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February 01, 2011


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I heard Nelson was booed at a public restaurant in Omaha just after the Obamacare vote. Then he started running television ads in a year he wasnt up for election saying how wonderful Obamacare was for Nebraskans. At this point I think he could lose to a charismatic dog.

Dustin Ingalls

You forgot to mention his vote for ObamaCare and the Cornhusker Kickback were toxic in cherry red Nebraska.Thats because you cant conclude that without comparison numbers before the health care vote, which we dont have.


You forgot to mention his vote for ObamaCare and the Cornhusker Kickback were toxic in cherry red Nebraska.


Hard to see how Nelson turns this around. Blue incumbent in a red state, maxing out at 42%, trailing his likely opponent Bruning by 11(!), with Bruning already hitting 50%(!!). Anything can happen, but those are ugly, ugly numbers for an incumbent.


I dont think Nebraska has ever had an election with 34% Democrats.


I live in Nebraska - Nelson is a gonner - he voted for health care after taking a bribe the so called Corn-husker Kickback. We dont like politicians who do things like that and then fund a lot of commercials telling us all the usual false claims for Obamacare. There is a small and unnoticed protest outside of his Omaha office every Thursday at 11:30 - rain or shine, Ill be there tomorrow and it will be around zero. We are going to give Ben the Boot.


On the other hand, the other comparison for this might be Nevada 2010, if a tea partier wins the primary.


Lincoln was trailing no matter who you tested her against at this point in February 2010.Ok, but how was she doing in February 2009? A better comparison might be with how Lincoln was doing in August 2009. By that time, the initial uptick from Obamas win had worn off, leaving only Lincolns own support. Or we can just wait and see how Nelsons doing in twelve months.


I wish Nelson would win another term but it just wont happen. Rural NE and Lincoln are about as tea party crazy as they come. The only reasonable part of the state is Omaha which is becoming more and more blue with a booming hispanic population. As a deomcrat that has lived in NE my whole life, I might even vote against Nelson. Mianly becuase I would rather have Bruning out of our state as much as possible. He is ruining our social services in the state and even tried to force the dept of education of NE to be against the ACA and threatened to pull their funding. Talk about a dirty politician. I think he can hurt NE less if he is in Washington rather than here in Lincoln, NE. Man I gotta get the hell out of this state.

Marvin Marks

Nelson looks pretty screwed... I suppose its too early to say he has no chance --- but there needs to be a significant economic recovery by 2012... and perhaps Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee for President. I can imagine in such a scenario Nelson getting another term. Im very worried about the Democrats holding onto the Senate. It would be a shame for Obama to win reelection but to have to deal with Republican controlled House and Senate.

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