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February 16, 2011


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Wow. People have disturbingly short memories... I cannot believe that W is within 20 points of Obama. Disturbing.


@ Anonymous. U most be smoking something. Successful? Trust me, I wish that were the case. I like Dubya personally...but Black Monday will never be forgotten nor will Iraq WMDs remember? a little tough I know...


Every President looks better once theyve left office. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are more popular now then when they left office too.


The more Americans look back at President Bush the more they realize how successful he was, it just takes a little time.


Shows that the GOP counts on one thing more then anything else from its base. A complete and total lack of the ability to REMEMBER and hold ACCOUNTABLE its members.


What about a hypothetical matchup between W and Clinton? Or Washington vs. Lincoln?


I think the GOP has a very good shot at this based on your poll and the 2010 results. Both Huckabee and Romney come across much better on television than McCain did. Mitch Daniels, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney will probably come across as moderates. And if we see Chris Christie starting to look slimmer, maybe he is running too.


Were not going under because of medicare, social security, or health care reform. We are going under because of an economic system which favors the wealthy over all other Americans. The disparity between the rich and the poor in America is approaching 3rd world levels.The adult conversation is that its time to raise taxes on the rich back to pre-Reagan levels.Remember that it was Reagan who essentially created the deficit as we know it today by slashing taxes for the rich (remember that money was supposed to trickle down - its been 30 years and were still waiting for it to start trickling...)


The deeper we go into the 2012 campaign season, the more likely we will find none of the current GOP names be the real candidate. Is this country ready for a President who looks like John Goodman? Afterall, Goodman was the Rep. Prez in the made believed TV show of the WH. He sure isnt saying he is running, but he sure is stirring up the talks. Is this country ready for some blunt, adult conversation that we are about to go under because of all those great programs passed by past Democrat presidents like FDR, LBJ, and likely Obamacare next? If we go under, will there be any pollings left to see who is running against any democrats.

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