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August 27, 2010


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Dustin Ingalls

Thats the biggest reason for the rightward movement of the state in the last two cycles. Notice Tom said:Of course it should be noted that many of the people most negatively impacted by the federal governments handling of Katrina arent in Louisiana to answer polls about it now.


Read the 3rd paragraph dummy. You must be a Dem to be so quick to accuse without your facts


Fortunately, you dont have to bet on it since the article says it outright: Of course it should be noted that many of the people most negatively impacted by the federal governments handling of Katrina arent in Louisiana to answer polls about it now.


Im willing to bet your sample doesnt include the thousands of people who moved away from Louisiana and never returned.


Not exactly sure how you can compare a natural disaster such as Katrina (who are you going to blame or have recourse with- GOD?) with the oil spill (a corporation). The dynamics of the events are totally different. Its like comparing apples to oranges.


Of course Brendan, in a poll of better law review articles, answering Bush would be just as sensible as answering Obama, as Obama has 0 (yes, 0) law review articles, or for that matter, published scholarship of any kind, to his name. Which is truly bizarre for a someone who taught law classes at a leading law school.Now I will grant that there is likely to be a bias of proximity: people are likely to be more critical today of the current crisis than one from five years ago. But that said, the tremedous difference in the way the media covered the two crises (Bush was relentlessly blamed for Katrina, while Obama got virtually no blame for how the oil spill was handled) is one of many examples of extreme bias in much of the U.S. media.


First off, this is Louisiana. I mean come on, LA residents think Vitter is someone with high morals.Anyways, pretty remarkable that you asked this question to a Likely Voter screen.What are you now, Rasmussen-lite? If youre going to ask a question like this -- one that is meant to judge the beliefs of the states residents -- shouldnt you at very least use an All Adults screen?


In addition to the skewed sample, you cannot ignore the intense partisan geographic divide. A much higher proportion of the population in the gulf region (than in the US as a whole ) align with the Republican party and are inclined to believe anything negative about a Democratic President than about a Republican one. If one asked whether Bush or Obama wrote better law-review articles, Id bet a poll taken from this region would say Bush did.

Christian Liberty

61% Say Finding New Energy Sources More Important Than Conservationhttp://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/environment_energy/energy_updateThe most surprising part of this PPP post is how surprised leftists are that the majority of Americans support drilling for energy. It is just more proof of how desperately out of touch the left is... how radically the left is opposed to the American way.


The contrast between Gov. Jindal and the hapless Gov. Blanco is even more stunning than the contrast between Bush and on-vacation Obama.


When you consider the liberals in Louisiana and some of their past leaders, Vitter actually does have high morals. And dont forget that N.O. kept Chocolate City Nagin around and voted Landrieu mayor this year.As to comparing a hurricane and an oil spill, yes they are two different types of disasters, but they are still disasters effecting the environment and the people. Ergo, they are essentially apples to apples. And BTW, its starting to come about that the feds (USCG) caused the spill rather than BP.

Jane Van Ryan

Interesting polling data. And it appears to comport with the level of support for drilling shown at Louisiana hearings and rallies where residents have asked that the administration’s deepwater moratorium be lifted. Some observers say the moratorium could cause even more hardship for Gulf Coast communities and families than the spill.Jane Van RyanAPI

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