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January 07, 2010


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Joe L.

A real high brow set of responses to ol Timothy. I mean, how dare he? After all, we all know this legislation is absolutely perfect and Obama walks on water.


He deserves it.Opening siding with blood sucking, billion dollar execs of healthcare companies, at the expense of common joes suffering due to poor state of health care in this country, pretty much sealed his fate.Good bye Joe!!


The (I) next to Liebermans name means Israel the guy is deeeeep in the pockets of the Israeli lobby and hes likely to have a secure and comfortable job once hes kicked out.I wouldnt put it past him that his actual plan was to fail in order to move on with his plans to continue to influence our policy for the good of a foreign country.


The only persons interests Lieberman votes for are Liebermans. Why should anyone besides Joe approve of him?


At the risk of piling on:Tim is a moron, pure and simple. It is good that he has a home in the teabagger brigade...


Too bad Connecticut didnt figure this out in 2008.


Dont hate on timothy, someone has to represent uneducated americas stance on lieberman.


Lieberman doesnt care. No one has figured out that his stonewalling on health care reform is about life AFTER the Senate. He will be well taken care by the insurance companies after he retires from the Senate and he doesnt care what anyone thinks.


Timothy is dumb, he a moron and an idiot.


Timothy, you are dumb. That is all.

Barton Fink

I think that out of decency we should try to be nice to people who think that if they type the word Obamacare they have made a significant contribution to political discourse. Many of them are lucky to know a word that long -- we should respect them for that. On the other hand, theyre idiots.


Okay, Timothy, then why is Liebermans approval rating among Republicans higher than it is among Democrats and independents?


Yeah Timothy, thats it. Moron.


Tom, did you guys poll the Senate primaries?


Thats because Lieberman vote FOR Obamacare.

Democrats Don't forget to get their maids a mail in Ballott

Imagine 2 New Republican Senators from Conneticut not to metion Scott Brown from Massachusetts taking the kennedy Throne.


anyone think our founders envisioned the manifestation of their dream for a free society to include a Capital Class that would purchase the 4th estate and our Political Class ? At what point do WE THE PEOPLE say enough. The Capital Class use their corporate assets, the managed media, and the Political Class to control us. We are free to do as we are told. The propaganda coming from teh media is both corporate propaganda and government propaganda. We need to vote out all incumbents in the mid-term elections. We need campaign finance reform. We need to audit the Fed. All of these action cut the purse strings of influence of the Capital Class.There is a role for the Capital Class in society. But what is this role ? At which point does the evidence suggest that the Capital Class has too much influence over the people. Capitalism does not reward failure. The tax payer bail out of the CApital Class is a game changer. Just as we are told everything changed after 9/11 and that we must exchange freedom for security the same must be true with the Capital Class. The day you REQUIRED taxpayer $ to survive everything changed. WE NEED TRANSPARENCY. Giethrner’s apparent securities fraud requires the USA to move away from choosing not to have a memory and investigating and prosecuting the REAL criminals of the Capital Class, not the MAdoffs bones we are thrown leading us to believe that there is accountability, but prosecutions from real criminals of the Capital Class that turn our attention forward and away from the past. Our Nations selective memory is a crime.


Awww, come on, John, everyone knows that Insurance Cos employ illegal aliens, and not the Mexican kind, but the ones from a galaxy far away, that came here to bilk honest, hardworking Democrats of their honest, hard-earned money. In case you didnt, youre welcome.Timmy for Senate 2012!


For all you geniuses out there: How many people do you think the insurance companies employ in The Insurance State? Does Joe represent them too, or just you name calling 6th grade jackasses?


81% of Democrats now disapprove of Liebermans job performance with only 14% approvingBTW you 14% of Dems approving of Lieberman ... Im crazy about you and I feel your pain.I am not alone!


The need to look at Governor Deval Patrick. Now there is a huge decline. Just ask every Massachusetts citizen with a clue. He is the WORST! Everyone says they want him taken out of office hes so bad!


