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September 17, 2010


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Dustin Ingalls

Huckabee beats Obama 47-44 and your title for the post is The Monthly 2012. Youre kidding right? No post stating Huckabee beats Obama, all others lose?Thats essentially the headline I wrote for our press release, which is linked in the post. But the others have been up on Obama in other months too. Its not as if Huck is the first candidate to beat Obama in one of our national polls. Its not breaking news.How about Chris Christie?He was our bonus Republican last month. Wasnt very well known, and didnt do even as well as Beck because of that.


How about Chris Christie?I really dont care for any of the above . . . although I love Sarah . . .


Huckabee has his ear to the tracks when it comes to the little guys pain, and his eye to the future when it comes to the countrys economic health. Hes a great communicator to boot. Small surprise that he beats Obama, whose ideology has blinded him to the macro-economy engine needs and has brought more Americans below the poverty level than ever before. Yeah, I think I like Mike.


Huckabee beats Obama 47-44 and your title for the post is The Monthly 2012. Youre kidding right? No post stating Huckabee beats Obama, all others lose? And then your next post is Romney up big in NH? Whats up with that? I noticed there were no tweets about Huckabee beating Obama either. Just more of the same about Republicans being weak. Are you trying to hide the fact that Huckabee beat Obama?


Oh, how I enjoy reading Christian Libertys (an oxymoron if there ever was one) posts here.Its like peeking into the wingnut abyss.


I recognized Mike Huckabees attributes back in 2007 and I continue to support him.


It still boils down to electoral votes and my guess is Obama would have the lead there. Huck isnt going to win CA, NY or IL, maybe Florida. Anyway it will be tough for them to take out Obama with the group they have running.

Christian Liberty

I dont believe Obama is leading by double digits with 65 and older.Well just have to remind seniors that Obamacare raided Medicare and forced their children into debt slavery, all to increase bureaucrats control over our healthcare. And once government is in charge of healthcare, quality inevitably declines. If Democrats havent supported a repeal of Obamacare yet, theyre going to wish they had.


I hope this is a portent of things to come in 2012. If Mike Huckabee chooses to run, he will be the president future candidates promise to emulate. I wish the elitist GOP power brokers had had the sense to support him in 2008.


Two things I see in these poll results: 1. Huckabees edge is due to African Americans having a neutral opinion of him. 2. I dont believe Obama is leading by double digits with 65 and older. I dont buy that.

Christian Liberty

as if its not a righteous indignation against the evils and tyrannies and dangers of the radical lefts agenda...Since Obama and the radical socialist Democrats have seized power (by falsely campaigning as moderates), America has grown more uncomfortable with the Democrats ideology and more comfortable with Republicans ideology.http://www.gallup.com/poll/139877/Near-Record-Say-Democratic-Party-Liberal.aspxThe incumbent Obama never gets 50% support. And every Republican is within single digits of Obama without the trappings of office nor a large coordinated campaign. Obama already is more vulnerable than Jimmy Carter ever was until the final October.

The Interesting Times

It still boils down to electoral votes and my guess is Obama would have the lead there.I plan to check on that in the near future, actually. I have a plot showing that a Presidents approval rating is directly proportional to the share of the electoral vote he takes in (as well as the popular vote, of course).

Christian Liberty

the majority of voters agree that their views are more like Sarah Palins than Obamas.http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/september_2010/52_of_voters_say_their_views_are_more_like_palin_s_than_obama_s

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