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April 25, 2011


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I Am Iron Man

Interesting. Before reading this I really didnt think Paul would do as well in 2012 as he did in 2008 just because I know a lot of people who used to support him who no longer do. But you make some great points here and I should know that my own personal experience doesnt mean much... especially considering I dont really dont know anyone that would be considered a regular GOP voter....After reading your points I can almost imagine a scenario where it comes down to Romney vs. Paul and all of the anti-Romney vote comes together for Paul... almost.


win or lose i will give every dollar and all of my energy to Dr Pauls campaignRon Paul 2012


Craig S - What kind of qualifications do you want? He was a flight surgeon, ran a ob/gyn practice for years, ran a publishing company and has been a congressman for years - and the only one who consistently stands by his principles.I think that competes with Obamas community organizer/university lecturer past, or George W. Bushs failed oil man/campaign adviser/baseball team owner past.


hmm. how big a joke is he then?


I predict there to be an avalanche of Ron Paul supporters that come out of the woodwork. He is the only candidate that liberals would actually vote for and that makes him a unifying presence. Interesting Google trends stats on Ron Paul vs. Obama in 2008...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iW5kOB1pmgHe has my vote, my financial campaign support, and I will do whatever I can to spread the word.


Your headline and sub-headline demonstrate that you are a disgrace to your family, your friends, your profession and your species.Ron Paul has been the most SERIOUS man in Washington every day that hes been in office. He deserves to win the presidency on his understanding of monetary policy alone.Please crawl away and pray that Google removes all references to your embarrassment of a blog.


Gotta respect a guy that gets his district their share while voting against it all, huh? I guess now youre faulting him for doing the job his constituents expect of their Congressman? We should not forget that that is still his job. Just because all the other candidates spend their work-time campaigning instead, doesnt mean he should ignore those he represents, does it? And Im sure if he had, youd be faulting him for that too, so nice job calling up a no-win issue. Based on that logic, is there ANYONE youd find competent?And I dont really think you have 2012s primary results yet, but merely some early polling results. And we know how accurate those can be.A lot can happen in a year. Care to make a wager? You pick any republican against Paul, and if yours gets more delegates than Paul, Ill pay off. If Paul gets more, you pay off. Care to put your money where your mouth is, or is it too early after all?

The Interesting Times

As for Paul getting reelected repeatedly in his home district...Paul brings home a lot of pork to that district. And quite hypocritically, I might add.Sort of like Murthas district. Bring home the pork, and theyll love you forever.

The Interesting Times

Actually, Richard, Im using current state-by-state polling for the 2012 primaries to produce my delegate count estimates. 2008 is not part of the equation.Pauls main problem, as in 2008, is his failure to win entire states. In the GOP primary, which is dominated by winner-take-all states, you get blown out if you dont come in first place in any states.Paul won 35 delegates in 2008. Hes currently on track for a similarly hopeless performance in 2012.


@ The Interesting Times...So, youre using Pauls 2008 counts to DQ him in 2012 against a different field, and with greater public recognition?I think Ill put as much faith in your predictions here as Jon Stewart would, at this point.I forget, was it Huck or Romney that eventually won the nomination in 2008?:D


@Dustin... yes, a district gerrymandered by Tom DeLay in a neocon attempt to oust Paul.

The Interesting Times

In my last estimate Paul only wins 28 delegates at the convention. The next strongest candidate, Pawlenty, gets 57, more than double Pauls delegates.Only Daniels and Bachmann fare worse, with only 8 and 3 delegates, respectively.Frontrunners Huckabee and Romney, on the other hand, get 685 and 613 delegates, respectively. The second tier of Palin and Gingrich get 195 and 140.Keep in mind also that Paul hasnt won a single state outright in any poll. In a primary system that is dominated by winner-take-all states, thats a campaign-ender.Basically, Paul doesnt stand a chance, not even as a spoiler. Think of him as a more right-wing Giuliani.


In a very Republican district.With no backing from, and usually the opposition of, the Republican party there.

Dustin Ingalls

Paul has been elected, what, 10 times to congress?In a very Republican district.


@Matthew Shrugged... ok I guess you believed it when Trump called Paul unelectable... but Paul has been elected, what, 10 times to congress? How many times has Trump been elected to any office?You seem to believe in the King-making ability of the media.But then, why does Ron Paul get so much airtime these days? Youd think if they could prevent that, they would, but for some reason, they put him on. Perhaps they fear theyll lose even more credibility, like they did in 2008, if they continue to ignore him?Its quite possible that they wont be able to stop his message, which is more important than his candidacy.As for him being in his 70s... well, thats what a VP is for, innit?


What a relief to be able to vote for a candidate I like, such as Ron Paul, instead of what apparently many Americans often do (and I did for decades), which is cast an anti-this or that vote of one kind or another.Win or lose.


