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April 13, 2010


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In 2006 and 2008 America voted against Republicans, not for Democrats. The Democrats are governing according to their party principles and independents are surprised by this for some reason.


It is a mandate to stop the socialism. The problem America has with Republican leaders is that they dont inspire anyone. What do they want to accomplish besides being back in the majority?That is why Americans like people like Ryan, Bachman, Romney, Huckabee, and Rubio. They want a new Republican party much like 94.The candidates are more popular than the leadership. That is why it doesnt matter. The GOP is not in disarray. It is in a dynamic rebirth. That may be messy and noisy, but it is going one direction with a purpose.


Exactly what Ive been saying, America isnt voting for Republicans, they are voting against Democrats. Not exactly a mandate on anything...


Tom,How many independents and Democrats did you poll for the GOP primary in North Carolina?

Christian Liberty

The Tea Party is growing... from 16% of voters a month ago to 24% of voters now. (RR, Apr 13)And support for REPEAL of Obamacare is growing... from 54% to 58% of LV, including 50% who STRONGLY favor repeal. (RR, Apr 12)Low support for the Republican establishment would only be a concern if establishment candidates are nominated, rather than the Tea Party candidates supported by an increasingly energized, popular, and diverse grassroots. What we are witnessing is similar to the late 1970s, when the Republican party simultaneously moved to the right and won the general elections: challenging Ford in 1976, electing congressional conservatives in 1978, and electing Reagan in 1980. Then, as now, Republican candidates will win because they are differentiating themselves from the pale pastels of the RNC, running on the bold colors of the new Republican party.

Christian Liberty

PPP, youre forgetting your own finding that those who disapprove of both parties prefer Republicans in a generic matchup by margins of roughly 3 to 1.The reason Republicans have such strong disapprovals is that they have governed too far to the left. If Republicans govern according to Tea Party - limited government - principles, the approvals will soar. The reason the Republicans numbers are still low is that they have previously acted too much like Democrats.


I think Michael Steeles doing an awesome job!But Im not a Republican.


A party, especially one that doesnt have the Presidency or congress, doesnt need to be defined with a leader. It needs to be defined on what it stands for. For eight years the Republican Party was defined not by what it believed in, but by George W. Bush, someone who stuck to few Republican positions. Its far more important to find a candidate who supports your principles than principles that support a leader.

Christian Liberty

It is not just Rasmussen that has the Republican lead in the generic congressional poll at multi-year highs (among Likely voters).Gallup has the Republican lead in the generic congressional poll at all-time highs (among Registered voters). On Gallup, Republicans only usually led in this generic ballot in Republican landslide years like 1994 or 2002, although data goes back to 1950. Gallup confirms the Rasmussen data. In the past 60 years, Americans have never preferred Republicans by greater margins than they do now.


Repulicans in Disarray ??? In a generic poll, Rasmussen (4/13/10)had the Republicans up by 9% over the Democrats. In another recent Rasmussen poll Republicans were most trusted over Democrats in 9 out of the 10 most pressing issues now facing the American people. In respects to the leadership of the GOP having such low approval ratings - how about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? Worse! Lets face it, the overall approval ratings of BOTH parties - politicians in general, are all looking rather bleak. Cut the numbers as you may Tom, but personally, if I were to put my money on which party I thought most likely to succeed in November and again in 2012, it would, without a doubt, be the Republican Party. As far as Im concerned, given the current (politically driven) mood of the American people, I would consider that to be a no-brainer. Wouldnt you? Next time Tom, try doing some comparative polling between the two parties. It could be rather enlightening, if not schockingly so, for a whole bunch of folks out here. But, then again too, maybe a little reality check might be in order here. Ya think?


24% of voters are ignorant TeaBaggers? Thats a hoot!

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