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June 28, 2011


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Dustin Ingalls

The overreach of Republican governors is having an effect on the GOP brand and driving up Democratic interest, and cleaving the independents who were the GOPs savior in 2010 from the coalition. Theyre now turning Democrats way sharply. Thats the point.


They arent up for re-election for a long time. Why waste the resources?If all of these tea party governors are so unpopular , it makes strategic political sense to keep hounding until someone is recalled of moved out of office. On a larger scale, the fact that these tea-people are doing horrible things in their states is educational to the cant-make-up-my-mind independents. The more independents the Dems can gather, the better. The only way this works is by not letting up-Republicans do it all the time, now its the Democrats turn.


Are you kidding me? Buyers remorse? Why waste the resources? Thats like telling teachers, why teach this material, the test isnt going to be for a couple of weeks. I mean we are looking at someone who bought an election. Plain and simple. And if nothing else it should be an object lesson to the future.


I certainly didnt vote for him so I am not one who has buyers remorse! I think this article is driving home that the majority of people dont care for his extreme policies. I know that I have been personally hurt by many of his policies as I am in education. My students have been as well. 2014 cannot come soon enough!


What is the point of this polling? Seems the left has a fetish for driving the buyers remorse narrative of these governors. They arent up for re-election for a long time. Why waste the resources?

The Interesting Times

Scott is making an absolute mess, to the point that the Republican Party in Florida in 2012 might end up being analogous to the Republican Party in Ohio in 2006.


I hate this state sometimes. Rick Scott never should have been elected governor in the first place.

Todd Dugdale

Anonymous wrote:Why waste the resources?To establish a baseline, against which people can observe trends. Thats not a waste; its scientific data.Also, it seems incredibly obvious that a question such as Q3 proves that this buyers remorse affects a race that WILL be up for election in 2012.Have Rick Scott’s actions as Governor made it more or less likely that you’ll vote for aRepublican for President next year, or has it not made a difference?Still confused?

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