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August 11, 2011


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@Anonymous:The shift is that 56% voted against same-sex marriage, but now only 45% oppose it. Thats a big shift.And frankly to assert that there isnt even a hint that public opinion has changed is just ridiculous. If you look at recent PPP surveys from states like Oregon (vote was 43/57 against gay marriage in 2004, now its 48/42 in favor), Nevada (33/67 against gay marriage in 2002, now its 45/44 in favor), Michigan (41/59 against all legal recognition in 2004, now its 62/29 in favor), the list goes on — it is clear that public opinion has changed drastically recently. Youre ignoring facts to claim otherwise.


What shift in public opinion on same-sex marriage? The proportion of people that opposed the constitutional amendment (44%) & now support same-sex marriage (45%) is the SAME.All youre seeing is a Bradley effect where the lefty media has scared people out of saying they support traditional marriage for fear of being labeled a homophobe.Despite years of promises from lefty activists, there still isnt a hint of the supposed shift in opinion on marriage. EVERY time Americans have voted on the issue, weve voted to retain traditional marriage.

Mark B.

Wow! I never would have thought Nevada would be so alone on prostitution. Thanks for asking that question. I wonder what Washington state thinks of prostitution. Ive always thought they were rather leftly-libertarian. After all, marijuanana legalization polls best in the country there, and they have quite an anti-tax attitude for a solid Dem state.Anyway, thanks again for asking. These unexpected policy questions are what make PPP polls so interesting.

Todd Dugdale

Anonymous wrote:You have totally changed the sampling from a Democratic wave electionI think you are talking about weighting the sample - or are you trying to say that the exact same people from the 2008 election were sampled? Either way, youre mistaken. If you would look at the poll release, you will find no mention of partisan weighting of the sample.Thats because there is no partisan weighting of the sample. Its not weighted to a wave election. Its not weighted at all. IOW, the partisan breakdown shown in the results is what 510 Colorado registered voters self-identified as.what a joke!The joke is that you seem to think you know all about polling simply because you read the word sampling somewhere. Not every pollster does things exactly the way that Rasmussen does, especially at this stage of the election cycle.


Wheres your integrity? You have totally changed the sampling from a Democratic wave election...what a joke!


Lots of interesting results here, especially regarding Hickenlooper, Bennet, gay marriage, and marijuana legalization. Thanks so much for polling those!


tom Tancredo has been out of the spotlight for a while. Perhaps, CO voters are trying to forgot him.


Find out why more and more cops, judges, and prosecutors who have fought on the front lines of the war on drugs are standing up and saying we need to legalize and regulate marijuana to help solve our economic, crime, and public health problems: http://www.CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com


None of these results are valid because PPP oversampled Liberals (35% of the sample) and undersampled Moderates (27% of the sample). In a typical election, Liberals make up 20-21% of the electorate in Colorado and Moderates make up 39-40%. Moderates tend to split votes more evenly in Colorado than in other states.The result is that this poll adds about 5-6 points tomthe Democrats, creating a total swing of 10-12 points.Knock 10 points off of every D-R spread to get a real sense of what Colorado looks like.


When will you release the Vermont President numbers ?


PPP powers that be might want to check out this diary on Daily Kos


A very interesting poll, one which I am sure will be read with interest in CO.I would note that the poll shows extraordinary change on the issue of civil unions. CUs were the subject of a ballot proposal in 2006, separate from that years referendum on marriage. Voters rejected CUs 53-47. To go from 47% support to 71% in 5 years is remarkable. Of course, you could argue that a mid-term electorate tends to be older and more Republican, so the 47% support level in 2006 possibly understated actual state-wide support. But whatever the real support level in 2006, it is clear that it wasnt anything close to 71%.

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