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March 08, 2010


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Al Brewer

Ummm ... Chris ... times change (part of the topic here) and a lot of factors go into any politicians popularity ... longevity is, indeed, one. But check out Senate careers in small states. Not a lot of turnover, my friend.


Not a lot of surprises here. Burr would be in trouble in a normal year and Isaakson would draw a credible opponent. The New Jersey senators are a little surprising but I assume this poll was done in the lead up to the 2009 election. Once Jon Corzines name was mentioned in your survey any Democrat would get approval ratings just below Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Theres been a lot of discussion elsewhere whether an approval rating below 50 can get back above. Its the disapproval rating that is glaring for Lincoln and Reid. Once youve made that commitment I doubt theres any going back.

Christian Liberty

Al, long political careers do NOT translate into popularity for Democratic leaders Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, or Charles Schumer (only 47% approval on Marist poll). Nor for powerful Democratic committee chairs like Chris Dodd, nor longtime Democratic veterans like Frank Lautenberg. Nor does a small, homogeneous electorate like Alaska approve of Democrat Mark Begich. And seeing as how left-leaning Massachusetts elected a senator who specifically promised to filibuster the Democrats healthScare bill, Leahy would likely be vulnerable. Americans of any state are more likely to elect a Republican who opposes Obamacare than a Democrat who rammed through the unpopular left-wing agenda. Leahy must either turn against Obamacare and demand that the bill be DROPPED in favor of a focus on job-creation... or Leahy will have A LOT of explaining to do back home.

Al Brewer

Relatively small, homogeneous electorates like those in Maine, the Dakotas, Arizona, Alaska or long political careers also translate into popularity. Of course, Snowe had a re-election scare while still in the House, but now garners upwards of 75% of the vote in Maine. What about Pat Leahy in VT? Im guessing he is pretty popular? But 40 could well be the new 50 ...

Christian Liberty

The 4 Senators with approvals with approvals over 50% are 3 Republicans and one moderate freshman Democrat who was previously a governor. No progressive Democrat makes the list. No Democrat who has served a full term in the senate makes the list. No Democrat who has won an election on his record as an incumbent senator makes the list. 6 Senators with disapproval over 50% are all Democrats (or a former Democrat). No Republican has such disapproval, even after being blamed for obstruction and smeared as the party of NO. Further proof that such Democrat talking points are falling on deaf ears... if not actually backfiring by pointing out that Americans can thank Republicans for not supporting the Democrats unpopular agenda.


Nor for powerful Democratic committee chairs like Chris Dodd, nor longtime Democratic veterans like Frank Lautenberg. Nor does a small, homogeneous electorate like Alaska approve of Democrat Mark Begich.


Thanks Christian Liberty, cool name choice Jerry Falwell.

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