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September 16, 2011


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I think a key reason why West Virginia is so conservative compared to other southern states is that it has a very conservative white electorate and a very small black one.

Just a quick question, is West Virginia generally considered part of the South? Sure seems to vote like it but you rarely see it listed as a southern state?

Obama 2012

I'm sorry, but West Virginia deserves all of the jokes about it... Any state that would select a completely crazy person like Michele Bachmann over President Obama is ... "special."

Obama 2012

I should add, that as disappointing as these numbers are on one level (it's extremely sad that any state in our country would choose someone like Bachmann or Palin over Obama) on another level they are actually encouraging. Even in one of the dumbest most backwards states in the country Obama is doing OK relative to 2008 ... and obviously if he does as well as he did in 2008 - he will win reelection easily.


And it's said that anyone would still support Obama.


Obama 2012,

I have one word "Solyndra"! You are telling me that, there is any candidate who can screw up so bad? Forget about palin and Bachmann ! Talk about Obama's accomplishment for the last 3 years and ask for people to vote ! Incumbent is not going to win, when he is consistently below 50% ! Republican candidate will win west virginia by 20 -25%

Barack O.

Geez, you order your EPA to shut down every large employer in a state and the residents get all uppity. Those West Virginians are just a bunch of racist miners.

Independent Voter

I've held off on posting here cause I'm not an enthusiastic supporter of anyone, but now I must pose the question: Why isn't Ron Paul polled vs. Obama?

Before, your reasoning was, that he wasn't near the top in your national poll, so by that logic, now that he is #3 in are your national poll, it would mean that you should be polling him vs Obama ahead of all the other non Romney/Perry candidates. I really hope to see you guys address this issue, because then it'd show that you live up to your word.

I want it to be clear that I am no avid Paul supporter but I do find him attractive as a peace candidate, which is the same logic I used when voting Green Party in 2008.

Leonard Conly

Bachmann's ignorant comments about the HPV vaccine ensures that many girls will eventually get cervical cancer because parents will refuse to let their children get vaccinated because they believe her.

My wife died of cervical cancer when she was 47, leaving behind two children (10 and 15). If the HPV vaccine had been available when she was growing up, it's unlikely that she would have gotten this particular cancer.

See "Remark on HPV Vaccine Could Ripple for Years" NY Times.

"But the harm to public health may have already been done. When politicians or celebrities raise alarms about vaccines, even false alarms, vaccination rates drop.

'These things always set you back about three years, which is exactly what we can’t afford,' said Dr. Rodney E. Willoughby, a professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin and a member of the committee on infectious diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The academy favors use of the vaccine, as do other medical groups and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The vaccine, recommended by the medical groups for 11- and 12-year-olds, protects against the human papillomavirus, or HPV, a sexually transmitted infection that can cause cancer. Use of the vaccine was disturbingly low even before the Bachmann flap, health officials say. That is partly because of the recent climate of fear about vaccines in general, and partly because some parents feel that giving the vaccine somehow implies that they are accepting or even condoning the idea that their young daughters will soon start having sex..."

Herman Cain 2012

West Virginia is a bunch of backwoods hillbillies, eh? We may not be the most prosperous state in the US, but we certainly know how to run a government. West Virginia is doing much better than most other states in the country right now. We have a balanced budget, a shrinking unemployment rate, and getting more business opportunities every day. We are a traditionally Democratic state, but we know a bad candidate when we see one, and we see Obama for the terrible President he is. We knew it long before he was elected in November, which is why Hillary carried a massive amount of support in the '08 primary. And its not because we're racist. Liberals are always so quick to play the race card, even saying recently that Herman Cain is racist against blacks. I will support whoever the GOP nominee is because in my opinion and the opinions of most West Virginians, the Presidents policies have been detrimental to the country and our state.

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