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October 31, 2010


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---That Rand Paul could INCREASE his support after his thugs stomped on a womans head is positively mind-boggling.---One man, who was later charged, pushed a womans head down with his foot. The Paul campaigned has completely disassociated itself with him.On the same night, another man, a Jack supporter, stepped on the foot of a woman supporting Rand Paul who was wearing a surgical boot, causing her stitches to come open. He was also arrested.Your ridiculous smears against Rand Pauls supporters based on the actions of ONE individual is all too common among die-hard welfarists/Democrats on the internet.--- And that theyd support a man who would repeal the Civil Rights Act. Shows what a bunch of backwoods rednecks the people of Kentucky must be.---He never said he would repeal the Civil Rights Act. That is a blatant lie.It just shows how little reality your political stances are based on.


Oh, and Toomey wins by 2-3 pts.


Why waste time polling. Here it is:off the close senate races...DE: ODonnell loses by razor thin margin, recount kinda margin.CA: FiorinaIL: KirkWI: JohnsonCT: McMahon (razor thin)Alaska: Miller by thin marginHouse: net R gain of 75 to 80.Can we go home now?

Capitalist Infidel

If that woman had not assaulted Paul twice maybe he wouldnt be getting the sympathy vote


Hope For America!


Shows what a bunch of backwoods rednecks the people of Kentucky must be.Ive been considering leaving California — fruit and nut land. Fer Gods sake, these stupid voters are going to put Jerry Brown back at the helm! 10.3% tax rate isnt high enough for these morons? Thats it. Im outta here!Kentucky sounds like the place for me. Finally! A place with a ton of common sense!

Curtis Morrison

Well thats just depressing.


A man in Kentucky sure is lucky to live down in Bowling Green.-The Everyly Brothers

Dustin Ingalls

Kentucky was voted on by our blog readers. We are polling all those other states.


That Rand Paul could INCREASE his support after his thugs stomped on a womans head is positively mind-boggling. And that theyd support a man who would repeal the Civil Rights Act. Shows what a bunch of backwoods rednecks the people of Kentucky must be.


On Tuesday in Kentucky there will be a Randslide !


What is the point polling races that have been written off months ago. How about polling Nevada, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Washington and Illinois? Those are the races everyone is interested in.


SAW the video of the Profitt guy holding the woman down with his foot. Man trying to control the woman could not do it alone. Profitt has bad back and is unable to bend to that degree. HE DID NOT STOMP the womans head, and anyone who says she had damages is lying. And dont argue with me...go watch the video. Its just a Dimwit/Libtard smear, as usual...cept they are not smart enough to realize that their mess doesnt work when there is film or audio. Deeper and deeper, back into their hole they go! And Thank God!


Us backwoods, redneck, Kentuckians just act that way for the outside world to see, so that we can keep as many of the left wing nut jobs from wanting to move here as possible. We never want to be mistaken for Calif. or a Peoples Republic of New England State. We have way too much pride for that to happen.Just remember: our bluegrass really isnt all that blue; our horses really arent all that fast;our whiskey really isnt all that good; and our beautiful women really arent all that beautiful. So please, all you liberal, you really wouldnt like it here.


Anonymous said... Shows what a bunch of backwoods rednecks the people of Kentucky must be.Wow, nice generalization. I can see you really take the time to consider what you write. In KY, voting for Conway tomorrow.


Shows what a bunch of backwoods rednecks the people of Kentucky must be.Bigotry is alive and well despite the Civil Rights Act.


The interview between Chris Matthews, of all people, and Jack Conway, was painful. Sure, Conway needed to shake up the race, but questioning Pauls faith and commitment to faith-based initiatives was a really bad idea. Hopefully it tars him in voters minds for the forseeable future.

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