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February 03, 2010


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Kay Hagan got lucky that she was able to get that carpetbagger label to stick to Elizabeth Dole. Mrs. Dole ran horrible ads late in the campaign, too, and Hagan got lucky that it was a democrat year. I doubt this will work in Indiana. Besides, Coats isnt the nominee yet.


What a shock the teabaggers are defending the carpetbagger!

Christian Liberty

Its not just AR, NV, CO, PA that could go GOP with less-than-blockbuster opposition candidates. With some decent candidates on the ballot... CA, OR, WA, WI, IN, and 2 seats in NY could all go GOP.


Thats insane. Had he just been a Hoosier who left for Washington to work at a law firm, that would be one thing. EVEN THAT likely wouldnt matter. Chuck Hagel had been courted to run for Governor of Virginia, but he had no problem going back to Nebraska and running against the sitting Governor for a Senate seat, and he won easily.In the case of Coats, he represented Indiana for nearly two decades, and won his last election by 16pts. The carpetbagger argument just wont fly.Oh, and even if they want to try, Bayh was raised in Maryland, not Indiana. And hes lived in Washington for 11 years.


Hey Tom - Im a native Hoosier (dont get to brag about that a lot) and I have a very different take on Coats.The Virginia residency isnt going to be a problem. Indiana Republicans are much more forgiving of their own than they would be for any Democrat, and the ambassadorship will give Coats more than enough cover for his time out of the state. Hes been a lobbyist for BofA, but Bayh cant touch that because of Susans multi-million dollar haul over the years as a professional board member. Coats isnt a teabagger, but I dont think thats going to help Bayh. Indiana is a solid Republican state but its not Georgia or South Carolina. Dan Burton or Mike Pence can win easily in rural congressional districts, but the Lugar/Daniels voters who are more moderate are the people who decide statewide elections. Thats why Coats entry into the race is really bad news for Evan Bayh. Those independents and moderate Republicans have been Bayh voters since he ran for governor, and they would have been his to lose again this year against someone like Mike Pence. But against a well-funded Republican with a pedigree who can do a pretty good impression of Dick Lugar and keep the social conservatives happy - Bayh is going to be in a huge amount of trouble. And thats without taking into account p*ssing on the Obama supporters who won the state last year.

Armchair Editorialist

Smart point about Coats, but the GOPs chances in Delaware definitely related to the candidate. Castle was the only Republican who could possibly win, and the race is only competitive because hes in it.


Uh, its hard to stick a carpetbagger label on a former SENATOR and congressman of Indiana for almost 20 years. Indiana voters, already pre-disposed against Democrats, will not say well, hes not from here.


Hey Christian Liberty, in case of a wave election I agree that the GOP could get Murray in Washington, Feingold in Wisconsin, Gillibrand in New York and Bayh in Indiana. Maybe even Boxer, though Id give them less than a 10% chance. Things are almost as bad for Dems now as they can possibly get, and Boxer is leading by high single digits.I dont see them having a shot against Wyden or Schumer though.Wyden would usually win reelection with 65%, maybe hell be down to 55-60%. Schumer would win with 75%, maybe the GOPer can keep him to 60%.


As a Hoosier, I have to disagree. Yes, its true that a fresh face would have the benefits of the Republican environment without any potential baggage that Coats has, the current batch of candidates in the Senate race leave a lot to be desired.Hostettler, given his prior electoral history, is more reminiscent of Martha Coakley than Scott Brown. Yes, 2006 was a Democratic year, but if he couldnt even come close against Ellsworth in a district that was 51-47 McCain, how is he supposed to beat Bayh in a state that was 50-49 Obama.The Republican environment is a major threat to Evan Bayh and Democrats across the country, but we have to field a credible alternative. Dan Coats is far from an ideal candidate for me, but to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you go to the voting booth with the candidates you have, not the candidates you wish you had.


Coats already has represented Indiana with a true conservative voting record and defeated Baron HillBayh grew up in Maryland his kids dont even attend Indiana schools so if they want to play that game lets rumble

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