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May 24, 2011


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Thanks for doing the marriage equality polling in WA.You guys are da greatest.


Shame about Kucinich. I hope he finds somewhere he can run. Oregon? Massachusetts? Id welcome him here in NY-27.


Or in other words, 72% support some sort of recognition for gay couples. Its pretty easy to see how many of those who support civil unions would rather have gay marriage instead of gay couples being left entirely in the cold.


So whos leading the GOP primary?

The Interesting Times

Rossi blew his chance when he chose not to run against Cantwell in 2006. Cantwell was one of the few Democrats who could have lost that year, and Rossi was one of the few Republicans who could have made it happen. Rossis loss to Gregoire in recounts in 2004 was controversial, and he would have gotten the sympathy vote from a lot of people.Instead he chose to wait for a 2008 gubernatorial grudge match against Gregoire, which he lost. Any sympathy over 2004 had worn off by then, plus Barack Obama was on the ballot.Rossis heart didnt really seem to be in it when he ran against Murray in 2010. Murray was also much stronger than Cantwell had been in 2006. Again, he picked the wrong Senator to run against.Moving towards 2012, Cantwell is much more popular than she was in 2006, meaning Rossi lost his one chance to beat her. Also, Rossi is much less popular than he was in 2006--eight years and three strikes later after 2004, the sympathy vote is gone, and any hope he had of building enthusiasm is gone.


Not sure whether a Democratic firm would risk embarrassing Obama, but it would be fascinating to see how Benjamin Netanyahu (who graduated from a Philadelphia high school & earned his B.S. and M.S. in Boston at MIT) would fare as a Republican candidate vs. the president.With the overwhelmingly supportive response from Congress to the Israeli prime ministers address this morning, its more likely the Constitution would be amended to allow the Israeli-born Netanyahu to run than the remote possibility of Charlie Sheen or Dennis Kucinich ever becoming president.


Interesting that voters in Washington are evenly divided on the issue. The latest Survey USA poll from Washington finds the following:37% support gay marriage35% support civil unions23% oppose any legal recognitionIn other words, when given a chance, 58% of Washingtonians support anything less than gay marriage. How then is it possible that a national majority support gay marriage?

The Interesting Times

Kevin, logic could also cut the other way: Civil unions for gay couples could easily pass in Washington by a huge margin already, if only the push was for civil unions instead of gay marriage.The gay rights movement is really just delaying their victory by making this about marriage and not just some equivalent government recognition.


Um Kevin, I think you miss the point. This poll (PPPs) shows that 44% want gay marriage to stay illegal. That doesnt jive with your reasoning. I think what PPP has found is the left-leaning Washington is evenly split on gay marriage which in political reality likely means that most are still against it.


Seriously, Netanyahu? Bear in mind that members of Congress are going to give a warm welcome to any Israeli PM because they know theyll be attacked as anti-Israel if they give him anything less than wild cheers. Most Americans couldnt care less about him, but the ones who do care a lot - so for the sake of that minority of Americans, Congresscritters make a big show of applause. If you want to know how average people felt about the speech, try asking a random sample. The vast majority would say Who? even if you showed them a clip of the video first.


Civil unions dont need to pass in Washington.Washington passed R 71 the everything but marriage bill in November 2009. The measured passed with 53%.The logical next step would be to pass gay marriage.

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