Im guessing that those people who used to support Ron Paul, but no longer do are liberal Democrats that dont vote in Republican primaries anyway. One of the mistakes Ron Paul made in 2008 was the way he presented his message in a way that he appealed primarily to the most liberal wing of the Republican Party despite his decades-long record to the contrary.In 2008, Ron Paul was that America-hating cut and run RINO who talked alot about some obscure Bank that Limbaugh, OReilly, and Hannity had never said anything about. That is the way much of the Republican base viewed him, so it is no surprise that he didnt win. In 2012, Ron Paul is the most fiscally conservative candidate in the field in a year where cutting spending is the most pressing concern of Republicans and stopping inflation is the most pressing concern of ordinary Americans. Ron Pauls record is much closer to the current mainstream of the Republican Party than the rest of the field. Ron Paul certainly didnt raise taxes while governor of a state (he has never voted for a tax increase) and he certainly didnt sign an Obamacare-style mandate into law. There are Republican candidates in the field who did those things (with the exceptions of Michelle Bachmann and that off-brand Ron Paul from New Mexico, I cant think of anybody else in the field with a fiscally conservative record).

Matthew Shrugged

Paul is, unfortunately, unelectable. I look at Paul Ryans plan to tame the budget which is pretty reasonable and rational and I look at how the media is committed to tearing him to shreds for it, the charge led by Obama who has gleefully lied and misled the public about what the plan consists of. Energy ought to be focused on realistic candidates. As much as I like Representative Paul, there are more important things at stake.


What Experience Does Obama Have? A community organizer and a handful of years in the legislature. Paul has run a medical practice and delivered 4000 babies. If you want the kind of experience you Are looking For Gary Johnson is the best choice. Romney has to answer for his own socialist medical program. Palin ainT running, T-Paw is a dbag, Trump bankrupted a casino, and the huckster is a fascist. Who cares how old he is...its about the message


@CraigSWhat is his management background ? What does he know about business ? What has he ever done ?He completed medical school and served as a flight surgeon in the armed forces. He ran his own practice as an obstetrician for decades, delivering over 4,000 babies. He was also a partner in a successful coin business, and has published several best-selling books.And what have you done lately?Anyway, the idea that the country needs a manager is progressive nonsense. The country would benefit by a president who fulfills his constitutional obligations, vetoes bad laws, shows restraint and humility, and isnt personally extravagant or an attention whore.

Brian O'Connor

The Barbour jabber has more to do with where his donors will go, not his votes.


...because I know a lot of people who used to support him who no longer do.How come? Guess they decided the Matrix was preferable to the truth. Idiots.


Think Harold Stassen. Ron Paul will be 80 in 2016. Lots if people agree with him on issues. They just wont put him in the WhiteHouse. What is his management background ? What does he know about business ? What has he ever done ? Be serious CraigS


Regardless of what happens...I will give all my energy and effort into Ron Paul and nobody else. Im not sure that Ill even vote for any other GOP or democrat candidate..as a matter a fact I wont and will leave that blank. Im sick of the lies and crap by both parties...they are run by the global elite and Dr. Paul is the only hope at stopping that at a federal level...otherwise all we can hope for is secession and the end so we can start rebuilding.


Well, the headline is accurate. Dont laugh at Ron Paul. Hes serious and means more or less everything he says, particularly including the craziest bits. Laugh at his positions, laugh at his deluded followers (do please give every dollar to his campaign), laugh at his quixotic campaign and laugh at the microscopic odds of him making any sort of meaningful blip in the final delegate count. But be nice, dont laugh at the crazy old man directly.

Alex Bakst

In my profession (journalist) I have to leave my personal convictions at the door when I enter the office, but my personal beliefs are undeniably liberal-leaning (or progressive or whatever theyre calling themselves these days).Im sick of the vitriolic discourse in American politics today, and the state of the Republican party has left me wondering if the GOP will ever recover from its steady decline into far-right madness.I loved the discussion thread here for its polite, rational and clear-headed tone, and that says a lot about Ron Paul and his supporters.In the absence of a strong Democratic candidate like Obama, I would be very much inclined to vote for a man like Ron Paul, even though some of his more radical ideas are pretty off-putting. I hope he goes far in the primaries, if only to show the other candidates that you dont have to pander to the tea-party conspiracy theorists in order to win the conservative vote.

The Golden Rule

It is amazing how synchronus the comments sound of the paul supporters here, being one myself it shows that ron has a lot of students - not followers- who are doing their homework since their congruency implies the understad the ideas and principle BEHIND what ron paul says. This is a good sign for the campaign.


Ron Paul in 2012 or more of the same and we cant afford more of the same.

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