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October 28, 2010


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A great example of a Tea Party candidate being incredibly successful where a establishment retread would have had a much harder time.


Uh, I dont see how this is a Tea Party victory. The Democrats are splitting the leftwing vote. Any Republican worth his salt could be winning this race with numbers in the high 30s.


I feel so sad knowing that Paul will be the next Governor. Hell not be able to accomplish much in view of the fact that most of his ideas are too extreme for the mainstream of politics. Well have a mess for four years. I voted for Cutler hoping that somehow he could pull it out, that doesnt seem likely at this point. guess well have to live with Paul, like it or not.


Another dismal failure of the plurality voting system in a multi-candidate race. Wonder what the results would be with ranked, cumulative, or approval voting?


Thanks Eliot for ensuring that Maine will get a crackpot governor for the next four years. I suspect your political career is over, you should have stayed in the party and run as a D and you might have had a chance. The folly of too big an ego.

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