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March 18, 2011


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We no longer live in the late eighteenth century. The US Constitution, a brilliant document, failed only when it protected the property rights of oppressors (slave owners). Otherwise it has worked well to establish constraints upon the government. It has been forced to adapt to demographic and economic change, and it is so worded that it can address the economic necessities of the time. Nothing in the Constitution dictates that government cannot grow to meet basic human needs, regulate the conduct of business entities that can do great harm, or to keep taxes under some level.


In addition to the request for a new wisconsin poll, we could really use a Wisconsin Supreme Court poll. Its the biggest election in April in the nation. Both sides are really interested in this race. Unions will turn out for this one. The current court is 5-4 conservative and the union bill will likely end up there. The incumbent is an outspoken conservative. This is a big deal and a poll would be very interesting and newsworthy.


Just a request:Much has changed since your last Wisconsin polling. The bill passed through an unconvential method with no compromises (67% of people wanted a compromise according to a non-partison poll). I live in Wisconsin and it seems every day brings a new twist to the story and people are paying attention. We could really use an updated poll on Walkers favorability, plus the favorables/unfavorables for a recall in 2012. I believe if he was recalled it would end his chances in a national general election.



Cara C

Anonymous wrote, Glen Beck...calls everyone Hitler who has a different viewpoint.This is a lie and a smear. Glenn Beck educates his audience about the history of America and of progressivism. He interviews people with various different points of view and generally quite considerate. Not only does he not call everyone who disagrees with him Hitler, Ive never heard him call anyone Hitler - except for Hitler.Most people who so viciously attack Glenn Beck either never watch his show and just parrot the talking points from smear sites like Media Matters or are propagandists who cant stand to have the lefts history and agenda exposed.It is not hate speech to talk about Americas founding and our Constitution and the techniques progressives have used to try to turn America from a country founded with respect for individual liberty into a collectivist nation, where the people are not free to live as they see fit, but are pawns of the state.


I stopped listening to Beck because of the verbal fellatio he demands from his sidekicks, Stu and Pat, everytime he is on the radio.


Beck hss the best show on FOX by far. He continues to expose the Progressive(Regressive) clusterfark. We are witnessing the death of liberalism, folks. It cannot come a moment too soon.


To put the numbers in perspective... how many people think Barack Obama should be fired?

Dangerous Dreamer

Right now a squirrel could bear the idiot-in-chief...thats right a squirrel!


Glenn Beck is wearing, but I think hes more right than he is wrong. Overall, I think hes right about how far this nation has deviated from the principles it was founded upon, and I think that message is important. I think it would be more helpful if hed map out the radicals hes always talking about on his website, with supporting documentation for what he is saying about them. He should do that for those that are in positions of power, at least. I think that would give him more credibility, since youd be able to pick up on his random tidbits and do the research yourself, as he always encourages. Im just not interested in sitting there and taking notes to go piece it together for myself later. If all of these pieces fit together into the larger picture hes so desperate to have us grasp, then map it out. Im only interested in the truth, whatever it may be. And like I said earlier, I do believe there is more truth than fiction in his overall message.

Shockley Productions Insurance Agency

I was rubbed the wrong way the first several times I watched Mr. Beck. Then he kind of grew on me. His radio show is funny and the TV show goes through in great detail what he believes. I dont always agree with him but his show is informative, funny, well produced and not pathetically caustic like Olbermanns and Sen Moynihans former hair dressers show. If Mr. Beck is wrong he is wrong. The American People can figure it out. Its only Liberals who think the American Electorate is so stupid that they need to control the flow of information so us commoner/idiots dont turn into monsters.


right wing ideas are what tanked the economy in the first placeReally?? And what right-wing ideas might that be. Please, no nonsense about corporate greed - that is a universally shared attribute. As proof - how many of those Wall Street fat cats are either in the current Administration or have been bailed out by it.Republicans DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM.On the philosophical plane - that is a good thing. I do not want a government that tells me to not worry about anything, theyll take care of all my wants and needs. Because a government like that decides what my wants and needs should be. I like the basic idea of the Tea Party Movement in that it simply believes in the basic structure of the Constitution. Under the Constitution I get to determine my wants and needs and then am free to try to attain them. I way succeed, I may fail but either way I at least have had the freedom to hope, dream and strive.In this post, the writer seems to confuse Republican (a political Party) with a political philosophy (such as the Tea Party Movement). A not all that rare mistake but one that should be guarded against.

Todd Dugdale

BOSMAN wrote:Your own polls dont agree with you. The post is discussing a poll of those who watch FNC regularly, NOT the electorate in general. The point is that Huckabee and Palin are the most likely candidates *among those who watch FNC*.Look at the last four words of the quote that you included in your comment. Then realise that everything that you wrote after that quote is irrelevant to the post.

Marvin Marks

ray: The corporate controlled Tea Party branding of the Republican Party is yesterdays news. People are now seeing what the Tea Party Congress is actually doing and they dont like it one bit. And Tea Party Governors across the nation are revolting average voters.The Tea Party may have been able to fool people into voting for them when they were just a theoretical option but now that people see what they are really up to... no chance in hell.The beast that has awoken is average Americans realizing that the Republicans DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM. At all.

I Am Iron Man

BOSMAN - the idea that right wing policies will turn the economy around is absolutely ridiculous. right wing ideas are what tanked the economy in the first place.and the only reason the economy is not improving more quickly is because of republican and blue dog/wall street Democrats getting in the way of more progressive action.


Im a fox news viewer who doesnt like Becks show. Its like nails on a chalkboard, no pun intended.Why not at least cut it down to 30 minutes? Or 10 minutes?


