carolina ballot this May. When you poll in that state, could you use the exact wording of the question (or as close to the same wording as possible)?

Thank you


I live in WV & just now resonded to the poll by phone. I like the fact that it's automated and doesn't take long.

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