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August 24, 2010


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People have no memory whatsoever. Oil was erupting into the gulf for two months. Oil companies have done nothing to improve their safety standards. The Gulf will be a cesspool of death for the next decade. Lets go ahead and f*@$ up the Atlantic while were at it....who cares

Christian Liberty

As predicted, the anti-drilling fad has passed and reason has returned. Now if only the tyrant-in-chief would lift his senseless moratorium on providing America with energy and providing Americans with jobs.

Christian Liberty

Federal prohibitions of drilling are always evil. States or property owners should always have the right to produce energy. The problem with this offshore drilling project has everything to do with the tyrannical government in Washington (pushed by anti-growth extremists who use phony environmental scares to impose their radical agenda) stopping drilling where it is safer. There is no justification for limiting drilling using the gulf spill as an excuse, as the administrations own scientists attest.Scientifically, economically, and ethically... energy production should be allowed. It is only dangerous radical socialist tyrants and their dim-witted enablers that oppose drilling for energy.

Christian Liberty

The entire reason there was a leak a mile down in the gulf in the first place was because the extremist left forbid drilling in safer places -- on land, in the wilderness, on shore in shallower waters. The left is entirely to blame for this mess. The solution is to open up MORE land and water to drilling. Drilling in safer places is the solution. It is the idiotic, brainwashed left that prevents this. http://www.commonsensegovernmentviews.com/2010/05/whose-blowout-is-it-anyway.htmlOpening up more land and water for drilling is right in every way -- it is the moral thing to do, it is right for the economy, it is right for our energy needs, and it is right for the environemnt. ALL information supports opening up for drilling. No rational, informed person can possibly support a ban on drilling. Anyone who supports a ban on drilling is either misinformed or just plan evil.

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