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July 14, 2011


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Tons of interesting results, thanks so much for polling all of those questions!!As for the gay marriage debate, I think its terrible that so many Pennsylvanians continue to oppose equal rights for gay couples. Opponents of gay marriage are just as hung up on the term marriage itself, and I fail to see why the word matters so much to them when there is a clear difference between civil marriage and religious marriage, but thats just me.As for Pennsylvanias plummeting population, thats a mischaracterization. While its certainly not booming, it gained more than 400,000 people between 2000-2010 and continues to be the 6th most populous state in the nation.

The Interesting Times

As for Toomey, it seems hes following the Casey model: Keep your mouth shut, keep your head down, and keep yourself out of trouble.

The Interesting Times

Pennsylvania is yet another bit of support for my contention that those who insist on gay marriage over equal civil unions are forcing the gay rights movement to take the longer, harder road.A lot of gay marriage opponents are just purely hung up on the term marriage.I contend that the civil unions would easily be approved by a majority of Americans today. But if you insist on calling it marriage, itll be another 20-30 years.


With that kind of backwards thinking, no wonder Pennsylvanias population is plummeting.Hmmm, even larger majorities oppose same-sex marriage in the South - is that why their populations are surging?


Good to see that a majority of Pennsylvanians are against same-sex marriage.Thats right....keep Pennsylvania in the 1950s, when women were subservient to men and gays were firmly in the closet. With that kind of backwards thinking, no wonder Pennsylvanias population is plummeting.


Good to see that a majority of Pennsylvanians are against same-sex marriage. And I dont think that the Dems would retake the House if the election were held now. Your national poll (for Daily Kos) is a bit of an outlier. Most surveys find the race tied or slightly GOP advantage. And dont forget the power of redistricting! It was no more evident in your home state of North Carolina, where the Dems got thumped in the popular vote but still emerged as the majority party.


Seeing as how 42% of the respondents were 46 - 65 years old, it should hardly be surprising that the majority were against gay marriage. It is a generational thing that will change as the old, bigoted, conservative people die out. Lets also note that 68% of people approved of either gay marriage or civil unions, so its not as though PA is some homophobic state. Just stuck in old fashioned ideas of marriage on one hand while getting divorces left and right on the other...


@The Interesting Times:Well, you are right, but it is hardly a deduction worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Every poll in every state shows majority or super-majority support for civil unions, but marriage, while trending pro-gay, is very much a mixed bag.The linguistics appear to matter a great deal to a lot of people on both sides. Consider that the entire Prop 8 battle, which consumed over $80 million and was the most expensive CA ballot referendum ever, was strictly about the word marriage. CA had (and has) a domestic partnership law and Prop 8 supporters didnt dare try to take that away, although they surely would have liked to.But if so many people care about the word, that is an argument against accepting civil unions. The whole point is that people dont see civil unions as the real deal and that they will never be accepted as equal. I think they should be accepted as a temporary bridge to show people that no harm follows from recognition of gay couples. But they are a layover, not the final destination.


I wonder how many blacks from liberal, tolerant, diverse filthadelphia are against gay marriage? Theyre Obamas bread and butter base, too. How embarrassing for liberals to be split down the middle like that. I guess the only solution is to blame white people and ficticious evil conservatives for all the problems in the world, rather than dealing with reality.

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