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January 10, 2010


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your New Jersey numbers are all fine and well but let us not forget Hoffman +17.


If im not wrong, the last poll of PPP for New Jersey was Christie +6 not Christie +4.The result of PPP poll was:47% Christie41% Corzine11% DaggettAnd the final results:49% Christie45% Corzine6% DaggettIs not the same.I can not understand well the results of this poll for MA-Sen. Not sense. MA-Sen -1% for dems and NC-Sen -5%?


Id be really interested to know if your polling hits cell phones or not.


In this political environment (toxic to Dems), what makes you think that Coakely, rather than Brown, will close strong?


Your polls should never be written off, even if you are an (admittedly) partisan company, because you have a demonstrable record for accuracy - or as close to it as honest polling can get.The Boston Globe poll does Coakley no favors. As you said in your Friday analysis: Complacency is the Democrats biggest enemy at this point and something that needs to be overcome to avoid a potential disaster. The BG results may have the effect of discouraging Democratic turnout if voters think its in the bag.

Christy AKReport

Can you guys please do a GOP 2012 Primary poll. of just Republicans/Republican leaning independents.I want to see where Huck,Romney,Palin,Pawlenty are at in a head to head race.thx :)

John Hood

Good job, Tom. Data speak louder than words.

Alex S.

That still leaves the question of the difference between Rasmussens poll and yours, being both automated polls. And actually, the picture works well with Rasmussen showing the race a little closer than the Globe poll.I believe the race will go to Coakley by about 10-15 pts. And actually, if I was Obama or a democratic strategist I would be extremely happy about your poll because it will wake up the base and create the prospect of losing the supermajority. That could be a very good motivation for the midterm elections.

Brandon K

Oops, my bad, you were talking about polls 10 days out.


PPP, Rasmussen and Survey USA all use automated calls for polling, dont they? How do universities do it? Just a question, I wonder if that makes a difference. People adjusting their answer based on live vs. automated voice. Just seems like the few points difference may have a very real source.I enjoy your tweets and your blog, btw!


Tom Jensen,Do you have Gov Numbers in MA also or do you have only done the Senate Poll?

Brandon K

SurveyUSAs final poll was Christie +3http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=dfd3ba1b-5d93-4ed4-9e40-f535fa9bd928


We took a ride with the wife, to Ipswich and back, saw many Brown signs, not one Coakley. Thats a good indicator, innit? Looks like North Shore is solidly Republican today. Thats the concentration - not on every house by any means. Yet - nothing Coakley.

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