Liebermans loyalty is to the Hartford insurance companies who absolutely do not want anything to change, and to himself.He betrayed whatever trust the people of Connecticut may have had in him when he flip-flopped his position of record, and went to the bank. Follow the money trail, and it will lead you his coffers.


or with independents who do so by a 61/32 spreadIm guessing in the final analysis, independents are upset with Lieberman because, in the end, he provided a pivotal vote to pass Senate bill.Do 61% of independents oppose ObamaCare in its present form?Probably yes.


Lieberman sold his soul to the insurance companies. Sadly he became a whore and ruined his legacy. Sad


Yeah, really, all those Timothy critics sound like Yale debate team presidents. Of course Timothy is correct in a way. If Lieberman filibustered the final cloture vote, his approval among GOP and Indies would have been sky high.Timmy for Senate 2012 :-)


Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It provides large employers, like myself, the opportunity to dump all my employees insurance coverage into Medicaid. I would much rather pay a fine, then triple the cost for health care coverage. Thanks Obama.


Maybe you should have just said that Lieberman has a 100% disapproval rating. Why stop at 75%? Its kind of obvious that you guys are some far left outfit who invent polls to push the agenda that you want. Funny how you only have far left links listed on your site...why not Fox News or Michelle Malin? Lol. The lefts hatred of Lieberman has been obvious for a long time, ever since he won a landslide election victory over Lamont.


Its the end of Joe Lie-berman. People give him a chance when he became Independent. He should resign now. Lie-berman do not practice what he preach... Like the health care?.Its over Joe. With all due respect, Go ahead resign.Adios.Isirio


Joe Lieberman embodies virtually everything I can think of that is wrong with the Senate. Hes a petty, spiteful little man with too much power and a warped need of attention. Hes a transparent phony.


Obama not walking on water and Timothy being clueless are not mutually exclusive.


Just goes to show, we dont need legislators going rogue. Leave that for the executive branch wannabes.


During the 8 years of the george w. bush Republican Government years, we were constantly being told that if you dont support the president, you are un-patriotic, un-american, and you dont support the troops. Why arent we reminding everyone that opposes President Obama that they are guilty of the same things? The republicans have conveniently forgotten what they told everyone during the Bush years. Every single time McCain, Lieberman, or anyone opposes the president they are Un-American, Un-Patriotic, and THEY DO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS. The same thing applies to them.

John Adams

Ive completely lost respect for the man.In fact, Lieberman has bigger issues than his handling of health care.The man has completely forsaken his oath to the Constitution by proposing to enact a law that can strip Americans of their citizenship without a trial or evidence, based on the judgment of an executive body.Did anyones jaw drop? Mine did.Thomas Jefferson would be rolling in his grave.


Timothy, Lets try education. On theeve of the health care bill vote Reid needed every vote he could get. Lieberman was holding out. He said he wouldnt sign the bill unless the public option was dropped. This surprised everyone. Lieberman supported the medicare buy-in under the Al Gore bill which is similar to the Public Option. It allows someone to buy-in to a public program who doesnt qualify. Lieberman shocked everyone again by saying he would reject the bill with the medicare buy in also. This was a complete flip-flop from his positions in the past. Worst of all Connecticutvoters (His constituency) approved the Public Option (68% favored) and the general public approved it also (75%). (When offered only to people who couldnt afford a private plan.) He butt heads with America and his constituency and his historic stance. (Que Paso Joe ?) His excuse was the scare tactic that the government was the Government controls our lives line. The public option is an option and has no controlling element to it. Mush. The other verbal fart he offered up was that its too expensive and we dont need expensive government programs right now. Ill let the CBO call Joe a liar on that point (They say MUSH JOE. Out of sync with the planet and no reasonable explanation ???? The guy has 14 neon signs pointing to his forehead and they all say Im-the-puke-who-will-sell-out-200-Million-American-Kids-By-screwing-them-out-of-solid-legislation-in-exchange-for-a-sweetheart-retirement-deal-from-the-insurance-companies.Even the Jews, who hes had staunch support for all his life have turned on him. EVERYBODY figured this one out. (Try www.jewishjournal.com)It has nothing to do with his general position on health care. Got it ? Stink is Stink.

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