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September 28, 2011


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The tea party is the Republican's own worst enemy. I love it.


It's actually a very simple question, and all in the "court" of the Republicans (nationally, and in CT-SEN). Do you want a Republican in office, or do you not?

The fact is, there are not enough Republican voters to elect a candidate on their own. Unaffiliated voters, and perhaps some "Reagan Democrats" are necessary to prevent the "liberals" from taking a seat. So, are Republicans willing to nominate a moderate who has the ability to attract a large majority of Unaffiliated votes, as well as some conservative/moderate Democrats, or will they only nominate a strict conservative who (continually) has no reasonable chance in the general election??


Chris Murphy all the way!

Paul Passarelli

Psst... There is another option that will be around regardless of which opportunist stands in for the Dems or the GOP; Libertarian Businessman & Engineer Paul Passarelli.

Despite referring to myself in the 3rd person, it is my intention to appeal directly to voters from both sides and ash them if they want 6 more years of the same ineffective leadership from their next junior senator.

If the Dem candidate is elected, they will be the most junior senator in the whole body, beneath a senior with only 2 years in, and probably in the minority party too.

If the GOP candidate wins, then the junior & senior will tend to cancel each other out and decrease the State's influence/seniority in the senate to almost zero.

If I successfully earn the voters trust then I would stand un-beholden to either party, free to keep the promises I make to the State of Connecticut and fellow citizens. And since my "political ambition" is to go to DC as what I feel is my civic duty, I'll be counting the days until I can return to my civilian life and walk away from politics, confident that I have served honorably and tho the beast of my ability.

As an entrepreneur, I'm always asked what my exit strategy for the company is. Well I wish to run my company and perform my work in my well equipped research lab. Just so I'm clear, my exit strategy from DC is to return to my company and my lab.

My reason for putting my work, my passion, and my avocation aside is because Washington is a mess, and someone has to clean it up. My career has been based on cleaning up the the false starts and the messes that came before. What I've done in the technical areas I'll do in the political arena.

Please visit my website: http://Passarelli4Senate.com/ for more info.


Maybe Passarelli will get 1% of the vote.


Chris is the man for the job. Democrats care about the people, all Republicans care about is protecting the rich making them richer. Chris cares about the poor and middle class more than any other candidate. He stands behind what he says. VOTE FOR CHRIS MURPHY!!


When you have a candidate using 'personally posting on a low-volume comment board on the Internet' as a campaign strategy, you know you have a strong shot.

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