Two comments:Yes, the beast has awakened. Its called the Tea Party Movement.Second, the usual generalities about Beck calling everyone who disagrees with him a Nazi. Id much prefer to see specifics. On the other hand, should a politicians actions have a similarity with those of Nazi Germany, would it not be appropriate to point that out??


-Among the most likely Republican Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee leads the way with a +19 favorability spread at 45/26. Hes followed by Sarah Palin at +16 (53/37), Mitt Romney at +4 (40/36), and Newt Gingrich at +2 (41/39). Those numbers are particularly problematic for Romney and Gingrich, its hard to imagine someone taking the GOP Presidential nomination with only narrowly positive favorability numbers among Fox News viewers.Your own polls dont agree with you.Mitt Romney may not be the most popular in favorability, But he is either in 1st place or tied for first place when it comes to GOP match-ups against Obama.As a Conservative Republican, I want the most competent candidate to challenge Obama. Not necessarily the one I like the most.Having the most warm, touchy/feely personality isnt as important as being able to turn the economy around and putting us back on the right track again.


Glen Beck is a frightening individual. The statements he makes are a reflection of the person he is. He calls everyone Hitler who has a different viewpoint. His classrooms are a joke to the American intelligence. He is such a liar that I have given up hope and will have to discontinue viewing Fox. Ive also pointed out to my grandchildren what hate speech can do. We saw that in World War II. I am a white Christian and see him as laughing all the way to the bank with his millions while he tries to convince the public he is just educating them.


If the GOP nominates Walker, Democrats will sweep in the Midwest, where the beast has awakened.I hope the GOP electorate is really that stupid.


I like how NoDoubtDana suggests that only land owners, taxpayers, and those in the military to vote, when the constitution guarantees the right to vote to all americans over 18 (14th, 19th, and 25th amendments). For someone who claims to support the constitution, doing that would be unconstitutional (literally). People like you and Glenn Beck really only support the constitution when it supports your personal view.


Id love to know what percentage out of the 40% that would vote for Obama are taxpayers. Wouldnt you? http://hotair.com/archives/2011/03/18/poll-shows-half-of-voters-plan-to-oppose-obama/


To Anon:The Constitution is not an outdated document. Thats the beauty of it - the principles stand the test of time. The only reason this country has declined is due to deviation from those founding principles. We were never intended to have the oppressive central govt that currently exists. We were never intended to have the Govt decide how well live or to have legislation forced through against the will of the people (Obamacare). We were never intended to have the power lie anywhere but with the people. Everything about the Constitution makes that clear. That is not debatable - that is fact.Despite the last election, we are still nowhere near righting the ship. I only hope more Americans wake up and fight for a return to the timeless principles this amazing country was built upon.One quick way to get back on track would be to allow only taxpayers, land owners, and those serving in the military the right to vote. Also, end all forms of lobbying and any other practices that result in purchased votes, and eliminate unelected positions of power (czars). Once the power is returned to the people (those that have a vested interest in the countrys success), clean the books of any federal laws that impede states rights. At this point, returning the power to the people will be a feat comparable to turning the Titanic on a dime. At least that would be a good start in the right direction. With every passing day, its only going to get harder as we continue to drown in growing debt.To Bosman:Im with you 100% on the GOP candidate. At this point, the only quality I care about is electability. The only thing that matters is that we replace Obama with someone who does not hate America and is not about class war, which is what Obamas entire life has been dedicated to.


Darsh, we didnt get to the point where we are today without veering away from the vision of the Founding Fathers. That began with passing of Amendments that were not in line with the original intent of the Constitution. Almost half of the U.S. population pays no federal taxes. (Read that sentence again.) Do you seriously think the Founding Fathers would support these folks having a say in how to spend the money of taxpayers? To suggest so is simply ludicrous. Suggested reading: -The Federalist Papers -Original Intent by David Barton -The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen.


Ahhh... so much crazy talk about restricting the vote to only productive members of society. But be careful what you wish for. The largest fractions of U.S. government spending, by far, go into Medicare and Social Security. In other words, to the elderly. Ironically theyre the ones who, according to PPP polls, are the strongest supporters of the Republicans and the Tea Party. If we restrict the franchise to only those who pay in more in taxes than they receive back in entitlements, it will ensure liberal dominance of American politics!


Dana makes a good point. Taxation without representation led to quite a dust-up. But, is Representation without taxation really a better approach?Think of it this way, how many pols got their offices and kept their offices by promising (and delivering) something for nothing? Now that our fiscal house is in such disorder, what are the odds of it getting fixed when so many people (voters) are riding the gravy train?Im not sure exactly how this might be changed but I am sure that it is vital to our National interest that the productive members of our society have a prevailing voice in how it is run.


Wolf, I consider todays seniors to have contributed and to be entitled to their benefits. It may be a different story for tomorrows seniors, since nearly half of todays population pays no taxes. The history of this nation clearly shows that Americans considered themselves to have responsibilities as citizens. They had a sense of responsibility and they contributed to their communities and to the nation as a whole. Today you just show up and get your free stuff. Zero accountability. So now we have almost half the population living off the rest of us, but having an equal say in how our money is spent. There is simply NO WAY to spin that into something that makes sense or is fair or is line with the principles this country was founded upon. Again, it has to become a priority to all taxpayers to reclaim their power in this county. Otherwise, we are screwed.


As to who I like,..... My first preference is Mike Huckabee....That being said, my real concern is that the Tea Party is over reaching their bounds in Congress. Their idealistic ideology may sound great at a cocktail party, but were talking about the US Congress.. Things just work differently there, and Im afraid that they dont see what the Dems will do when 2012 really starts to heat up. They need to learn a little moderation.... They will have shown the Country what they set out to do, just by being ethical, and not making as many back room deals & securing member items for their donors, for projects that dont do anyone any good...You can see how shrewd President Obama is, and Im afraid that their naiveity is showing..

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